Expert guiding is key for any trip and even more so for Peru, Bolivia and the Galapagos, areas which are overwhelmingly rich in cultural and natural diversity, and whose complex social texture requires contextual interpretation.

Aracari´s guiding expertise is second to none. Our track record over the past two decades and what our clients say attest to that.

For those locations that require it and for those guests who prefer it, we have a close network of specialists (aka docents) who we deploy to delight our guests and provide that deeper level of knowledge in a particular field of their interest such as:

  • Lifestyle and Cuisine
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Politics/Economics/Current Affairs
  • Photography
  • Jewish Heritage
  • Contemporary art for collectors
  • History of Art and Architecture
  • Botany and Natural History

Our Specialists (aka docents)

Our Specialists are individuals who are keen to share their knowledge of their city, country or region, but whose primary occupation is not tourism. They are often lecturers at schools or universities, theatre or tv personalities, art critics, art historians, scholars, gallerists and the like. We have come to known them, and them us, as a result of our longstanding presence in the cultural ecosystem in Peru, and our glowing reputation to providing interesting and fulfilling experiences for them as well as for our guests. Now they are intimately connected to the Aracari family and they never cease to inspire us.


In Lima, most of our experiences are conducted by Specialists whereas in Cusco and other locations, we deploy our specialists' knowledge when our guests want to expand and enhance their knowledge of a particular subject or area.


Here are some examples of the experiences possible with our specialists.

  • Enjoy dinner with a National Geographic expedition leader, writer, and photographer- Peter- who holds an encyclopedic knowledge of Peru and countless tales from his days as an explorer (video below)
  • Sip on a Pisco sour during a private visit of Monasterio with our Colonial Andean art expert, Lisy (video below)
  • Visit colourful local markets and learn to cook with a top professional chef who opens her home up to Aracari guests for interactive workshops and demonstrations
  • Take a Jewish heritage tour of Lima with Elena Loeb, a well-connected member of the Lima Jewish community and regional expert on Judaism in Peru, who prepares a Kosher lunch in her family apartment
  • Visit Lima’s top museums guided by the curator
  • Immerse yourself in the ancient weaving techniques of vibrant Peruvian textiles with expert weavers, Maximo Laura in Lima, or Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez (video below) in Cusco.
  • Learn jungle and wilderness survival techniques from an honorary member of remote Amazon indigenous tribes.
  • Explore Cusco with a professor in anthropology to learn about the lives of the Incas, human rights in contemporary Andean populations and bilingual education in rural communities – among many other topics!
  • Head to Lima’s downtown with an architecture professor, as recommended by Conde Nast Traveller’s Top 10 Cool Things To Do In Lima.
  • Photograph ancient Incan ruins with a professional photographer, and the archaeologist who helped with the site’s excavation.
  • Learn cooking techniques from Pedro Miguel, chef of one of the top restaurants in Latin America, at a private cooking demonstration and dining experience.
  • Visit archaeological sites in the North of Peru accompanied by the project directors who will open up areas of restoration and conservation work usually closed to the public, such as at Huaca de la Luna along the Moche Route, where the Head of the Archaeological project facilitates exclusive access
  • Meet the ‘The most important living Bolivian artist’ Gastón Ugalde as he explains his work at his gallery in La Paz.
  • Take in the sites of Lima with our longtime friend and specialist, John Alfredo Davis Benavides, whose general knowledge across Peruvian culture, arts and political history is exceptional.


We work with many more top Peru specialists keen to offer insider experiences in Peru and Bolivia. Contact us now to let us know your interests and we’ll ensure we connect you with characters that make your tailormade trip to Peru and Bolivia memorable.

Top Peru Specialists: Nilda Callañaupa, Founder & Director of the Center for Traditional Textiles
Top Peru Specialists: Peter Frost, Writer, Photographer and National Geographic Expedition Leader
Top Peru Specialists: Lisy Kuon, Colonial Art Historian and Anthropologist

Our Guides

We have made the effort, through the years of empowering and valuing our guides. As such they feel part of our family and give their all when looking after our guests.

“Working at Aracari is like being part of a family.”

—Renato Vera

Specialists and expert guiding in Peru, Bolivia and Galapagos, Aracari Travel

“Aracari’s programs are balanced, flexible and adaptable to the wide-ranging interests of our travelers.”

—Mario Huaman

Specialists and expert guiding in Peru, Bolivia and Galapagos, Aracari Travel
Specialists and expert guiding in Peru, Bolivia and Galapagos, Aracari Travel

“Aracari takes us to unique places and motivates me to explore more.”

—Fernando Mendoza

Specialists and expert guiding in Peru, Bolivia and Galapagos, Aracari Travel
Specialists and expert guiding in Peru, Bolivia and Galapagos, Aracari Travel
Specialists and expert guiding in Peru, Bolivia and Galapagos, Aracari Travel
Specialists and expert guiding in Peru, Bolivia and Galapagos, Aracari Travel

“I feel it’s a privilege to work with Aracari’s travelers. With them, I have the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn and share Peru’s richness of Peru. With Aracari I can offer unique experiences.”

—Rolly Carrasco

“Aracari gives me the opportunity to engage with and interact with travelers from all over the world.”

—Carlos Yepez

How we select our guides and specialists

Both our guides and specialists are part of the Aracari network or family of collaborators. This network is key for us as it inspires us and helps us connect you to the best of our region.

Marisol, Aracari's CEO and Founder as well as Aracari´s management team and travel specialists´team have made an explicit effort of meeting every single guide personally and getting to know them at a personal level. Marisol travels to Cusco every year purposely to invite them to join her on a yearly celebration of our collaboration and to ensure they are invested and connected to us and our guests. That makes the Aracari difference. In addition, we have careful objective selection procedures based on:

Character – our guides are personable, curious, courteous, flexible, adaptable and professional.

Track Record – our guides have solid experience with discerning guests from throughout the world and are well travelled.

Education and Knowledge – our guides have furthered their education to realms beyond tourism and often hold degrees on other subjects such as engineering, music or education

Language Skills  and delivery – our guides are fluent in the language they guide in and they have a dynamic, contextual and clear delivery style.  And when we say fluent we mean fluent. Our standards are very high.

As evidence of our exacting standards of excellence, we are proud that Aracari guide Fernando Silva was shortlisted for the 2017 Wanderlust World Guide Awards, in recognition for thirty years of exceptional guiding. Out of thousands of nominations, Fernando was one of eight being considered by the judges for the top award. Fernando’s shortlisting is testament to his enthusiasm for sharing his homeland with visitors and dedication to creating the perfect trip for each person.