Expert Guides

Expert led tours are essential to making the most of your time and experience in Peru, Bolivia and the Galapagos. Expert guiding in Peru will enable you to explore the rich history and colorful culture, with incomparable insight and up-to-date knowledge from a friendly local who can share personal anecdotes and stories.

Expert Guiding in Peru

Aracari arranges private, tailormade luxury travel Peru working only with the best guides in the country. We handpick our expert guides for their relevant expertise: professionally trained adventure guides qualified in first aid to hike, bike and kayak with you, naturalist guides to accompany you on explorations in the Amazon to spot native wildlife, and educated historians to bring Inca history to life. This way we ensure you experience expert guiding in Peru tailored to the activity or destination you’re visiting.

With private, expert led tours in Peru, your guide can point out the best photography angles and share their developed, specialist knowledge along your tailormade trip Peru. Many of our guides go on to keep in touch with our guests, such is the connection they build up in a relatively short space of time.

Personally Selected Expert guides

We think expert guiding in Peru is the backbone to a memorable vacation, which is why we profile our guides to match you with the best guide for your interests. From families looking for someone to entertain and bring history and culture to life during a Peru family tour, to in-depth historical knowledge from a guide accompanying Machu Picchu luxury trips, all of our luxury travel Peru trips are tailormade according to your needs and interests for the best guiding in Peru.

International recognition

Aracari guide Fernando Silva has been shortlisted for the 2017 Wanderlust World Guide Awards, in recognition for thirty years of exceptional guiding. Out of thousands of nominations, Fernando is one of eight being considered by the judges for the top award. Fernando’s shortlisting is testament to his enthusiasm for sharing his homeland with visitors and dedication to creating the perfect trip for each person.

Educated professional guides

We select guides who have degrees in subjects other than tourism to provide added depth to any tailormade tour. Many have taken further studies and developed specialists interests, from birding to mountaineering. As such, all of our guides are well educated and can converse with you and teach you about their country and culture on a meaningful level during all expert led tours in Peru.

Multilingual Guides

Our guides are fluent in English and personally interviewed by native English speakers to test their language level to uphold our high standards to deliver only the best guiding in Peru. A benefit of being a local Peru travel agent means we know our guides personally, their strengths and abilities, to tailormake your trip to every detail. Our expert guides also speak other languages, such as Quechua, to act as translators when you venture to other communities in Peru.

Specialist Expert Guiding in Peru

When we talk about expert guiding in Peru, we go a step further to working with only professional tourism guides. Guests who travel with Aracari can also benefit from our exclusive network of specialists: leading academics, anthropologists, art historians, photographers and chefs, to name but a few.

With our guides and specialists, we can also arrange special lectures, talks or dinners with industry-leaders to discuss a diverse range of topics – whether it be the environment, sustainable development, fusion cuisine, ethnomusicography or history. Whatever your interest we can tap into our network of specialists who will ensure you receive expert guiding in Peru and a unique angle and depth on the people and places you visit, for authentic insider experiences in Peru.

Our expert guide selection procedure

All of our guides are fluent English speakers with degrees in anthropology, music or education and the like. In fact, they are often working archaeologists or teachers who thoroughly enjoy sharing their detailed knowledge with our discerning clientele. As well as being passionate about their subjects and excellent communicators, they must be qualified in first aid, be respectful, responsible and dependable. As an aside, we also have a habit of selecting guides who are friendly people with a good sense of humour!

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You'll also want specialist help, since the global travel firms tend to keep travelers confined to the gringo trails long worn by backpackers. Latin America is more interesting than this so whenever possible, hire an outfitter based locally. There's Marisol Mosquera in Peru who also covers Bolivia and Ecuador.

- Sophy Roberts: Departures Magazine in 2006

The Amazon rain forests and rivers are the richest of all environments – full of amazing plants, animals and insects, and also very beautiful. But someone entering a tropical forest for the first time is amazed by how quiet and lifeless it seems. This is because most of the action is far above our heads in the canopy, or it is nocturnal, or animals move very fast through the dense vegetation, or they are hidden by brilliant camouflage. This is why the right guide is essential. A good guide knows something about botany, zoology, entomology, hydrology, anthropology, history and many other disciplines. That expert can reveal the secrets, find the wildlife, and tell innumerable stories about the most fascinating (and important) ecosystem on earth.

- John Hemming: Author of Amazon Frontier: The Conquest of the Brazilian Indians, Red Gold: The Defeat of the Brazilian Indians and Die if you must: The Brazilian Indians in the 20th Century in

We loved our guides and we even changed a day around with no problems. We loved everyone we came in contact with; there was never a moment when everything didn’t work perfectly.

- Lindy Reilly: in 2007

Sofia was everything we could hope for and more. She was pleasant, informative, respectful of our time. We loved that she could hike with us. She had a great sense of humour. We could not have asked for a better experience with her.

- Jodie and Steven Fishman: in 2007