La prensa nos reconoce con frecuencia por nuestro conocimiento especializado de la organización de viajes en el Perú y Sudamérica, y porque frecuentemente proveemos información, conocimiento y consejos a las mejores publicaciones alrededor del mundo.

La siguiente es una serie de artículos, blogs y otros medios de comunicación donde Aracari ha sido mencionado a lo largo de los años hasta la fecha. ¡Esperamos que disfrute explorarlos!

Conde Nast Traveler

6th November 2023
Megan Spurrel, Conde Nast Traveler journalist, embarked on a Peruvian odyssey with Aracari. From the Amazon's secrets to Chachapoyas' ancient whispers and Arequipa's timeless grace, Peru's tapestry wove itself into their souls.

Conde Nast Traveler

13th April 2023
Making My Way Through Peru's Sacred Valley—and Bypassing Machu Picchu, by Megan Spurrell

Yolo Journal

5th November 2022
The Navigator: the woman with the inside track on travel in Peru and Bolivia. Meet Marisol Mosquera, Founder & CEO, Aracari Travel

Cover Magazine

30th May 2022
Aracari Shop featured by Cover Magazine, the leading global publication specializing in textiles. Marisol Mosquera talks about the creation of the brand in an interview with editor Lucy Upward.


1st April 2020
La Paz, at 12,000 feet the highest administrative capital in the world, is home to one of the most exciting emerging dining scenes in South America, inspired by the produce of Bolivia’s diverse climates.

The Travel

11th February 2020
The splendor of many sites that Peru keeps hidden on the South American continent is evident in these stunning photos from real travelers.

Conde Nast Traveler

27th January 2020
Travelers to Peru usually make a beeline to the country’s cultural icons, like the ruins of Machu Picchu or the Incan heartland of Lake Titicaca, and for good reason: Peru's World Heritage sites are rich with ancient history and bucket list-topping experiences.


4th January 2020
Marisol Mosquera, founder of best-in-class country operators Aracari, has just returned from a comprehensive survey of its reaches, and she’s keen to bring the inquisitive and adventurous back to enjoy her spoils.

Country Life

26th October 2019
Mary Miers visited the lesser-known side of Peru for a lesson in relaxation. She found nature reserves, geoglyphs and a jolly good pisco sour.

The Guardian

9th August 2019
Marisol Mosquera, founder and CEO of Aracari Travel, said: “It breaks my heart to see one of the most monumental and gorgeous landscapes in the Andes being defaced in the name of ‘progress’. “

Condé Nast Traveler

16th May 2019
Marisol Mosquera is in The best travel specialists in the world 2019 by the Condé Nast Traveler


8th March 2019
International Women's Day: How to make the most of the seven ages of the female traveller

Country Life

12th December 2018
Country Life December 2018 Travel Issue


23rd November 2019
Great Escapes: Cusco, Peru’s Charming Second City

The Telegraph

16th November 2018
Tracking condors on the most luxurious train in South America.

Financial Times

29th June 2018
The haute cuisine heights of La Paz.

Card Rates

16th May 2018
Use Travel Rewards to Take Advantage of Aracari’s Luxurious Behind-the-Scenes Access to Peru, Bolivia, and the Galapagos.

The Financial Times

14th April 2018
Hugh Thomson travels with Aracari to discover the rich colonial history and many private homes of Peru.

Daily Express

7th March 2018
The Daily Express recommends Peru with Aracari for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

City AM

25th January 2018
Marisol shares the magic of her trip to Tambopata Research Center with City AM magazine.


19th February 2018 has featured Aracari as a prime example of a company working towards the protection of local communities and environments.


18th February 2018
Metro includes a trip to the Peruvian Amazon with Aracari on their Hot List.

Bloomberg Pursuits

25th January 2018
A fascinating piece on the rich culture and history of the Sacred Valley, featuring insight from Aracari's founder, Marisol Mosquera.

Wendy Perrin

18th January 2018
Aracari's founder and CEO, Marisol Mosquera was named to the 2018 Wendy Perrin WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts for her expertise in Peru and Bolivia!
The highest circulating audited luxury travel title in Australia shares Aracari's expertise on Peru's Arequipa and the Colca Canyon in their January issue.

The Hedonist

5th January 2018
The Hedonist showcases the lesser known gems of Peru, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, highlighting Aracari as the company to travel with to the destinations.

Positive Luxury

17th January 2018
Positive Luxury shares why a trip to Peru with Aracari tops their travel wishlist.

Conde Nast Traveler

20th December 2017
Marisol Mosquera, Aracari's founder, was named as a 2017 Top Travel Specialist for Peru and Bolivia by the esteemed publication Conde Nast Traveler.
In a spotlight on Peru, global luxury travel brand Destinations of the World News features Aracari's Private Homes of Peru collection.

The Edit

14th December 2017
The Edit, multi-media editorial platform for global fashion giant Net-A-Porter, features a Salar de Uyuni luxury trip with Aracari in a piece on Bolivia.

The Week

4th December 2017
One of the fastest growing print magazines of the last decade, The Week, shares an Aracari culinary tour in their December issue.

The Hedonist

29th November 2017
Luxury lifestyle publication, The Hedonist, features a trekking adventure to Chachapoyas with Aracari.

Travel + Leisure

21st November 2017
Aracari was mentioned in Travel + Leisure

Family Traveller

9th November 2017
Family Traveller recounts a thrilling trip to Peru with Aracari from the perspective of both the mother and the young son who made the journey.

Luxury Travel Advisor

8th November 2017
Reputable luxury travel website, Luxury Travel Advisor, shares Chris Moss' experience traveling through Lima with Aracari.

Refined Traveller

8th November 2017
Sustainable luxury travel website, Refined Travellers, rounds up 6 bespoke Peruvian adventures with Aracari Travel.

Yahoo! News

6th November 2017
Yahoo! News shares why Lima is South America's greatest city for food (and also has a booming art scene), mentioning Aracari as the way to visit Peru's capital.

Canary Wharf

7th November 2017
Luxury lifestyle magazine, Canary Wharf, included Aracari in their roundup of travel news for November 2017. The magazine featured a trip to visit 'everyone's favorite Peruvian' - the spectacled bear- on a Paddington Bear inspired tour of Peru with Aracari in honor of the movie's release.

The Telegraph

6th November 2017
Chris Moss explores the incredible culinary and art scenes in Lima with Aracari.

Town & Country

23rd October 2017
Sharing tips for where to go on a winter adventure, Town & Country recommends a Paddington Bear Tour of Peru with Aracari.

Wendy Perrin

5th October 2017
Aracari founder and CEO Marisol Mosquera's insider guide 'Peru for Food Lovers' was featured on Wendy Perrin's trusted travel website.

The I

16th October 2017
Sarah Gilbert heads to Bolivia with Aracari to explore the memory of Che Guevara 50 years after his death.

Yahoo! Style

10th October 2017
Yahoo! Style shares the piece on a trip with Aracari retracing Che Guevara's last steps.

The Independent

10th October 2017
50 years on from Che Guevara's death, Sarah Gilbert traveled with Aracari to visit the place he was killed in Bolivia.

The Evening Standard

10th October 2017
In honor of the 50th anniversary of Che Guevara's death a trip with Aracari retracing the last steps of the iconic Cuban revolutionary is featured in London’s quality free daily newspaper.

Wanderlust Magazine

9th October 2017
Aracari is featured in Wanderlust Magazine as one of the 8 spectacular tours with the world's best guides. 

How to Spend It

6th October 2017
A trip to Bolivia with Aracari was featured as an 'ahead of the curve' luxury destination on the cover of How to Spend It.

Yahoo! Lifestyle

29th September 2017
Yahoo! Lifestyle featured Aracari as the way to visit Bolivia in the piece 'Which is the perfect South American country for you?'

Pebble Magazine

29th September 2017
Aracari was named one of Pebble Magazine's Top 10 eco-friendly travel companies of 2017.

The Daily Telegraph

23rd September 2017
Aracari is featured as the recommended travel provider in Bolivia, in this feature on traveling 'the most fun-loving continent on Earth.

Wanderlust Magazine

25th September 2017
One of Aracari's longest serving guides, Fernando Silva, was shortlisted for the world guide awards. As a followup, the honorees recount the most ridiculous questions they have ever been asked.

Positive Luxury

14th September 2017
A wonderful Bolivia Travel Guide, featuring Aracari & our Founder-Led Journey to Bolivia.

The Arts Shelf

18th August 2017
The Arts Shelf has featured Aracari's news that we've been awarded Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark, for commitment to sustainable travel. The Arts Shelf is a UK based online arts publication, featuring the latest news and events in the world of art, culture and travel.
Aracari's Private Homes of Peru collection is featured in the magazine's August round-up of news from the Americas. Destinations of the World News is a global platform that provides readers with essential luxury travel intelligence.
National Geographic Traveller features a round up of the best places to surf around the world, in which Chicama with Aracari is included. National Geographic Traveller is one of the UK’s leading travel magazines and part of the iconic National Geographic brand.

Brides Honeymoon Guide

3rd August 2017
A trip with Aracari to luxury hotel ATIX in La Paz, Bolivia is featured in the 2017/2018 Brides Honeymoon Guide. The annual Brides Honeymoon Guide runs alongside the main magazine and has become the ultimate authority on the hottest hotels and destinations for discerning couples.

Director Magazine

31st July 2017
Leading magazine for UK business leaders, Director, includes a feature on Aracari's CEO and founder, Marisol Mosquera in the July/August issue.

Positive Luxury

12th July 2017
Aracari's CEO and founder Marisol Mosquera speaks to Positive Luxury about sustainable travel and reasons to visit Peru.

Escapism Magazine

10th July 2017
Escapism Magazine, the largest circulating independent travel magazine in the UK, features Aracari in their selection of the best travel news for July 2017. With a new flight from Lima to Jaen (northern Peru), the publication shares that Aracari is offering new, custom trips to explore the area.

Positive Luxury

21st June 2017
Positive Luxury features Aracari in their round up of brands that care for wildlife and animals, with our support for the Plant Your Future initiatives in Iquitos, Peru.

Essential Journal

31st May 2017
Positive Luxury has featured Aracari in this special article in The Essential Journal, a free tabloid in the UK, aimed at accomplished gentlemen. Focusing on Aracari's sustainable travel efforts and tailormade travel options, it showcases off-the-beaten track excursions from Aracari.

Departures Magazine

25th May 2017
Departures Magazine, the exclusive magazine for America Express Platinum card and Centurion members, featured Aracari's Private Homes of Peru Collection in a round up of holidays to book in June.

Wanderlust Magazine

25th May 2017
One of Aracari's longest serving guides, Fernando Silva, has been shortlisted for Wanderlust's World Guide Awards!


8th May 2017
Aracari's Private Homes Collection featured in the daily London newspaper's Hotlist of exciting vacations to keep an eye on. It was then syndicated and included in the Scotland edition of Metro.

Positive Luxury

25th April 2017
Aracari has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury, in recognition for our commitment to responsible and sustainable travel.

Compelo Magazine

21st April 2017
Aracari's founder and CEO Marisol is interviewed by the online publication, describing why she gave up her financial services job in London to start Aracari.

Men's Health

7th April 2017
Men's Health Magazine, the biggest men's liefestyle print and digital brand in the UK, has featured a surf trip to Chicama with Aracari in its round up of 80 adventures from around the world.

The Telegraph

14th March 2017
Journalist Chris Moss provides a thorough overview to visiting the Amazon. Aracari is listed as a trusted operator for a trip to Peru's Amazon region.

Tatler Singapore

22nd February 2017
If you're looking for a gastronomic adventure, check out these suggestions from Singapore Tatler, with Aracari's Peru with Flavor itinerary featured at number 8.

Condé Nast Traveller

6th February 2017
Journalist Chris Moss and photographer Julian Capmeil travelled to La Paz with Aracari, and their 10-page feature in the March edition of the magazine takes you on a journey of discovery through La Paz, with many of Aracari’s new experiences and special contacts highlighted

Refinery 29

16th January 2017
Travel experts share their picks of where they want to travel to in 2017. Daisy Bird, founder of luxury travel PR agency, Bird PR, picks a food tour of Lima, visit to Kuelap and Belmond's new luxury sleeper train, all arranged by Aracari


11th January 2017
In the February 2017 edition of Tatler, journalist Sarah Gilbert reviews Atemporal, the new boutique hotel in Lima, with Aracari named as the operator to book it through!

Olive Magazine

31st December 2016
Journalist Lucy Gilmore writes a detailed round-up on the tastes of Peru, including unique foodie experiences in Lima with Aracari's Maria Julia showcasing the best in-the-know foodie spots.

The Telegraph

8th November 2016
Journalist Chris Moss travelled to Peru with Aracari. His guide to Machu Picchu names Aracari as the best way to visit 'Like An Inca' doing it in luxury and style.


12th December 2016
Aracari's exclusive-access tour of Tacama was featured in today's Hotlist for London's Metro newspaper. The piece was subsequently syndicated for Metro East Midlands, South Wales, Liverpool, South West, North East, and North West.


25th November 2016
Following on from journalist Sarah Gilbert’s trip earlier this year, Tatler has published glowing reviews for the new Explora Valle Sagrado and Amantica Lodge.

Condé Nast Traveler

22nd November 2016
CEO and Founder of Aracari, Marisol, has been selected once again on the prestigious Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist List, 2016. The list features the world's top travel specialists. Marisol is recognised in her field as a specialist for Peru & Bolivia.


28th October 2016
Feature by journalist Beatriz Choi, showcasing Aracari's connections and experiences in Lima, after she travelled with Aracari.
Following a visit to Lima with Aracari Travel, journalist James Henderson highlights a wealth of experiences and insider knowledge Aracari can offer in his 'Smooth Guide to Lima'
Journalist Stanley Stewart writes a six-page spread on Lima, including experiencing the Lord of the Miracles procession and heading to a late night Peña with Aracari specialist guide Ronald Elward.

The Guardian

8th October 2016
Journalist Sarah Gilbert writes about her visit to Callao Monumental, the edgy urban art and community regeneration project with Aracari.

Condé Nast Traveller

6th October 2016
Journalist David Annand took a tour of Lima’s historic centre with Aracari’s specialist guide Luis Villacorta, and writes a glowing review of their day together.

The Mayfair Magazine

5th October 2016
The article highlights Aracari’s exclusive contacts and expertise in La Paz, including touring the Cholets buildings with Freddy Mamani and includes a mention of ATIX.


19th September 2016
London daily newspaper Metro featured Aracari's new culinary and cultural tours in Lima in this week's hotlist. The feature was subsequently syndicated to Metro Scotland, Metro South West, Metro North East, Metro North West, Metro East Midlands, Metro Liverpool and Metro South Wales.
Aracari's 'Best of Bolivia' itinerary is included in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine's hot list of the best ways to backpack in luxury.
Aracari featured in National Geographic's August Hot List of exciting new openings and events from across the world, with the opening of Atix in La Paz.


15th August 2016
The opening of Atix and Aracari’s experiences in La Paz have been included in the paper’s hotlist, which rounds up the newest and most exciting developments in travel.

The Wall Street Journal

13th August 2016
Aracari has featured in an article which focuses on mile-stone travel birthdays, with Marisol recounting her experience of celebrating her birthday in Cusco and giving advice on ways to make a ‘travel birthday’ a success.

CNN Travel

11th August 2016
Aracari's Best of Bolivia itinerary is listed in this feature on the ’10 best places to travel in South America after the Olympics’ which includes La Paz and soon to open 5-star boutique hotel Atix.
With the Olympics taking the spotlight in Rio, Lonely Planet provides a round up of alternative experiences in South America. Aracari is featured with highlights from La Paz.
Journalist John Miller goes off the beaten track and explores Colca Canyon near Arequipa, with Aracari recommended as a local tour operator.
In a roundup of the best beaches in the world for surfers, Marisol recommends Punta Hermosa and the Kon-Tiki Surfboard Museum, just south of Lima.

House Seven

19th July 2016
House Seven, the newsletter for members club SOHO House in London, featured a quote from Aracari CEO Marisol Mosquera as a Peruvian travel expert. Marisol recommends Hotel B, Callao Monumental and KiChic in Mancora for London creatives looking for an exclusive escape to Peru.
David Annand shares his top 10 amazing things to do in Lima including paragliding, peñas, and a tour of historic Lima with Aracari specialist guide Luis Villacorta.
Alice Tate travelled to Peru with Aracari Travel, and shares a 4 page feature on the country, with her top 5 picks of things to see and do. Aracari is listed as the operator and leading on-the-ground specialist.
In this article features Positive Luxury's Report 'The Future is Now: What's Shaking Up the Travel Industry' and quotes Marisol Mosquera, Aracari's founder.
Marisol features in the Huffington Post with a blog about low impact, high quality tourism in Peru, and the Aracari story.
Positive Luxury's report identifies the driving forces behind an industry in the flux of change. Marisol features on page 43, talking about client knowledge and ethical travel.
A collection of features on how to beat the heat this summer. 'Tuck into Lima' is one of the 50, with Aracari's Urban Eats tour, and culinary stops like Central and El Mercado.
Aracari's founder Marisol contributes to the Guardian's 'A great little place I know' series, with a feature on Kon-Tiki Surfboard Mueseum in Punta Hermosa.
About Time Magazine selects 10 hot experiences in Peru, featuring Aracari and our Founder, Marisol.
Wunderlust Travel magazine features 12 unique places to sleep in Latin America. At number 9 they feature Skylodge Adventure Suites, as part of Aracari's Culture & Adventure trip to Peru.
National Geographic Traveller presents Travel geeks: Rushhour, which features Marisol Mosquera as one of their experts on South America
"But to walk in a place as spectacular as the Ausangate is profoundly moving." For his piece about the four-day Ausangate Lodge-to-Lodge Trek, James Henderson travelled as a guest of Aracari.

Wendy Perrin

2nd January 2016
Wendy Perrin is one of the leading influencers in the world of luxury travel. On her annual list of where to travel in the new year, she featured Aracari and our pick for up-and-coming destination: the northern Peruvian beaches of Máncora

The Week

19th December 2015
Aracari's tambo-to-tambo Ausangate trek was featured in the travel section of "The Week," a weekly British news magazine. The article lauds the gorgeous vistas and charming lodges, which were enjoyable despite the inescapable plight of altitude sickness!
Sumana Mukherjee recalls her spiritual and historical exploration of Machu Picchu and the ruins surrounding Cusco for Live Mint, one of India's leading business publications. Aracari planned Mukherjee's journey to the Incan citadel.
In their Tuesday Travel News, the New York Times highlighted Aracari's free downloadable e-book “Culinary Travel in Peru” as a useful guide for highlighting the best places in the country to experience the emerging gastronomic culture.
Andrew Marantz travels to the otherworldly Salar de Uyuni, where nature is still allowed to play by its own rules, for a piece in Conde Nast Traveler. In the face of a political impasse, Marantz turned to Marisol and the Aracari team to quickly book a trip to the impressive landscape.
In a piece for Live Mint, the online version of one of India's top business publication, Sumana Mukherjee explores the intricacies of Peruvian cuisine, from quinoa to beyond. Her tour was planned by Aracari with our culinary specialist, Penelope Alzamora.

Travel + Leisure

18th September 2014
Aracari was mentioned in Travel + Leisure
With the help of Aracari, Sumana Mukherjee visited Central Restaurant, in Lima, Peru, listed 14th on the World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2015, to try out the 17-course tasting menu called Elevations. She wrote about it for Live Mint, the online version of one of India's top business publication.
In a piece for the Huffington Post's Travel section, Marisol is cited with mention of Aracari Travel about her experience using porters to help transport her 4-year-old son on his first trek in Huchuy Qosqo, Peru.
With Aracari's connections to local artists, Lauren Holmes was able to gain insider knowledge of the creative vein of Lima's bohemian district, Barranco, for a piece she wrote in Alto luxury interior design and lifestyle magainze.
"With 37 official languages, Bolivia is a myriad of worlds within one - a surreal travellers' playground." House & Garden writer Lauren Holmes traveled as a guest of Aracari to explore all that she could in the 10 short days she had. She praised our "expert guides" and "tight knit" itineraries.

Travel + Leisure

29th April 2013
Aracari was mentioned in Travel + Leisure
Sophy Roberts raves about the bohemian flair in Lima's art district, Barranco. She cites Marisol and Aracari as the ideal outfitter to book itineraries, from an art tour of Barranco to a more classic Machu Picchu itinerary.
In their review of the splendidly luxurious Plaza Nazarenas in Cusco, The Week cites Aracari as the perfect planner for 7-day long trip to Peru including 2 nights at Palacio Nazarenas.
Aracari was mentioned in one of Singapore's top English-language newspapers, The Business Times, in an article about the burgeoning culinary scene Lima.
Aracari was referenced in a more general article about travel in Peru in one of Singapore's top English-language newspaper, The Business Times.
Margo Pfeiff takes a visually spectacular journey through Bolivia, seeking luxury on the way. She praises Aracari for not only arranging custom Bolivia tours to Uyuni, but also for our keen eye in finding the best of the basic accommodations en route to San Pedro and Uyuni.
Marisol was featured as one of Condé Nast's Top Travel Specialists for 2012.
Aracari was featured in a publication by the International Ecotourism Society, a non-profit association committed to promoting responsible tourism practices that benefit conservation and communities.
Aracari was featured in an article in Condé Nast Traveler, the premiere luxury travel and lifestyle publication.

Travel + Leisure

10th July 2012
Aracari was mentioned in Travel + Leisure
Aracari was mentioned in a feature in Marie Claire Brazil, a fashion and lifestyle magazine.
Aracari was mentioned in a feature about culinary tours in the Spanish-language version of National Geographic Magazine.
Aracari set hiker and host Sebastian Castro up with one of our wonderful guides for his CNÑ special on the Inca Trail in December 2011.
Marisol was featured on Conde Nast's 2011 Top Travel Specialists collection for bringing Peruvian culture to life, whether through "excavating Chiclayo’s ruins with an archaeologist, scouring Lima’s boutiques with a local designer, or examining Cusco’s Baroque art with a curator."
Aracari was featured in an article in L'Officiel Singapore, one of the country's premiere luxury lifestyle publication.

Travel + Leisure

19th September 2011
Aracari was mentioned in Travel + Leisure
Aracari was featured on a special about Machu Picchu on RTVE, the largest audiovisual group in Spain broadcasting in the Spanish language.
Aracari was featured in a piece in The Insider, a travel magazine.
Aracari was featured in an article in El Comercio, the leading Peruvian daily newspaper.
Archaeology presents a unique clash between tourism and conservation. Matthew Barker interviews Ricardo Gamarra, director of the 20-year-old Huaca del Sol y Luna conservation project, who gives personal tours through Aracari.
Aracari was featured in an article in Condé Nast Traveler, the premiere luxury travel and lifestyle publication.
Aracari was mentioned in a feature about Power Trips in Vogue, the premiere international fashion and lifestyle magazine.
Lima has recently been rising to cultural prominence through its exciting gastronomical scene and remodelled cultural institutions like Museo Larco. Hugh Thompson mentions Aracari as an outfitter for tours in the exciting city of Lima.
Aracari was featured in an article about sustainable travel in Condé Nast Traveler, the premiere luxury travel and lifestyle publication.
Aracari was featured in a video about the ultimate indulgence destinations for 2011 by CNNGo, 30-minute show featuring a unique take on global destinations.
Aracari was featured in Singaporean publication TODAYOnline.
Naomi Mapstone mentioned Aracari in a piece about Machu Picchu closing and its effects on the tourism industry for premiere finance publication, The Financial Times.

Travel + Leisure

16th February 2010
Aracari was mentioned in Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure

3rd December 2009
Aracari was mentioned in Travel + Leisure

Caras - El País Primero

1st September 2009
Aracari was featured in an article in Caras, a premiere Spanish-language luxury magazine.
Naomi Mapstone reports on Lima's culinary traditions in an Aracari-designed journey.
Danielle Johnson Contray mentions Aracari in an article for the magazine, Departures.
Francis Spufford mentions Aracari in an article for Condé Nast Traveller.
Renowned explorer John Hemming mentions Aracari in a piece about the hidden treasures of Peru for the British newspaper, The Guardian.
Aracari founder Marisol Mosquera wrote a piece on the trek and ruins of Choquequirao for the magazine Opportunities.