The Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is the only accommodation located within the very sanctuary of the Inca complex of Machu Picchu. Renovated in 2001, the lodge offers guests the opportunity to explore the ruins, refresh at the hotel and re-enter at their own leisure. When all of the crowds have departed for the evening, guests can enjoy the serenity of the Andes in a more intimate setting.

Immediately within reach after a long day of exploring the wonders of the area, the lodge’s twenty-nine rooms and two suites are all equipped with cable TV, a minibar and safe deposit box. Twelve of the rooms boast breathtaking views of the mountains, as does the hotel’s garden, replete with lovely flowers and orchids, which attract several types of hummingbirds and other colorful bird species. Massages and aromatherapy treatments are also available guests who want to peacefully unwind.

Impeccable service and excellent food are a standard at this hotel. Have breakfast in the scenic garden, or choose to savour the delectable flavors in the restaurant, featuring Peruvian cuisine and organic produce grown in their garden plot.

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge has implemented a variety of “green initiatives” to help reduce the impact on the site and the surrounding environment. Conversions in the kitchen from diesel to electric power, installation of a water purification system, use of recycled paper and biodegradable products, replanting of gardens with only endemic flora and the separation of garbage for recycling are just a few of the preservation efforts made here.