2014 Biennial of Photography in Lima

2014 Biennial of Photography in Lima, Aracari Travel

Photos are big part of our work here at Aracari; it’s difficult to promote travel in Peru and Bolivia without stunning visuals. Not only do we often find ourselves sifting through oodles of photos of Machu Picchu, the Salar de Uyuni or Lake Titicaca to find that perfect shot to inspire the imagination, we’re constantly honing our own photography skills in a bid to convey the experiences that Aracari offers those who travel with us.

Living and breathing photos, we were naturally all very excited about the Lima Bienal 2014. The second edition of this biannual event brings together a range of photographers and curators from Peru, Latin America and further afield in a series of exhibitions held in galleries and cultural centres throughout Peru’s capital. The exhibitions kicked off in early April and will run until August, covering a variety of themes and subjects. The aim is to “highlight the histories of photography that stand out in 21st-century culture. The curatorial proposition seeks to organize this view of photography according to the dynamics of transformation, transition and expression.”

We cherry picked our three favourite exhibitions from this year’s event, of which you can find details below. You can find full details of exhibitions on the Lima Photo Biennial website.

El Cielo del Desierto – Maria Reiche y las Líneas de Nasca

(The Desert Sky – Maria Reiche and the Nazca Lines)
With Photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Centro Cultural Inca Garcilaso, Jr. Ucayali 391, Cercado de Lima
Until June 29th 2014

This fascinating exhibition brings together photos and personal possessions of Maria Reiche, the German archaeologist famed for her work in conserving the Nazca Lines. The photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand reveal Reiche’s pioneering work in protecting the archaeology of Peru’s southern desert, with a number of shots displaying the vast landscapes of this region.  The exhibition was inaugurated on May 15th which would have been Maria Reiche’s 111th birthday. It marks 70 years of conservation of the lines, work that is still undertaken by the Asociacion Maria Reiche, which is headed by our friend Ana Maria Cogorno.

Martin Parr: Life’s A Beach & Machu Picchu

Galeria John Harriman of the Centro Cultural Britanico, Jr. Bellavista 531, Miraflores
Until June 20th 2014

British photographer Martin Parr has a humorous collection of beach photography, entitled “Life’s a Beach”, on display at the Centro Cultural Británico in Miraflores. Taken at various beachscapes from around the world, his photos capture people sunbathing, frolicking and generally relaxing, in a manner that is revealing of people’s thoughts and emotions while undertaking this popular vacation pastime. In addition, Parr has a series of photos that capture the issue of overcrowding at Machu Picchu (a topic that Aracari founder Marisol Mosquera recently discussed at a lecture in London).

Mi(g)radas: experiencias desplazadas, miradas rizomáticas
(Mi(g)rants: displaced experiences, rhizomatic viewpoints)

Sala Kuélap, Museo de la Nacion, Vía Expresa Javier Prado Este 2466, Lima
Until May 31st 2014

This exhibition brings together the personal visions of a group of artists about migration and immigration, focusing on the experiences of Spanish migrants in Peru. As well as exploring the concepts of nationality and what it means to be a migrant, the exhibition aims to open a dialogue between Spanish and Peruvian artists. We’re shamelessly plugging it because it includes a series from one of our collaborators Pedro Chincoa … see some of his photos for Aracari on the following blogs:

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