National Pisco Sour Day

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The Question:

To which Peruvian cocktail is tomorrow dedicated?

The Answer:

Tomorrow, the first Saturday in February, is officially National Pisco Sour Day!

Made from limes, ice, egg white, sugar syrup and Pisco, Peruvians hold an immense deal of pride for this cocktail, to the extent that it is considered to be Peru’s National Drink.

And for good reason. The refreshing cocktail is both quite unique and very sophisticated: the bitter tang of fresh lime is complimented wonderfully by the sweetness of the syrup and strength of the Pisco, all blended together in an impossibly smooth and frothy texture which goes down like a treat before lingering on the palette.

Notable buzz surrounds the event, with a number of Pisco Sour festivals set for tomorrow in key plazas and neighbourhoods across the city, including the Plaza de Armas, with many revelers expected to attend.

Pisco: Pride of Peru

In a sign of the deep appreciation that Peruvians have for Pisco Sour, a recent advertising campaign aimed at the international market has seen success in pitting the drink against other famous spirits from across the world – namely whisky, tequila and vodka – in quite humorous fashion:

And this very morning, Top chef Gaston Acurio made a special tribute to Pisco Sour on his hugely popular facebook page to a rapturous reception:

Which can be roughly translated as:

“Pisco Sour, a Peruvian creation made with Peruvian products on the verge of becoming a global product. One step from being found not only in Peruvian restaurants but in all bars, restaurants and hotels in the world. A little piece of the heart of Peru in the most sophisticated locations in the world. An example of this New Peru, renovated, unique, magic, ideas that come direct from Peruvian identity, and that the world buys and incorporates into their lives. For this, and because it strengthens our confidence in ourselves, today Peru celebrates with a Pisco Sour in hand. Congratulations to Pisco producers, lime farmers and the barmen who make the drink of the Peruvian flag.”

Much like Pisco: powerful stuff. On that note I’m going for a Pisco Sour… if you want to make your own look here,  and if you’re coming to Peru then ask us about our Pisco tasting tour “In Good Spirit”, one of our many Peruvian Cuisine Trips¡Salud!

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