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Peru boasts an almost unbelievable number of ingredients and rich culinary history. The country’s capital city proudly lays claim to being the ultimate food mecca in South America. In Lima you will find 4 of the World’s Top 50 restaurants. Peru is also home to a dramatically varied natural biodiversity and rich ethnic make-up. Its history and internal migration have also contributed to producing an exciting food-scene to explore on your culinary tour peru.

Peru with Flavor

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Culinary Tour Peru: Top Experiences with Aracari

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  • Visit colourful local markets and learn to cook in the private home of a professional chef
  • Stroll Lima to find hidden local eateries on a food tour. Sample typical delicacies at every stop, for a window into local life and culinary traditions
  • Savour exotic fruits with a cocktail demonstration at Amazonian restaurant ámaZ and meet the chef
  • Enjoy Peru’s national spirit, Pisco, with a tasting session at the private, sea-facing home of our Pisco specialist
  • Visit an organic farm in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Lunch on a traditional Pachamanca meal, baked underground with hot stones
  • Explore an extensive list of our favorite Peru culinary tour experiences here

Free Ebook: Culinary Travel in Peru

We can’t help it. We visit all of the best restaurants in Lima and Cusco on a regular basis, to provide honest recommendations on where to eat during your culinary tour peru. Using our unparalleled local knowledge, we compiled a free ebook on culinary travel in peru. With over 100 pages, the free guide on Peru food travel is an indispenable manual to the country’s food and drink highlights.

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Peru Food Travel: Tailormade Culinary Tour Peru

Aracari offers unique experiences for foodies as part of a private culinary tour peru. Learn to make a classic ceviche dish with an internationally acclaimed chef at a top restaurant. Explore sprawling, colourful markets brimming with fresh produce. Be introduced to new exotic flavours in the depths of the Amazon. Meet local farmers in the Sacred Valley. Enjoy tasting menus at gourmet restaurants. We tailor Peru food travel experiences to your interests.

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The Gastronomic Scene in Cusco

Lima’s status on the world culinary scene is cemented. An ever-growing number of chefs and culinary experts continually suprise local and foreign connoisseurs alike. The city of Cusco also continues to excel in the gastronomical world. It offers an increasingly refined and diverse selection of restaurants. It is no surprise that those who travel to Peru leave with one enduring impression in common: the food is incredible!

Lima Restaurant Recommendations

As well as recommending the best-known venues in the country in our free culinary guide, such as world-renowned Central and Astrid & Gaston, we also like to vouch for lesser-known options such as Rafael and Malabar. Moreover, we like to stay ahead of the game to point you in the direction of new options during your culinary tour peru. As part of any Peru food travel itinerary we arrange, we will provide you with a comprehensive up-to-the-minute list of the best places to eat to suit your tastes and budget.


Peruvian cuisine, the result of a nearly 500-year melting pot of Spanish, African, Japanese and Chinese immigration and native Quechua culture, is on the lips of top chefs worldwide. Zagat Survey lists four times more Peruvian restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia than it did a decade ago– Katy McLaughlin, The Wall Street Journal

There are many who regard (Peruvian cuisine) as the most underrated in the world… The great Auguste Escoffier, for example, ranked it third behind French and Chinese food– Jesus Adorno, Director of Le Caprice and Daphne’s in London writing in The Daily Telegraph

Peru can lay claim to one of the world’s dozen or so great cuisines– The Economist

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