Latest Update: Our experts are currently working on new enquiries and future bookings. If there is anything you need or would like to know about specific countries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Due to COVID-19, many of our clients have deferred their 2020 travel plans to 2021 and beyond, and while there is still availability in our favorite places to stay and with our best guides, we recommend starting to discuss your plans with us now.

Our COVID-19 Protocols

Aracari believes the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world will travel for years to come. We’re aware that planning a trip to Peru, Bolivia and the Galapagos feels risky at this time, but whether you’re concerned about taking a long-haul flight or simply traveling to a faraway country where you do not know the ‘COVID customs’, we want to make you feel as safe as possible when traveling with us.

On this page you’ll find information about how Aracari is introducing new policies and procedures to give you the maximum assurance of travel flexibility and safety, that we can possibly give. When Aracari launched over 25 years ago, we were one of the original pioneers of authentic, luxury travel to Peru, Bolivia and the Galapagos. Today, as we enter this new era of international travel, Aracari is once again at the fore of the industry. We shall never stop inspiring, connecting, and celebrating the cultures of these remarkable lands.

Before Booking

Everything we’re putting in place to give you maximum confidence and flexibility when traveling.

Aracari wants to give customers greater assurance when the travel that plans can be changed at short notice without incurring costs or other penalties. The new way of travel demands flexibility and consequently, Aracari has put in place a new policy that is “You may change your plans within 30 days of travel, without losing your booking deposit” (See Cancellation Section for more detail ) 

Valid for new bookings only 

Prior to 30 Days of Traveling

Your booking deposit with Aracari is 100% refundable, as long as you cancel before 30 days of travelling. Should you not be able to travel due to COVID-19, we can defer your arrangements to a date when you are able to travel, subject to availability and seasonality, at no cost to you.

Any vendor expenses will be refunded according to each vendor’s policy. In the majority of cases we have secured assurances from vendors that they will issue either refunds or vouchers, so that you can rebook your trip at a later date, at no extra charge. There are of course exceptions and should this be the case, we will endeavour to recover as much of your money back from our partners with no guarantees. Please enquire with our team if you have any doubts or would like to make specific requirements.

We can change any pre-booked international, domestic flights or cruise, but this may incur additional cancellation and alteration fees imposed by the operator.

Within 30 Days of Traveling

In the event of cancellation within 30 days of intended travel, the Aracari deposit is non-refundable (but it may be possible to defer). We will endeavour to recover your funds from our vendors, but cannot guarantee the amounts.

Airlines and cruise operators tend to have stricter refund policies that we cannot guarantee any refund or credit note.

We appreciate that paying the full balance for your holiday 60 days or more in advance, when it’s not clear if your trip can take place is a daunting prospect. To provide further reassurance, we have agreed with our suppliers to make balance payments as late as 30 days prior to departure, allowing us to ensure your trip is viable before asking for any balance payment.

There are some exceptions to this added flexibility, which may include private charters and bookings over the Christmas and New Year period. Should this apply to your booking, we will communicate it to you in advance.

For added peace of mind, all client funds deposited with us or suppliers are held in a distinct ring-fenced account, until such time as they become payable.

We cannot advise on who to book your cancellation insurance with but we work closely with a couple of insurance companies we will be delighted to refer you to.  We are aware that very few insurance companies are offering insurance in the event of cancellation unless you become ill with the virus itself. However, in the current circumstances, we do think this coverage is necessary and would strongly recommend that you book cancellation insurance prior to your trip. This way you will be fully covered in case any one of the members in your travel  group has a positive result during the period when cancellation penalties apply (typically 45 to 30 days), or when you take the compulsory PCR test 72 hours prior to departure.

We strongly recommend getting a series of quotes and discussing your personal requirements in detail with an insurance broker in order to find the best policy for you.

During Travel

Everything we’re putting in place to keep you safe during your travels.

In all of the main destinations where Aracari hosts (including; Lima, Cusco, La Paz, Quito), we have established contact with reputed English speaking doctors, who you can contact at any point before or during your travels. We’ve introduced this service to reassure you and answer any health-related queries.

Aracari have been putting together bespoke itineraries for travelers for nearly three decades. We know our region inside out and with a safety-first approach, we are able to advise on different itinerary options to match your requirements.

For instance, if you’re planning to visit Lima in a few months, we might recommend to you; hotels that come with villa accommodation options that minimise your contact with people in typical hotel lobbys, or similarly accommodation options that offer contactless check-in (via an app), or even the option to rent an entire floor or hotel space. Beyond the accommodation, we can help you craft an itinerary that uses routes which minimise your contact with other tourists or takes you away from the most crowded and built-up areas.

All our hospitality and accommodation partners are first class operators, who have been quick to respond to the new sanitation, hygiene and distancing practices in their properties. We have requested the policies of all the partners we work with to be able to answer the queries of any guests traveling with us. At this time in particular you may prefer to stay in smaller hotels, private houses and on boats that you can take with family and friends – for which we have discussed with our partners and can recommend to travelers.

We typically arrange private vehicles and guides for our clients when travelling in a destination and can also organise private charters and private jet travel for both international and domestic flights. Furthermore, all our guides, concierge and client representatives are tested regularly for COVID19. They will always be wearing the necessary protective clothing and carry sanitizing gel for themselves and for you if you don’t have any with you.

We ensure all our guides are regularly tested for COVID 19. If your trekking, then your guide and all trekking staff will have a COVID19 test before your expedition begins or making contact with you (whichever comes earliest).
If you decide to trek during your travels, Aracari makes considerable effort to ensure your trip is as safe as possible. This includes paying the trekking staff extra money to take private transport home to their communities, instead of increasing their risk of exposure by taking public transport. Aracari is voluntarily funding this initiative to increase the levels of safety for all our trekkers. If you would like to contribute to this VIP service, your generosity in the form of service tips to all our guides and porters, would be very welcome!!

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