Heath Wildlife Center is a lodge located four hours by river from Puerto Maldonado airport across from Bahuaja Sonene National Park on the Bolivia /Peru Border.

From this lodge you can visit two ecosystems, the Pampas and Rainforest Proper. Possible itineraries: 4d/3n: 3 nights at Heath Lodge or 5 day / 4 night 2 nights at Heath Lodge and two nights at Sandoval Lodge. A visit to the Community of Sonene is included. The community is part-owner of the lodge. (This lodge is 1 ½ hours by boat from Madidi National Park in Bolivia). The Heath River Macaw Clay Lick is 50 minutes away from the center by motor boat.

There are 10 private screened bungalows with private bathrooms and heated water, fans. No electricity. All rooms and communal areas are equipped with ceiling fans.

The electricity in communal areas is provided by a generator and is available at determinate hours (4:30 06:30/17:30 21:30) Floating blind.