Developed as a healing centre that focuses on the cultural heritage and spiritual tradition of the Andes, Willka T’ika is a small collection of garden suites  set in the grounds of a vibrant garden environment filled with flowers, trees, local herbs and medicinal plants. This colourful floral environment has inspired the property’s name, which translates into “sacred flower” from Quechua.

Complete with ample facilities, Willka T’ika is an ideal space for those interested in practicing yoga and meditation, or simply for resting and reflecting on the gorgeous scenery of the Sacred Valley. To this end, guests can make the most of the crystal healing bed, have an Andean massage or take a hot solar bath infused with fragrant flowers from the garden.

The healthy gourmet meals on offer are exclusively vegetarian, and there is a House of Herbal Teas – a matewasi – where an array of hot beverages can be savoured in the afternoon hours. A large quantity of the ingredients for these are taken from Willka T’ika’s own garden, and the fare cooked up by the in-house chef is delicious. The hot tomato soup is a firm Aracari favorite, while the fresh green salads with avocado are not to be missed.

The hotel has 26 rooms with ensuite bathrooms and full facilities organized in exquisite bungalows around the property. There is also two ample Yoga studios and a cozy dining room to lounge and enjoy the meals.

The owners of the Willka T’ika, who are friends of Aracari, strive to give back to the local community; not only do they provide employment to local people, they have been involved with the construction of two schools and a library and have instigated food programs to provide meals to disadvantaged children in the region.

It is located a short distance from the town of Urubamba (2,790metres/9,150feet) in the heart of the Sacred Valley, about one and a half hours from Cusco.