Your Guide To Shopping In Lima: Top Fashion And Art Hubs

Are you a fashion-focused traveler? Do you have a taste for arts, culture, and all things style? Then Lima is the city for you. Lima’s ever-growing fashion and arts scene always inspires, and is attracting the talents of new artists and creative makers all the time. Shoppers who know where to look can find one-of-a-kind treasures they’ll be thrilled to take back home with them.

Below are some of Lima’s top arts and fashion hotspots, many of which you’ll find on our popular Fashion Forward Lima tour. From world class museums to tiny tucked-away boutiques, art and shopping in Lima has it all.

Fashionable Museums In Lima

AMANO Pre-Columbian Textile Museum

This breathtaking museum takes you on a stunning 5,000-year journey of Peruvian textile history. Because the conditions of the Peruvian desert beautifully lend themselves to preservation, the fabrics and pieces you’ll see will have a remarkable vibrance to them despite being centuries old. Here, you’ll get an up-close glimpse of the role of textiles in Peruvian culture and history, and what they’ve meant to local communities over time.

MATE Mario Testino Museum

At MATE, you’ll explore the largest collection of photos by lauded Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino. Among his high fashion pieces, Testino’s work features photos of traditional Andean clothes worn in Peruvian highlands. The museum, housed in a 19th century townhouse, is a work of art in itself. There is care and intention in every detail, right down to the museum carpet that Testino himself designed.

Shopping In Lima For Fashionistas

AYNI Atelier

AYNI is the brainchild of co-founders Adriana Cachay and Laerke Skyum. The designers are Peruvian and Danish respectively, and their creations reflect two major sources of inspiration by combining signature Danish minimalism with the finest quality Peruvian textiles. Since launching their first showroom in Paris in 2009, AYNI’s designers have become darlings of the fashion world, and it’s easy to see why – the quality of their clothing speaks for itself.

With fantastic Peruvian fabrics like baby alpaca and pima cotton, everything in the atelier is a treasure. AYNI focuses on giving back by ensuring that all pieces are made and designed in Peru, and offers a certificate project that recognizes the unique artisan skills of local Peruvian crafters. Travelers who visit AYNI on our Fashion Forward tour will even be treated to a special knitting demonstration and a behind-the-scenes peek into their fabric sourcing process.

Alessandra Petersen Atelier

This stylish atelier is essential for any shopper looking to learn more about sustainability. At Alessandra Petersen, you’ll get to sift through beautiful clothing in a historic home in Miraflores. The clothes here beautifully combine the influence of traditional Peruvian textiles with modern style. Most importantly, you’ll leave this shop with newfound wisdom on how to spot genuinely sustainable clothing practices, which is vital in today’s age of fast fashion.


In addition to its stunning designs, this atelier and workshop also stands out for another reason: it was founded by two sisters. Chiara and Giuliana Macchiavello, the dream team behind ESCVDO, consider each piece of their clothing creation process with care, and that dedication shows in their final products. Here, you’ll find clothes that highlight traditional Andean weavings and modern design, with fabrics sourced from the central Peruvian city of Huancavelica. You may even get a peek of ESCVDO’s tailors and designers at work during your visit.


Stylish Restaurants In Lima

Shopping in Lima can make you hungry, so when you’re finished taking in all the fine beauty and style of Lima, make sure you break for lunch. Try one of Lima’s most fashionable dining establishments for a chic meal:


The name Mérito translates to “merit” and “excellence,” which certainly provides a hint of the deliciousness the menu will offer. In this trendy Barranco restaurant, you’ll enjoy dishes by accomplished Venezuelan chefs Juan Luis Martínez and José Luis Saumeo in a sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere. The menu offers a blend of Venezuelan and Peruvian influences and tastes.


This new restaurant is the creation of Pia León, who was named the Best Female Chef in Latin America in 2018. Before opening her latest venture, León channeled her culinary talents into Central, named one of the best restaurants in the world, so you know that when you sit down to dine at Kjolle you’re in for a treat. It’s one of the most delicious restaurants in Lima, and offers creative dishes focused on local Peruvian ingredients.


Known as a foodie paradise, Sibaris features a philosophy of “Cocina Libre” (free-style cooking) that you’ll love. The space is casual, modern, and inspired by a blend of Peruvian and international flavors.

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