The Khipu: June 2017 Edition

This month we cover: Peru tops CNN's wonder list, entry changes to Machu Picchu and how a Galapagos bird forgot to fly.

The Khipu: May 2017 Edition

This month we cover: Vogue's guide to Lima, suitcases with a Peruvian twist, and a new discovery in Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

The Khipu: April 2017 Edition

This month we cover: Aracari's Butterfly Mark award for ethical and sustainable travel practices, skiing the sand dunes of Peru, and traditional hot sauces from Bolivia.

The Khipu: March 2017 Edition

This month we cover: La Paz: South America's new capital of cool, Mitsuharu Tsumura, Peru's leading Nikkei chef, Lonesome George returns to the Galapagos, and more.

The Khipu: February 2017 Special Edition from Chachapoyas

In this special edition from Chachapoyas we cover: Kuelap fortress, Gocta waterfall, the best hotels in Chachapoyas, Aracari's new 'Peru's Best Kept Secret' itinerary, and more.

The Khipu: January 2017 Edition

This month we cover: Where sustainable travel is heading, the evolution of architecture in the Galapagos and more.

The Khipu: December 2016 Edition

This month we cover: South America's most underrated city, why now is the time to plan a trip to La Paz and more.

The Khipu: November 2016 Edition

This month we cover: BBC highlights from a Peruvian fortress in the sky, Why choose Peru for a honeymoon and more.

The Khipu: October 2016 Edition

This month we cover: Lonely's Planet's favorite region for 2017, a New York designer with influences from Bolivia and more.

The Khipu: September 2016 Special anniversary edition

This month we cover: A special thank you from Marisol, meet some of the characters in the Aracari story, 20 insider experiences, exclusive early bird offer