Peru Family Tour

Peru is a must-visit destination for culturally curious travelers of all ages. Choosing to visit with your family is guaranteed to educate, inspire and provide lasting memories for your kids well beyond their childhood.

Why visit Peru with your family?

Peru is an adventure plaground when it comes to travelling with a family, whether with young kids or teenagers. An awe-inspiring geography, exceptional range of hotel choices and well-established infrastructure across all the major sites of interest make a peru family tour the ideal getaway.

The country’s history alone poses no end of intrigue, with the captivating Machu Picchu and the enigmatic Nazca Lines enough to feed any youngster’s imagination. From interacting with local villages through sustainable community initiatives to spotting rare wildlife in the Amazon, the region gurantees an enriching and educational Peru family tour. There are stunning landscapes to provide the backdrop for quality family time together, from palm-fringed northern beaches to tranquil Lake Titicaca.

All of our family-friendly itineraries are private and tailormade to suit your pace, interests and style of travel, whatever ages your kids are.

An Amazing Andean Family Adventure

Peru Family Tour14 Days / 13 Nights

At the heart of any family adventure is the importance of engaging in educational experiences, and Peru offers a rich and exciting educational experience for families that choose to travel here. An Amazing Andean Adventure, our Peru family tour, is an introduction to some of the most fascinating places… Click to learn more.

Peru Family Tour Activities to Inspire

Whether you have toddlers in tow and need a place to kick back and relax, or have adventure-seeking teenagers to enterain, Peru has variety like no other country. Contact us today to speak to an expert travel planner for tailormade age-appropriate activities to inspire your peru family tour!

Adventure In Peru

Peru is home to a staggering stretch of coast-line, famous for its waves. Lima is an excellent place for beginners to learn to surf. Paracas lies a touch further south of Lima, home to the country’s only marine protected area. Here you can take boat trips to the Ballesta Islands to meet sealions. Come sunset, sandboard in the desert then enjoy a family meal at your luxury hotel.

The Sacred Valley is home to an amazing variety of adventure pursuits for a peru family tour: horseback riding, whitewater rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, day and multi-day camping treks and, ziplining to name but a few! These can also be tailored to best suit your kids’ ages. We can arrange an intimate pop-up private picnic for your family in the middle of the countryside as part of your bespoke peru family tour. Or combine mountain biking with interactive visits to learn about rural contemoprary life working with sustainable, community-based tourism initiatives .

Amazon Exploration: Nature and Biodiversity

Those who venture to the Amazon rainforest have the chance to uncover a cornucopia of exotic plants and animals in the most biologically-diverse part of the planet. And that’s not to mention the varied flora and fauna of the mountains and the coast! Tambopata National Reserve has excellent lodges, including the option for family-geared programs. Alternatively, board a luxury Amazon cruise in Iquitos to swim in the Amazon and discover exotic wildlife.

Cultural interaction

Children can also benefit from having direct contact with people from a different culture; meeting locals and learning about their different culutral customs and ways of life can vastly broaden a child’s understanding of the world around them. We can arrange homestays for greater immersion as part of your peru family tour. In Lima, we can arrange for you to head to colourful local markets with a top chef to learn to cook local cuisine and in Cusco take a chocolate-making workshop.

Quality Family Time

With a diverse backdrop of landscapes, when it comes to unwinding as a family and enjoying quality time together there are a range of options across the country. Rent Amantica, a luxury, private villa on the edge of Lake titicaca during your peru family tour, escape to a tranquil retreat with year-round sunshine on peru’s northern beaches, or rest and relax in the natural, hot springs of Colca lodge.

Why Choose Aracari for your Peru Family Tour?

Experience in planning family trips

We specialize in designing fun and interesting itineraries to suit the whole family. Aracari’s Founder and CEO is a mother herself and well accostomed to the challenges and needs when travelling across Peru and Bolivia with kids. Marisol is recognised as a Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist to Peru and Bolivia.

In twenty years of operation, we have organised trips for families with children as young as one-year-old to those in their late teens. The key to our success has been understanding what you’re looking to get from your vacation and combining conventional visits that suit adults, with exactly the right kind of experience for young travellers. We are especially well-prepared for managing the logistical demands of a family trip and ensuring that safety arrangements are taken care of. Playful and fun details are a highlight of our Peru family tours. We can arrange unusual delights such as an interactive treasure hunt in Cusco to make their stay absorbing and memorable.

Read about an Aracari guest’s experience travelling with their family in Peru in this interview with Dana White, who has since become a family travel specialist herself!

Guides to entertain and inspire

We select guides that not only have expert knowledge of culture, archaeology and botany but they are also gentle, patient, caring and great with children, as well as being engaging for teenagers and young adults during your peru family tour.

Hand-picked family-friendly hotels

We pick accommodation for you based on your tastes and that have the right infrastructure for young people. We have close relationships with Peru’s hotels and are savvy to choosing the best rooms and directing families to the most suitable options, knowing where we can secure the best appointed family rooms and connecting rooms.

Don’t just take our word for it

Mother and son Jo and Gabriel travel to Peru with Aracrai. Check out their video with highlights of their trip to the Amazon jungle, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.