Aracari organized a 10 days tour for us that included Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Trujillo, Chiclayo and Lima and everything worked as expected. The service was outstanding, the driver are courteous and know their business, the guides are knowledgeable and accommodating, they have the experience and the knowledge to make the tours extremely interesting. We had been travelling for 4 weeks prior to our arrival in Peru and we thought it was going to be tiring to do these last two weeks given the altitude and a packed itinerary we had for Peru but having these guides sharing their knowledge kept us going and we thoroughly enjoyed this segment of our trip.

The Pre-inca, Inca and post-inca history of Peru is very rich and Aracari’ s organization and people help us to get the best of that history in a short period of time.

Aracari was recomended to us as one of the best and after this tour we fully agree that Aracari is one of the best. If you want to visit Peru and learn about its history and not have to worry about reservations, tickets, rides, etc then Aracari is for you.