Aracari’s global expert team of twenty travel specialists share a love of Peru, Bolivia and The Galapagos, a passion for travel and a commitment to providing impeccable service.

From our head office in Lima and our operational offices in Cusco, La Paz and Sucre, we are dedicated to tailoring and executing unique and personalized trips throughout our region with creativity, care and consciousness.

“Everyday I get to discover the beauty of Perú”


“Peru captured my curiosity and sense of adventure. At Aracari I found a creative opportunity to help others plan their own amazing travel experiences”


“I am passionate about Perú, a destination that allows for adventure, mysticism and ecotourism in a fun and luxurious way”


“Aracari is passion”


“I love to surprise travelers with Aracari’s original experiences”


“Small details can make big moments and I love to be a witness”


“Travel is empowering and to travel in Perú is an inspiration”


“I love to discover, create and grow”


“Because there is pleasure in experiencing and understanding. Because being able to go deeper into your own destination, is a privilege”


“I love seeing travelers after a trip once they have experienced the diversity and richness of Perú”


“I enjoy being the best host I can, sharing my passion for Perú, its people, food and landscapes”


“I believe tourism can be a powerful force toward’s Perú’s sustainable future”


“Knowing Perú means falling in love with a wonderful place. With Aracari, I fall in love every day”


“Aracari has become a family for all of us”