Private Charters Peru

As specialists in luxury travel Peru, at Aracari we understand the needs of VIP clients perfectly. We have over twenty years’ experience in taking care of the most discerning guests and provide a variety of tailored services for private charters Peru. Our bespoke travel Peru arrangements include: private charter flight services, helicopter flights in Lima, Amazon private charter cruises, private boats and yachts, private trains and more.

Private Charters Peru

Private flight services

Private charter services can be arranged in destinations across the country for VIP clients. In addition to the added comfort, privacy and convenience, private charters enable access to some smaller airports – and therefore harder-to-reach destinations – that are otherwise not possible to reach using commercial flights..

To visit the Nazca lines as a one-day tour from Lima, we recommend doing so using a private charter flight. Flights from Lima can be arranged to the airports of Pisco or Nazca, to then take the scenic flight.

We can also arrange private helicopter rides over Lima. Please note: scenic helicopter flights are not permitted over Machu Picchu due to its heritage status.

  • Private charter flights throughout Peru
  • Private charter helicopter flights in Lima
  • Private flight Nazca lines
Private charters Peru

Private charters Peru

Amazon Charter Cruises

With private charter luxury amazon cruises, enjoy first-class accommodation, gourmet food and spectacular sunsets as you cruise through one of the world’s largest protected flooded forests, the Pacaya Samiria. With impeccable service and expertly guided wildlife excursions, chartering a luxury cruise is an exclusive way to explore the Amazon river and view wildlife in the rainforest with family or friends.

Private Charters Peru - Amazon Charter Cruise

Amazon Charter Cruise

Private Yachts & Boats

Located south of Lima, Paracas is a coastal desert town best known for viewing wildlife on the Ballesta Islands just off the coast. Cruise along in a private yacht for a glimpse of the penguins and sea lions, then enjoy a meal prepared by your private on-board chef. Toast with a glass of chilled champagne to an amazing adventure in Peru, as part of our tailormade trip Peru services.

Private yachts and speedboats are also available to visit the islands just off the mainland from Lima, similarly with options for tailormade canapes, champagne and catering to make the event memorable.

On Lake Titicaca, there is also the unique possibility of privately chartering a working Victorian steamship, The Yavari, which underwent a refurbishment in 2016; this vessel is steeped in history, having journeyed from London to Lake Titicaca.

  • Private boat tours of the Ballesta Islands
  • Yacht & speedboat tours from Lima
  • Private charter of a historic Victorian ship on Lake Titicaca
Private Charters Peru - Private Yacht

Private Yacht


Private Train Carriages

The most luxurious way to arrive at the sanctuary of Machu Picchu is travelling Presidential Class, a private train carriage for up to 10 people. Relax in comfort and style with champagne and gourmet food as you journey through the hills to the ancient citadel as part of our bespoke arrangements for Machu Pichcu luxury trips.

  • Presidential Class
Private Charters Peru - Inca Princess private train carriage

Inca Princess private train carriage


From planning a honeymoon in Peru to exclusive, high-end arrangements for VIPs, contact us today for more details and advice on options for private charters Peru. All of our services and itineraries are private and tailormade according to your needs.