• 5 Days / 4 Nights
  • Easy
  • km
  • 4,650m

The Cordillera Blanca is a hiker’s paradise, boasting dramatic snow-covered peaks and sparkling turquoise glacial lagoons. It lays claim to being the highest tropical mountain range in the world and its concentration of high peaks are considered by many as second only to Annapurna in the Himalayas. Basing yourself at LLanganuco Mountain Lodge you can enjoy beautiful views and privileged access to the Huascarán National Park, taking advantage of a variety of day treks that offer incredible Cordillera Blanca hiking without the need for prior acclimatization.  This suggested 5-day lodge-based trip takes in highlights like Laguna 69. This itinerary can be shortened or extended to take more challenging Cordillera Blanca hiking, visit the ruins of Chavin, or pack your bags and hike the popular Santa Cruz camping trek after acclimatizing. Just let us know your interests the level of difficulty you’re after (or not!) and we’ll give you bespoke suggestions.

Cordillera Blanca Hiking (Day hikes) route

  • Day 1
    The Lake and Ruins of Keushu Half Day Trek

    This light hike is perfect for those who have just arrived at altitude. Take a relaxing short stroll from the Lodge to reach Lake Keushu, with views of the Huascaran Peaks and Cordillera Negra. Walk around the lake, relax at this scenic spot, sunbathe on the rocks or enjoy a dip in the lake’s waters. Here you can try and spot the Mega Chulpa bird – just one of two of its kind discovered in the Americas.

    Overnight at Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

  • Day 2
    Llanganuco Lakes Day Trek

    After breakfast on the lawn terrace, your private transport will pick you up at 8.30am and drop you off in the Llanganuco Valley to hike the Llanganuco lakes, which are perhaps the main attraction of the entire mountain range. Consisting of the neighboring lakes of Lake Chinancocha and Lake Orconcocha, they glow deep emerald and turquoise hues under the sun’s rays. Your guide will lead you on a scenic walk back past these impressive lakes, taking a little-known pre-Colombian trail through the cloud forest, via waterfalls and bromeliad canopies that shroud the towering U-shaped valley. You’ll take the Pre-Incan stone bridge on your way home, having avoided the tour group day-trippers today that visit the lake from Huaraz.

    Overnight at Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

  • Day 3
    Ice of Huandoy Day trek

    After an early breakfast with a view of the majestic Huascarán peaks, set off with your local guide through the Rajururi Valley towards Huandoy mountain. You will most likely not see another soul during your entire day of trekking. The narrow trail follows a mountain stream that winds around the Lake and ruins of Keshua, offering ever-impressive views before plunging into the rather short, narrow, vertiginous gorge of Rajurur – meaning ‘Ice Behind’ in Quechua. Below the 700m towering cliff, with its plummeting waterfall, you will find the lowest ice in the Cordillera Blanca, where the Inca’s have harvested cones for generations - and still do today. You will have a packed lunch from the lodge to enjoy during the trail and a well-earned dinner back at the lodge in the evening.

    Overnight at Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

  • Day 4
    Laguna 69 Day Trek

    A high, alpine lake with bright blue waters in the heart of the Cordillera Blanca, Laguna 69 is a highlight for visitors to the region. After breakfast you will be picked up by private transport for the 45 minute transfer to the start point of the well-established trail to and from the lake. The path winds up the Demanda Valley from the area known as Cebollapampa basecamp, past a huge waterfall and small lake, opening up to views of the twin peaks of the Huascaran massif. Passing some ruins you’ll traverse up the last set of switchbacks before being rewarded by the sight of Laguna 69 nestled at the foot between the peaks of Chacaraju (6112m) and Pisco (5752m). The return is quicker, with more downhill.

    Overnight at Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

  • Day 5
    Departure to Lima

    Transfer from Llanganuco Mountain Lodge to Airport for Domestic Flight | You will be picked up from Llanganuco Mountain Lodge two hours and forty-five minutes before your flight departure to be driven to Anta airport for your LC Peru flight to Lima.

Please keep in mind that distances, altitudes and chosen campsites are subject to minor variations as the route undertaken may vary slightly. In addition, trekking time can vary for each hiker and any times detailed in the description below are averages.