Dream Trip to Peru

What a dream trip to Peru and I must praise Aracari Travel for making this so amazing, effortless and supportive. Everything from picking us up at the airport, safely taking us to our destinations and prepping us for the following days tours was exceptional.

Fantastic Points on why this is a top-notch operation
• Pre-Trip planning was a joy, and last call prior to trip made us feel that we were all set and ready to enjoy!
• All staff/Guides/Friends were Friendly and Knowledgeable
• Boarding passes and luggage tags ready on travel days and helped us navigate in the airport all the way up to security… never did they leave our side (if airport permits… I was told sometimes they don’t let our guide enter the airport)
• Language Translation is a must, and they were with us all the way
• Van drivers made us feel safe in such chaotic traffic… never felt unsafe
• Always had fresh water, and for the high-altitude destinations always reminded us the importance of drinking water!
• Always available to make and/or modify reservations
• Historic tours led by knowledgeable guides which were so captivating
• Very flexible to change schedules should something come up unexpectedly
• Always checking in and available via a pre-set group chat platform (this was super helpful)
• Guides know where to take the “postcard” pictures and can take great pictures with our cameras and phones!

I highly recommend Aracari Travel and already have recommended to my family and friends. You will not be disappointed

Blaine Cole