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Peru Cuisine Trips

Well-established as a destination for foodies, Peru has a great deal to offer those interested in gastronomy at any level. One of the world’s finest culinary traditions has been influenced by a myriad of factors: natural biodiversity, historic influences, immigration from Africa, Asia and Europe, internal migration between provinces and the modern refinement of culinary technique have all played a part in maintaining an extremely exciting culinary scene here.

Leading the way with more chef’s schools than any other city in world, Lima is breeding a young generation of chefs and culinary experts that are surprising local and foreign connoisseurs alike. The city of Cusco, meanwhile, continues to excel in the gastronomical world with an increasingly refined and diverse selection of restaurants.

So it is no surprise that the majority of those who travel to Peru leave with one enduring impression in common: the food is incredible!

What we do:

Being immersed in the world of Peruvian cuisine on a daily basis puts us in the unrivalled position of being able to design experiences that showcase the finest elements of the country’s gastronomy. Our guests can choose from a variety of experiences, accompanied by a specially selected guide or specialist who will interpret this universe of fragrances, colours and flavours in a dynamic, compelling and personal way. We can plan a day of sensations, sending guests to scour a sprawling market for fresh produce guided by an expert chef before blending those ingredients together into a traditional recipe. Or, if a light introduction to cuisine is more to a guests’ palate, we can arrange a sample tasting menu at one of the best restaurants in Lima. ¡Buen Provecho!

A taste of the culinary experiences currently on offer:

Lima with Zest
A day with a top Lima chef discovering all things Peruvian cuisine.

Cusco Cookery Class
A half day culinary experience in the city of Cusco.

Appetizing Amazon
An Amazonian culinary experience at one of Lima’s top restaurants.

Roots of the Valley
A tour of an organic farm in the Sacred Valley followed by lunch partially sourced from the farm’s ingredients.

In Good Spirit
An exposé of Peru’s finest “Piscos”, the country’s much-adored national drink.

Contemporary Criollo
A contemporary culinary experience hosted in one of Lima’s hit restaurants.

Choco Loco
A half day tour of Cusco’s Chocolate Museum, a hands-on “bean-to-bar” experience.

Dine at the best restaurants in Peru

We can’t help it: we visit all of the best restaurants in Lima and Cusco on a regular basis, purely for the reason that we want to be in the position to honestly recommend to our guests of the best dining options (of  course).

Now, as well as recommending the best-known venues in the country, such as the world-renowned Astrid & Gaston, we also like to vouch for lesser-known options such as Rafael and Malabar. Though these might not have such widely known names, we have eaten at both and know that these venues offer sublime dining experiences.

Moreover, we like to stay ahead of the game to point you in the direction of new entries to the scene, such as the new cevicheria La Pescadaria in Barranco or the delightfully authentic criollo restaurant Saqra in Miraflores.

All of our recommendations are delivered to our guests upon arrival in the form of a detailed list of Peru’s best restaurants that are up-to-the-minute and based on our expertise, experience and good taste.

Relevant Articles

Peruvian cuisine, the result of a nearly 500-year melting pot of Spanish, African, Japanese and Chinese immigration and native Quechua culture, is on the lips of top chefs worldwide. Zagat Survey lists four times more Peruvian restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia than it did a decade ago.”

– Katy McLaughlin, The Wall Street Journal, September 2011

There are many who regard (Peruvian cuisine) as the most underrated in the world… The great Auguste Escoffier, for example, ranked it third behind French and Chinese food.”

– Jesus Adorno, Director of Le Caprice and Daphne’s in London writing in The Daily Telegraph, July 2003

Peru can lay claim to one of the world’s dozen or so great cuisines.”

– The Economist, January 2004

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