Peru Luxury Trekking

Whether you’re looking for a one-day hike, luxury inca trail trek or really getting off-the-beaten path to lesser visited destinations like the Cordillera Blanca, Peru is home to an almost limitless number of Peru luxury trekking options. Founded in 1996, Aracari is a locally based specialist, dedicated to providing Peru luxury trekking to suit all abilities, with the upmost levels of reliability, safety and adventure standards.

Peru Luxury Trekking Options

Inca Trail Luxury Trekking

The Inca trail is the most famous trek in South America and deservedly so, what with three major sets of Inca ruins reachable only on foot along the way to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Machu Picchu. Unlike most travel companies, we directly manage and operate our own Machu Picchu luxury trips, to ensure the quality, reliability and level of experience you will get when travelling with us. We use our own camping equipment and expert trained guides for the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Contact us now for local, expert advice and information on Machu Picchu luxury travel.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Peru110 Days / 9 Nights

The Inca trail is the most famous trek in South America and deservedly so, what with three major sets of Inca ruins reachable only on foot along the way to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Machu Picchu. Click to learn more.

Day Hikes, Multi-Day Camping and Lodge-to-Lodge Options

There are a myriad of alternative treks that follow alternative Inca road networks, visit other archaeological sites and take in dramatic mountain views: there are no shortage of options to satisfy all ability levels and time-frames in the Cusco region and beyond. You can choose from day treks, multi-day camping treks to multi day lodge-to-lodge treks. See all our treks.

Peru Luxury Trekking with Aracari

We set up our own operations in an attempt to try and redefine luxury trekking in the Andes – not an ostentatious scale of luxury which feels out of place on such rugged terrain – but a personalised, authentic experience that is suitably comfortable. However, for those looking for a super VIP experience, we can add-on touches to make the camping experience closer a hotel feel, such as upgraded drinks and personal masseuse to accompany.

In particular, our brand of redefined luxury for Peru luxury trekking focuses on special details and excellent taste being implicit in everything that our guests experience, as well as giving thorough guidance from the planning stages through the trek itself. In recognition of our efforts, we have been chosen as one of the best Adventure-Travel Outfitters in 2010 by Travel + Leisure, listed underneath the Regional Specialist section.

  • We always use porters from local communities, including the community of Patakancha, and have been working with the same porters for several years. This loyalty goes both ways, and our long-standing relationship enables them not only to work closely as a team, but to provide Aracari guests with an extra level of dedication.
  • We respect and take care of our porters and their families, giving our guests (and ourselves) reassurance that their trek is ethical and based on a solid foundation. Our guests are personally introduced to each porter at the beginning of the trek, building trust and ensuring that our porters can understand and care for Aracari guests properly.
  • We look into of the finest of details and provide our own equipment in order that our guests get the highest quality trekking experience possible – from supplying duffel bags to put clothes inside so that suitcases are not required, to providing the latest and most comfortable camping equipment such as a top-of-the-range Polarguard ‘Moutain Hardware’ sleeping bag, inflatable mattress and a real pillow. Walking sticks are also supplied.
  • Every aspect of our treks has been tested, analysed and improved – from the presentation of the campsite, to the freshly cooked food and the personal attention of the porters, cooks and assistants. We train our porters in the use of all of our company-owned equipment, which we have tried and tested to ensure quality.
  • Our food is freshly prepared and is made from the best quality ingredients – imported olive oil, fresh herbs and fruit, well-chosen wine and good quality organic Peruvian coffee. Though this could not be called gourmet, it is well-presented and very delicious, and is served on a portable dining table with table cloth, chairs and cutlery. The porters walk ahead of our groups so that they can prepare food in time for arrival.
  • We plan ahead, for example we send a set of fresh clothes to the hotel of our guests, so that they can change at the end of the trek – and offer a complimentary massage for our guests to relax and gently return to civilization.

In short, we are strongly passionate about providing the highest quality of trekking experiences possible, and thus operate our own luxury treks to have as much a say in this as possible. Here is more detail about what to expect and the items we recommend you pack.

About the Inca Trail

As the Inca’s and cultures before them well knew, walking is the most convenient way of navigating the Andes. Although pre-Columbian peoples knew of the wheel, there was little place for this device on steep mountains and in narrow valleys, and this inspired the development of extensive roads systems for walking and transportation by llama. The Inca Trail stretched from north to south and from east to west in order to keep their disparate empire well-stocked and supplied; along these ran the famously efficient messengers who were able to rest each night at Tambo’s (Inns) that were strategically positioned within a day’s walk of each other.

Today, travellers can be inspired by trekking in the Andes for many different reasons. Raw and stunningly beautiful mountain landscapes; dispersed pre-Columbian ruins; and remotely accessible communities are just a few of these. All of the Peru luxury trekking options that we operate attempt to capture one or more of these elements. Likewise, that some Inca ruins are only accessible by foot, there are many reasons that we believe that your trip will be greatly enriched by adding an element of hiking.

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These are very few words to describe this trek. The Trek itself, the patience of the porters, the chef’s better dishes than all the 5-Stars Restaurants, the birthday cake baked at altitude !! I would go on... Then there is Miguel, he put his heart and soul into making this trek special for us without him I would not have got to the top. His enthusiasm for his country the people and its history is incredible. Miguel is so much more than a guide he truly cares, nothing is too much trouble.

- Mr. and Mrs. Bottomley: in 2004