Arrive at Machu Picchu aboard one of the most luxurious trains in Peru, a deluxe private carriage for up to twelve guests, complete with fine-dining and dedicated butler service.

Luxury Train Travel to Peru

The Experience

The Hiram Bingham Royal Charter is a luxury train to Machu Picchu quite unlike any other. This premium service offers a private party of up to twelve guests a chance to glide through the Peruvian Andes in sumptuous 1920s glamour.

This luxury train service runs Monday to Sunday when the carriage can be anchored to the regular Hiram Bingham train schedule or can be arranged as a separate service whereby the private suite is attached to its own locomotive and adjoining kitchen carriage. For both options, Royal Charter guests will be welcomed on the departure platform, to witness a Pachamama ceremony and traditional Andean dance performance.

Onboard, the carriage features its own bar, attended to by a dedicated butler who will serve unlimited drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) throughout the journey. For lunch, an exclusive gourmet menu showcasing native Andean ingredients with innovative dishes will be served in a fine-dining setting, as the carriage passes through some of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Peru.

Once the carriage arrives at Aguas Calientes, there will be a private transfer waiting to take Royal Charter guests from the station and up to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. And should guests opt for a return trip, they will be welcomed into an exclusive waiting room at Aguas Calientes before the train departs for Cusco.

This exceptional service is one of our most recommended luxury train experiences in Peru, especially for those celebrating a special occasion during a private vacation to Peru or as part of a luxury Peruvian honeymoon.