Burrowed in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas lies the eco-retreat of Las Qolqas. Its name originates from the Quechuan word, ‘Qolqas’ – relating to the stone houses used by the Incas to store grains and textiles, and the nearby town of Ollantaytambo, just 2 kilometers away, is home to some of the most preserved Qolqas structures in all of Peru.

It’s not only the property’s name that is inspired by the land’s ancient past but the whole ethos. As part of a luxury vacation to Peru, Aracari guests can spend several nights at Los Qolqas, immersed in the natural beauty of the magnificent mountainous surroundings and marveling at relics left behind by lost civilizations.

Overview Las Qolqas EcoResort

Due to its strategic location, there is plenty to do in your free time after your daily guided expeditions with Aracari.  Free shuttle buses run from Los Qolqas to Ollantaytambo town several times a day, whilst other fascinating sites can be accessed on foot.

The accommodation here is comfortable yet modest so as to not distract from the beauty of the place. The 16 sturdy safari-style tents are pitched across the grounds, ranging in size, and equipped with all the amenities needed for a relaxing stay in one of our most recommended hotels in the Sacred Valley.

The tents are separated by indigenous trees laden with native fruits, such as Avocados, Lucumas, and Chirimoyas, and the onsite botanical garden is filled full of vegetables and herbs like Muña (Andean mint), Lemon Grass, and Huacatay. During a private travel itinerary to Peru, Aracari guests will be invited to learn more about these homegrown delights, and how each is used as ingredients in the hotel’s kitchen.

An attractive feature is the wonderful spa tents offering excellent treatments and a wonderful water circuit including a Hot tub/ Onsen with a superb view to the mountains.

The Tents

Named after different types of indigenous flowers such as Cantuta, Fuchsia, and Duranta Erecta, the sleeping accommodation at Los Qolqas comprises several canvas tents. Inspired by the safari tents found in the savannahs of Africa, these sturdy structures are cleverly designed for optimal temperature management, keeping cool through the day, and retaining heat during cooler nighttime temperatures.

Sleeping in one of the safari-style tents is a unique experience, enabling guests to get closer to the sounds and scents of the Sacred Valley, with all the luxury comforts of a well-equipped bungalow. Unobstructed views are provided by the floor-to-ceiling glass facades within the tents, and each has its own sheltered decking area where guests can enjoy a quiet moment amongst the gardens, keeping warm in front of the wood-fired eco-stoves.

The Los Qolqas owners have been meticulous about the layout of the tents too, ensuring each is separated by a considerable distance, making a stay here ideal for those seeking tranquillity and seclusion during their private luxury vacation to Peru with Aracari.

The different accommodation types include:

9 Double Tents (King or twin beds)

4 Family Tents (One Queen and two twin beds)

3 Group Tents (Two kings and four single beds)

The Kitchen  

All of the dishes found at Pututu, the Los Qolqas restaurant, are inspired by the Sacred Valley, utilizing an array of incredible ingredients native to the region. The restaurant operates on a zero-mile policy, meaning that everything used in the kitchen is grown as close to the dining table as possible.

This includes many vegetables and herbs grown onsite, beginning as seedlings in the restaurant’s own greenhouse before being transplanted by hand to the original Inca agriculture terraces, found nearby to the eco-camp. It’s here that guests are invited to pick the organically-grown produce which will make its way from the soil and into a delicious dinner.

Dining in Pututu is a unique gastronomic experience that showcases Andean cuisine in the most incredible of settings, whilst at the same time helping to support local farming communities who provide the hotel with much of its meat and dairy.

The Location

Las Qolqas is situated in the valley of the Patacancha River, two kilometers from the town of Ollantaytambo, in the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Its position is especially convenient for those visiting the Sacred Valley as part of their luxury vacation to Peru since it is exactly halfway between the city of Cusco and the ancient wonder, Machu Picchu.

The Services

  • WiFi is provided throughout the eco-camp with individual modems within each room
  • There is a small spa on site where guests can arrange treatments at an additional cost
  • The spa facilities also include a hot tub and space for regular yoga classes
  • Solar-powered electricity is used at the property
  • Each room has an electric heater, hot shower, safe and minibar
  • Free shuttle buses are included daily from Los Qolqas to Ollantaytambo