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Aracari’s team of Travel Specialists have been selected for their love of Peru, passion for travel and commitment to providing impeccable service. From our office in Lima, overlooking Miraflores, we dedicate our time to hand-tailoring the most authentic, unique and personalised trips to Peru that are available. In short, we strive to show our guests the best of our country and revel in providing our guests with an unforgettable experience.



Marisol Mosquera | Founder and President | Leaving behind my career in the financial world, I founded Aracari to fulfill a personal dream of providing first class travel experiences for an international clientele while locally creating jobs and supporting the local communities. It’s extremely gratifying to source and reward those contributors who excel in effort, enthusiasm and commitment to sharing the best of Peru and South America with the rest of the world. Aracari has become a family for all of us. The best thing about working in Aracari is that it requires me to be permanently connected to the worlds of art, culture, archaeology, geography, wildlife conservation, cuisine: in short, all those disciplines that are key to sourcing outstanding experiences for our clients. It is also wonderful to connect with a network of amazing people from all over the world on a daily basis.


Raul Varela | Client Relations | Raul is generally the first Aracari member that guests meet since he greets them upon arrival into Lima. He came from a business background but was happy to leave a traditional office behind in order to work in the vibrant world of tourism. He has never regretted that change since there’s never a dull moment in the world of travel. He enjoys sharing his love for Peru with travelers from around the world and helping to solve issues on the ground. His job is to make our clients feel welcome, safe and well-advised from the moment they set foot in the Lima airport.

mary carmen juan

Mary Carmen Vargas & Juan Llanos | Cusco Representatives | As a husband and wife team, Maricarmen and Juan have a combined 34 years of experience working in tourism. They manage all of Aracari’s tours and treks in the Cusco area and know just how to handling any and every challenge that comes their way. It’s always a pleasure for them to welcome Aracari clients to their city and make sure that their visits to Machu Picchu, its beautiful surroundings and Cusco itself are everything that they had hoped for.


Vicky Limon | Sales & Operations Manager | Her full name is Virginia but everyone simply calls her Vicky. She has over 22 years of experience in receptive tourism. She decided to go into tourism after living in Europe (England and France), where she studied English and French translation. After returning to Peru, she decided to apply her newfound language skills in the field of tourism. She loves getting to know different destinations, customs and cultures and finds it gratifying to know that travelers who visit her country leave fascinated and completely enamored by it. They feel that Peru offers a perfect combination of nature, culture, archeology, adventure, and community tourism, and Vicky can’t help but agree.


Cécile Fabre | Travel Planner | Cécile, who was born in France, discovered quickly that she enjoys seeing the world and exploring other cultures. When she was young, she moved to Spain, where she finished her international studies before venturing into the world of tourism. Thanks to her friendships, she fell in love with Peruvian culture, the cuisine, the rich archaeology and vast diversity. She travels to Peru frequently and has visited the Galapagos and Ecuador as well. She has been at Aracari for almost eight years and enjoys designing and imagining personalized trips, creating unique experiences and offering high quality service. She carefully considers all details, so that her Aracari guests need only worry about enjoying the country and the trip, just as she likes to enjoy her trips when she is travelling with her family and two small sons.


Mark Green | Travel Planner | Originally from England, Mark joined Aracari after spending several years leading adventure tours throughout South America and considers Peru to be his second home. When he’s not at the Aracari office, Mark loves the outdoors and is a keen hiker and rafter (he was part of the winning international team in the Amazon River Raft Race in 2012) and also volunteers spare time leading fundraising treks to Machu Picchu.


Nila Boquin | Travel Planner | Nila is Aracari’s U.S. representative, working from California where she lives with her husband and two young children. However, she considers Peru her second home! She studied hotel administration at Cornell University and received an MA in Latin American Studies from NYU with Peru being at the core of her interests. Coming from a multicultural background, it is no wonder that Nila loves travelling so much and has lived and worked in various countries throughout the Americas. It was a vacation to Peru with Aracari that brought her to work for the company.  A hotelier at heart, she has been with Aracari for about six years, designing personalized journeys for guests, which she considers an art form in its own right. The way she sees it, she is in charge of the most memorable days and weeks of her clients’ year, so she takes each detail into account to craft trips that leave visitors to Peru as enchanted as she was during her first visit and each one since!



Yasmin Rivera | Travel Planner – Groups | Yasmin has been working in tourism for the past 11 years. She has had the opportunity to visit the destination highlights of her country. She always wanted to study and work as a travel consultant because she enjoys preparing every single detail of a wonderful and unforgettable journey – especially when Peru is the main destination! At Aracari she enjoys being part of a nice and highly-trained professional team. In her opinion, what binds the team is its desire to provide the highest quality service for each of its guests.


Cristina Miranda | Travel Planner | Since Cristina was little, she would travel with her family from Lima to the Andes of Ancash where they have another home. It was there that she learned to love her country and to appreciate its different cultures. After she finished school with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management, she decided to travel for a few years to see all that the vast world has to offer. She loves that travelling offers the chance to meet new people and to learn about new cultures, food, history and life in general. In her free time, she likes to be out in nature, doing day treks or playing with her dog. Because she shares in their passion for travel, Cristina’s favorite part of her job is speaking with Aracari guests before and during their trip so that their expectations will be met when they arrive for their trip. This is what makes her time spent at Aracari so rewarding.


Vera Sproll | Travel Planner | Having lived here for 7 years, and married to a Peruvian, Vera can definitely call Peru home along with her native Germany. Apart from working in Peruvian tourism as a Tour Conductor, she has travelled across Central and South America, and she previously lived between Central America and Venezuela for 2 years. Her favourite destination in Peru is the Amazon rainforest for the climate, the people, the nature and the wildlife, though she is also a fan of the northern beaches. She also adores all things sport, particularly swimming and cycling, while she is also known for the formidable dash of German efficiency that she brings to Peruvian football parks. She insists that she is staying in Peru for her beloved Jorge, and not just for the delicious, mouthwatering cuisine… honest!


Myrna Narvaez | Travel Planner | Originally from Iguazú, famous for its incredible waterfalls, Myrna feels a special connection to both Argentina and Brazil. Growing up with influence from both countries instilled in her a fascination for meeting new people and understanding different cultures. Now living in Peru, she enjoys the silence of nature, feeling the power of the Andes, and bird watching—even in the city. She loves family trips and watching her children discover the world. When she traveled across Peru and Bolivia with her husband and children, it was an unforgettable experience. She enjoys challenges, taking on new projects and planning trips. She finds it especially rewarding when everything turns out better than expected. In her free time, she works as a youth leader collecting clothing, toys, school supplies and medicine to donate to people in need. She also has a special interest and ample knowledge of Jewish culture.



Noelia Samanez | Travel Planner | Ever since she was young, Noelia enjoyed family trips around Lima and to visit extended family in Arequipa, Puno and Cusco. Her parents always emphasized the importance of seeing new places and learning about the history and culture of Peru, which is one of the reasons why she feels so connected to her country. Noelia loves everything about travel, from packing and planning to meeting new people, discovering new places, and learning about different traditions. She decided to work in tourism because she has had such great travel experiences in the past and she wants to share her love of Peru with travelers from around the world. She is very happy to be able to create unique travel experiences for travelers within Peru and elsewhere.


Lidia Quillahuaman | Sales and Financial Support | Lidia currently studies tourism and hotel administration at San Martin de Porres University in Lima. She was drawn to this career because she finds it uplifting to work with foreigners who are interested in discovering the rich culture and exciting destinations of her country. She chose to work at Aracari because she appreciates the high standards and attention to detail it demands. The best part of working at Aracari for Lidia is knowing that all of her hard work ensures that guests travelling to Peru are well looked after and leave with fond memories and stories about their trip and the cultures that they discovered in her beautiful country.


Giovanna Barnuevo | Sales Representative | Born and raised in Peru, Giovanna was drawn to tourism because of her fascination with meeting people from different cultures and showing them her favorite aspects of her country and identity. She began by studying at Cenfotur and the University San Martin de Porres in Lima after which she got her masters at the School of Official Tourism of Spain while living there. She has worked at various tour companies in Spain and South America before arriving at Aracari’s door. Giovanna loves travelling and meeting people with a smile and a suitcase in hand!

maria julia

Maria Julia Raffo | Culinary Specialist | Being that Peru currently ranks as a top gastronomic destination, Aracari found Maria Julia, a gastronomy expert, to suss out the best dishes at the many restaurants in Lima, where she knows many of the top chefs. Maria Julia is passionate about cuisine and knows how to navigate the gourmet and local dining options around Peru, using her discerning palate as her guide. She is well-connected in the culinary world and can draw on these contacts to offer visitors to Peru the ultimate gastronomic experience.


Rocio Salazar | Finances | A public accountant by trade, Rocio has lately dedicated herself to administration. She is always reviewing matters related to accounting, finances and administration at Aracari, which is her forte. She has experience in several different types of companies: commercial, service, industry … but before Aracari she had never before worked for a travel agency. Coming to Aracari has been a new and exciting experience for her. Her job is a versatile and interesting, and she has learned a lot at the agency. When she wants to relax, she likes to cook, spend time with friends and shop, but she has her three kids to keep her on her toes!


Edith Rojas | Finances, Administration and Accounting | A Lima native, Edith works at Aracari in the area of finances. She studied accounting and has experience in commercial business, so when she arrived at Aracari, it was a new experience for her to work at a travel consulting agency. She has learned a lot in her short time at Aracari and finds that it is quite different from the commercial sector. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and spending time with her children.


Belen Aliaga | Administrative Support | Belen has a background in accounting and is currently studying management consulting. She is very committed, hard-working and always eager to learn, which is why she was drawn to Aracari. She has worked for several different companies as an administrative and management assistant, and these experiences each provided wonderful training for her position with the Aracari team. She enjoys her job at Aracari and loves being a part of a team that strives to share the best of Peru with the rest of the world.


Victoria Huaura | Administrative Assistant | Born and raised in Lima, Victoria has come to work for the first time in tourism with Aracari, which she enjoys because she learns something new each day at the office. Being that she is a diligent person who likes challenges and learning new tasks, she is glad to work at Aracari, especially because she feels that it is a travel agency that cares about showing the more authentic aspects of her country. She works as an administrative assistant and studied business administration with a focus on accounting. Though she works with numbers, in her free time she likes to read, and when she can, take trips to explore new places.


Nora Espinoza | Product Development | Nora studied translation in college, but her first job was as a receptionist at a hotel and from there began her journey into the world of tourism, working at various travel agencies. She now has 20 years of experience under her belt and still finds it to be fascinating work. She has worked in all aspects of travel, doing sales, reservations, operations, finances and now product development; in each aspect she learned a little more about the industry. At Aracari, she continues learning! Her work has been satisfying and has taught her to better appreciate her country. She gives all of her effort to succeed in her work so that visitors to Peru can enjoy it as much as she does!


Simon Ross | Head of Marketing | After writing his dissertation on the conquest of the Incas to complete his MA degree, the natural decision for Simon was to experience Peru through his own eyes, not least in a bid to escape the bitter cold and howling wind of Scotland. Many months of living and travelling in Peru and South America and he has arrived at Aracari where he is responsible for writing tantalising descriptions of all the places that he has seen to inspire others to do the same. He is very pleased to be working at Aracari where he can discover this vast country from new and different perspectives while helping people to find out about the very best of his adopted home … not to mention play lots of football and eat delicious seafood while living and working in Lima.


Bianca Crousillat | Product Development Assistant | Bianca was born in Lima and moved to the Washington D.C. area just before her 4th birthday. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a double major in Anthropology and Comparative Religion, she took to traveling the world in search of adventure. After exploring diverse cultures and traditions across the globe, she decided to return to her homeland of Peru in 2009. Since then, she has lived in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Lima and has worked as a tour conductor, travel writer and travel consultant. Passionate about international development and education, she also co-founded the Sacred Valley Project, an educational non-profit that provides access to education for indigenous girls from rural communities in the Sacred Valley. Currently she lives in Lima, where she enjoys collaborating with the Aracari team to build unique, genuine and responsible travel experiences. When she’s not working, she’s usually planning her next trek in the Andes or off searching for the best coffee in Peru. She’ll be sure to let everyone know when she finds it.


Clara Evangelista | Marketing & Product Development Assistant | Clara is originally from Ithaca, New York. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Romance Languages, Italian and Spanish, and a minor in Africana Studies from New York University. She has a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures. She has spent a significant amount of time living abroad studying languages, teaching English and volunteering in the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Spain and Italy. In addition to Italian and Spanish, she speaks some Portuguese, French and a little Quechua. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with Aracari and discover all that living in Peru has to offer while encouraging others to do the same.


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