Tambopata Research Center: A Luxury Amazon Lodge

tambopata-research-center-wildlife luxury amazon lodge

The Amazon rainforest is magical. Within it, Peru boasts a range of luxury Amazon lodge options to discover its incredible flora and fauna, which Aracari has tried and tested. I recommend Tambopata Research Center (TRC) for the most authentic jungle experience, where the luxury of staying at this remote lodge in pristine rainofrest is the unrivalled opportunity for widlife…

Quinta Miraflores Boutique Hotel Review

Quinta Miraflores

Quinta Miraflores Boutique Hotel is a charming boutique hotel right in the heart of Miraflores in the capital Lima. A home-away-from-home, the small property has been carefully restored by its owner and makes for an ideal base for a short stay in the city. Quinta Miraflores Boutique Bed & Breakfast Quinta Miraflores Boutique…

Galapagos Sea Star Journey: Cruise Review

Visiting the Galapagos islands is one of the most coveted, once-in-a-lifetime trips in the world. So when you finally get to tick if off your bucket list, you want to do so knowing that you experienced it the best way possible. That’s certainly how I felt after an incredible six-day…

Heading towards winter and we have received lots of positive feedback over the last month. Our Travel Planners Caitlin and Cristina received particular praise for their work in organising, planning and executing great Peru itineraries.

Moving into autumn – or Peruvian spring – and the sun is starting to shine more and more in the capital city Lima. And rather fittingly, there has been no dulling down in the tone of appraisal that Aracari has received from our guests.

Heading towards the end of the summer “high season”, and there are still a healthy stream of testimonials arriving in the Aracari office. In particular, our highly personalized greeting and transfer service came under the spotlight over the last month.