The beautiful Chaparri Lodge is located within a 34,412 hectare community-owned and managed private conservation area located in the dry forests of northern Peru. The reserve is one of the best protected dry forest areas and is home to a range of wildlife, including many endemic and threatened species. These include the elusive Spectacled Bear and the other 186 species recorded in the area so far. It is named for the spectacular Chaparri Mountain that dominates the landscape; this mountain was sacred for the Muchik people and is still revered by Shamans throughout Peru. It is now a model community-led conservation and ecotourism project where local people benefit from protecting their natural resources. Additionally Chaparri is the centre for scientific investigation into dry forest ecosystems and the species that live there.

The bedrooms are rustic though very comfortable and cosy with natural textures and colourful décor. There are standard rooms, superior rooms, and the extra luxurious hummingbird suite available, which has a delightful private bathroom adorned with plants and flowers. All of the bathrooms in the property are excellent, while hot water and electricity are provided by solar panels. Used waters are treated through a sedimentation tank and horizontal flow reedbed treatment system before being used for irrigation.

There is a restaurant and bar to ensure a good meal and a refreshing drink are never far away; breakfast, lunch and dinner included. The menu uses local produce where possible and is a fusion of traditional local cuisine with international elements prepared by staff from the local community – food cooked in the traditional earth oven is a particular specialty. All meals are served in a buffet style and vegetarian options are available with prior notice.

Apart from wildlife spotting, there are numerous beautiful walks that can be had throughout the extensive trail system. The outstanding natural landscape affords fantastic photo opportunities, and there is the alluring option of swimming in the Chaparri Creek. And there are ample opportunities to unwind in the pristine natural environment.

It is a short flight from Lima to Chiclayo from where you drive to Chaparri. Please bear in mind that due to the location, you will have to take a short walk on uneven terrain to certain rooms of the lodge, which can be difficult for those who have trouble walking. It is best to ask your travel consultant if you are concerned that getting to the lodge could be an issue.