“This gorgeous seven-suite beach hotel in Mancora is one of the top options at Peru’s Northern Beaches, with elegant and sophisticated natural decorations and beautiful attention to detail. The stretch of beach here is of excellent quality, and guests have privileged access.

With all spaces and openings facing out towards the ocean, DCO Suites Lounge & Spa has been constructed in a stepped design, a concept that merges the hotel wonderfully and gradually into the beach itself. There is a deck and swimming pool looking out on to the beach and ocean, ideal for relaxing and watching Mancora’s typically spectacular sunsets over the Pacific horizon. The suites are very comfortable with their own private terraces, a sun bath and various amenities including a flat screen TV and an iPod dock. The Master Suite additionally includes a jacuzzi. They are all decorated splendidly in the elegant style of the hotel.

Indeed, one of our favourite aspects of the hotel is the ambiance honed by the decor. Designer, chic and minimalist, this hotel features white drapes and natural wooden blinds giving an air of exoticism as well as well-positioned spots of shade. Sandy tones and soft textures allow the hotel to blend with the surrounding environment; this is also helped by the subtle inclusion of plants, decorations and furniture designed in natural, curving forms, some of these in brilliant white to compliment the light brown tiling and others offsetting this with shades of turquoise and aquamarine blue. The overall design gives the hotel very pure and sophisticated attire that creates a delightful environment for enjoying the beachfront and the pleasant weather. As far as facilities are concerned, there is a gourmet restaurant with delicious regional seafood, a beach lounge and an Asian-style spa for the enjoyment of guests – indulgent massages and Reiki treatment on the seashore are certainly a distinct possibility.