We would like to welcome you to our series of Conversations during the month of June. We have included subjects and people who have interesting stories to tell from our country, Peru.


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Thursday, June 18 2020

Joaquin Randall, sustainable tourism entrepreneur.

Joaquin Randallis a sustainable tourism entrepreneur based in Ollantaytambo, near Machu Picchu,  Peru. Peruvian born of American parents,  Joaquin owns and runs the most legendary establishment in the Cusco Area, the “Albergue de Wendy Weeks” founded by his parents when they moved to this area in the seventies. Joaquin will share his fascinating family history and tell us about his sustainable initiatives to protect the environment, the local communities and diversify the tourism offerings in the area.

Conversations & Webinars, Aracari Travel


Thursday, June 25 2020

Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, award winning chef.

In conversation with Maria Julia Raffo, Aracari’s gastronomic Advisor.

Pedro Miguel finds the inspiration for his cuisine in the vast pantry of the Amazon, whose secrets he will reveal during this talk. Award winning chef and number 48 in Latin America for his restaurant Malabar, Pedro Miguel will tell us about his life and work and the secrets he is constantly unveiling during his Amazon exploration

Conversations & Webinars, Aracari Travel


Thursday, June 11 2020

Eduardo Nycander, founder Rainforest Expeditions.

Eduardo Nycander founded Rainforest Expeditions over 25 years ago, a collection of lodges in Tambopata, a rainforest protected area in southeastern Peru. He and his team implemented a winning formula that combines conservation, hospitality and science, making it a benchmark in ecotourism practices in the region. He will tell us his story and will focus on his many wildlife conservation initiatives.

Conversations & Webinars, Aracari TravelBolivian Haute Couture

Thursday, June 4 2020

Ana Palza, jewelry and clothing designer.

Ana was born in La Paz and raised by an American mother who taught her to cherish and celebrate all that is unique about Bolivia. Ana is a renowned Bolivian jewelry and clothing designer who empowers indigenous women by designing beautiful jewelry and traditional outfits for the cholitas, Andean women who have maintained their ancestry through culture and tradition. Her pieces are a must-wear at Bolivia’s most traditional Festivals and one of Ana’s recent collections of haute couture was presented by eight cholitas at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, France.

Conversations & Webinars, Aracari TravelThe Galapagos Islands curated by ARACARI

Tuesday, June 2 2020

Our CEO & Founder Marisol Mosquera will share with us her curated view of this stunning natural destination

When is the best time to visit the islands? Should I go cruising or should I stay in a lodge? After years of traveling continuously to this remarkable, unique, and remote Nature destination our CEO & Founder Marisol Mosquera will answer this questions and more sharing with you truly insider tips to help you make the most out of your visit to the Galapagos Islands, the ARACARI way.

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Thursday, May 7 2020

Jonathan Stack, film-maker.

In conversation with Marisol Mosquera, Aracari’s CEO.

Twice Oscar nominated filmmaker Jonathan Stack arrived in Cusco for 5 days to work on a media campaign against the construction of Chinchero airport. He was caught in the lockdown and is still there. He will tell us about his experiences in this unique time in Cusco and reveal his next project.

Conversations & Webinars, Aracari Travel


Thursday May 14 2020

Micha Tsumura, the best Chef in Latin America.

In conversation with Maria Julia Raffo, Aracari’s Gastronomic Advisor.

Maido, Micha’s restaurant has been leading the charts for some years already and is now top of the Latin American league table and number 10 in the world. Learn about his fascinating Nisei background and his inspiration to become a chef, and the present and future of restaurants in Peru.

Conversations & Webinars, Aracari Travel


Thursday May 21 2020

Petit Miribel, Founder of Hotel and Asociacion Sol y Luna.

In conversation with Marisol Mosquera, Aracari’s CEO.

Petit Miribel founded a little hotel in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in 1997, after working as a metal trader in London and then in Lima. French born Marie Hélène, known as Petit, with her husband, extreme sports enthusiast Franz Shilter, set up Sol y Luna which evolved to be one of the best hotels in Latin America, and what is most important a school and home for disadvantaged children in the Area. Long time friend of Aracari’s CEO and Founder Marisol Mosquera, they will discuss the past, present of hotel and Asociacion Sol y Luna


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