Situated in the outskirts of the city of Potosí, Bolivia – a mining town that once provided Spain with enough silver to build its empire – will bring you to one of the few remaining traditional Bolivian haciendas.  Built in 1557, Hotel Museo Cayara is a family-run terracotta inn that was recently voted one of the best haciendas in South America by Travel+Leisure magazine. The French-Bolivian owner returned to restore his family’s hacienda a little over a decade ago, preserving its library and heirlooms to demonstrate the charms of the colonial era in Bolivia, with a private chapel and museum with 16th century muskets and Indigenous Aymara armour on display for guests to tour.

Guestrooms, although basic, are cosy and comfortable, with private doors opening out onto two beautiful courtyards, which makes for a quaint and peaceful stay.  The owners are more than hospitable, giving guests the feeling that they are staying in a home away from home rather than a hotel. Guests can enjoy traditional, home-style Bolivian dishes and go exploring in the hills around the hacienda for an escape into nature. At Hotel Museo Cayara it is easy to get lost in history and to get an authentic sense of life in Bolivia during the colonial era while enjoying the tranquility and unfettered charm of the area.

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