Peru travel insight #13: The Inca site of Pisac

Aracari’s Weekly Insight

The Inca site in the Urubamba (or “Sacred”) valley particularly well-known for agricultural terracing is Pisac. The terracing sweeps around the south and east flanks of the mountain in vast, graceful curves, almost unbroken by steps.

Pisac ruins terraces, peru travel

Pisac ruins terracing, peru travel

Guests on our Trip of the Century visited the beautiful site yesterday (14/04/2011) with the expert guidance of historian John Hemming, one of the many sites that they will visit in Cusco region. Dr. Hemming’s expertise on the subject is exemplified in his book Monuments of the Incas, which is a thorough investigation and interpretation of the architecture of several Inca sites.

Dr. John Hemming at Pisac ruins, peru travel

The Pisac ruins, the largest fortress city of the Incas and one of the largest of ancient America, sit high above the modern day village of the same name. They constitute a stupendous ruin complex of the finest Inca stonework, with many attendant buildings, baths and storehouses, exceptional flights of terracing, and quantities of tombs, all well defended by walls, gates and towers. The complex seems to feature some example of almost everything the Incas did in terms of architecture; with religious, administrative and residential constructions.

Pisac ruins complex, peru travel