Located on Isla del Sol in the middle of the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, the Ecolodge La Estancia is comprised of a series of 15 cottages made of stone and adobe with thatch roofs and built over restored pre-Inca agricultural terraces at an altitude of 3,810m (12,497ft). Sustainability and the inclusion of the local community are very important which is why the lodge is run by members of the local Aymara community. They follow strict sustainability principles such as recycling water and waste and repopulating the gardens and the surrounding area with local plants. All rooms have private bathrooms and solar energy is used to heat the water and the cottages. The ecolodge has a rustic charm and guests are encouraged to take advantage of the serene surroundings that the location offers.  In order to best appreciate the beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains and the lake below, the restaurant and bar as well as many of the rooms have windows that look out on the wondrous Lake Titicaca and the agricultural terraces of Isla del Sol. The ecolodge is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the view after a long day of activities on the lake or visiting the various nearby towns or islands.