• Explore the capital of Santiago with a private guide, uncovering its rich history and unique bohemian districts.
  • Journey to Casablanca Valley – a lush wine region home to some of the country’s most famous vineyards.
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage port of Valparaíso – a colorful city arranged like an amphitheatre on the steep hillside.
  • Immerse in the raw beauty of Southern Chilean Patagonia, staying in luxury eco-lodgings on the shores of the turquoise Lake Pehoé.
  • Set out across the Torres del Paine with a specialist guide exploring its unique geographic, cultural, and biosphere characteristics.
  • Stay at a 12-suite luxury hideout in San Pedro de Atacama, hiking to volcanoes, cactus-filled gorges, and shimmering salt lakes.
  • Head to one of the country’s most acclaimed wine estates in the Cachapoal Valley for a four-day stay in a luxury wine retreat.

As a country carved along the western coast of the South American continent; Chile is a land of contrast. Long and narrow, it’s tucked between the Andes and the Pacific – an unusual shape that begets beauty of total magnificence.

Traveling its length, it’s possible to uncover everything from the world’s driest desert in the north, massive glaciers in Southern Patagonia, gurgling geysers, lakes of brilliant blue, and emerald valleys that produce some of the world’s best wine.

It’s that stark contrast that our luxury travel to Chile itinerary seeks to celebrate. Crisscrossing from wildlands to winelands, this 14-night Chilean odyssey will unlock some of the most beautiful pockets of the country. From the ochre of the San Pedro de Atacama – a Martian landscape with hidden springs, a salt flat the size of a small sea, and jagged razor-sharp peaks – to lush green valleys of Cachapoal and Millahue, where you’ll spend three nights in a luxury retreat, one that doubles as a working wine estate.

And since one cannot visit Chile without experiencing the sublimity and silence of Patagonia – four days are spent at the only luxury lodging in the National Park. From the shores of turquoise Lake Pehoé, you’ll explore a vast and breathtaking territory of forest, steppe, estancia, glacier, and mountain.

Pair all of that with a cultural masterclass from the capital of Santiago and the artsy city of Valparaíso – along with private tours of several of the best vineyards in South America and you’re close to the magic of what this luxury travel to Chile itinerary entails.


As ever, this private itinerary can be adapted entirely to suit personal travel tastes and interests. Aracari can curate the most appropriate experience for you; be it a family vacation, a honeymoon, or a trip with friends, as well as shorter or longer vacations, or combining many other destinations across South America.

Daily Summary Days / Nights

Day 1 Santiago Welcome to Chile. An Aracari representative will greet you at Santiago International Airport, before whisking you off on a private cultural tour of the Chilean capital and onto a top-tier seafood dinner.
Day 2 Valparaiso - Santiago Journey to Casablanca Valley, considered one of the best cool climate wine valleys in the world, before exploring the culture-rich port town of Valparaíso with a private guide.
Day 3 Santiago - Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine Fly from Santiago to Puerto Natales and onto the raw beauty of the Torres del Paine – here you’ll check into the only luxury hotel in the National Park.
Day 4-6 Torres del Paine Spend the next few days immersed in the sublime landscapes of Southern Chilean with daily private excursions across the territory and nights spent in luxury eco-lodgings on the shores of the turquoise Lake Pehoé.
Day 7 Torres del Paine - Pto Natales - Stgo - Calama - Atacama Leave Torres del Paine behind you today as your luxury travel to Chile continues to the ochre expanse of San Pedro de Atacama.
Day 8-10 San Pedro de Atacama Spend three nights at a luxurious 12-suite lodge, exploring your surroundings: the ancient and otherworldly expanse of San Pedro de Atacama.
Day 11 San Pedro de Atacama - Calama - Santiago - Cachapoal Valley Bid farewell to the raw wild as this luxury Chile travel itinerary returns to its wine country and the Cachapoal Valley.
Day 12-14 Cachapoal Valley Spend your final few days staying on a luxurious wine estate, enjoying a wonderfully vine-focused program to soak up the true taste of Chilean winemaking.
Day 15 Cachapoal Valley - Santiago - Departure Your Aracari representative will collect you from your hotel today, returning you to Santiago International Airport via private transfer ahead of your onward journey home.
  • Day 1
    SantiagoView on map
    Welcome to Santiago

    Upon arrival at Santiago International Airport, you’ll be greeted by our on-the-ground representative ready to begin your bespoke luxury travel to Chile. You’ll then be whisked off to your hotel – a boutique bolthole tucked away in the tranquil, tree-lined avenues of Santiago’s Providencia neighborhood.

    Depending on your arrival time, you’ll begin the first day of your luxury travel to Chile with a four-hour cultural tour. Nestled between snow-capped peaks and the inky Pacific, Chile’s capital Santiago offers a heady mix of outdoor adventure, historic sites, and cutting-edge cuisine. Spend the afternoon with a private guide as you explore iconic sites such as the La Moneda Palace – an ornate neoclassical building, once the city’s mint. Alongside the Plaza de Armas, Central Market, and the Metropolitan Cathedral – you’ll also head to Barrio Lastarria – where you’ll find the authentic bohemian beat of the Santiago. In this leafy district, tucked between the historic center and Santa Lucia Hill, you’ll find a hub of creativity and lively bars – making it a great spot for lunch. Admire the work of painters, photographers, and street performers at Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro before heading to the National Fine Arts Museum.

    You’ll then have time to enjoy a cocktail at your hotel while you change for dinner at La Calma. Frequently featured in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, sit back and enjoy some of the continent’s most delectable seafood from freshly shucked oysters to Patagonian King crab drenched in brown butter.

  • Day 2
    Valparaiso - SantiagoView on map
    Journey to Casablanca Valley – a lush wine region home to some of the country’s most famous vineyards, before exploring the colorful port town of Valparaíso with a private guide.

    Today your luxury travel to Chile continues as you head one hour west of Santiago with a private guide. You’re headed for the Casablanca Valley. Considered one of the world's best cool climate wine valleys, you’ll find outstanding white and red wines – with an especially delicious Sauvignon Blanc.

    Under the expert guidance of our local partner, you’ll visit a vineyard frequently ranked amongst the world’s best. This spot is a passion project of one of the country’s most revered winemakers, Pablo Morandé, and his children. It encapsulates the idea of old meeting new by applying utterly original thinking to established practices and hard-earned knowledge. You’ll be greeted by a member of the family who will guide you around the vineyards explaining the winemaking processes, before inviting you to enjoy a delicious lunch on the cork oak patio, a feast of bread and cheese to accompany the family’s wines, liqueurs, olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

    After lunch, continue onto the UNESCO World Heritage city Valparaíso, or Valpo – as it is affectionally known by locals. Brimming vibrancy and character, Valparaíso is a city arranged like an amphitheatre – its steep hillsides dotted with brightly colored colonial buildings that slope down towards its historic port. Vertical stairwells connect Valparaiso’s many neighborhoods, transforming it into a labyrinth of ladders. Around half of the city’s original 31 elevators, built in the late 1800s, still trundle up and down the slopes.

    Accompanied by a private guide, you’ll hear how Valparaiso was once the first and most important merchant port on the sea routes that linked the Atlantic and Pacific. A port of call for commercial ships crossing the Strait of Magellan, it attracted thousands of immigrants in the late 1800s, until the construction of the Panama Canal in 1914 sent traders a more convenient route. After that, development slowed, allowing its harbor and distinctive urban fabric to survive as an exceptional testimony to early globalization.

    Abandoned mansions and brightly colored houses still cover Valpo’s 45 hills. Towards the port, palm trees gifted from Brazil, an archway built by the British and what was Latin America’s first stock exchange all stand as vestiges of a time when money flowed as easily as the spray paint does today. Although defined by its past, this unconventional city still thrives as a bohemian hub of creativity. More than 400 graffiti artists have turned Valparaiso into one of the world’s largest unofficial open-air museums of street art, where the authorities now accept graffiti as part of the city’s culture and appeal.

    Head back to Santiago now for your final night in the city, where dinner reservations will be made on your behalf whether your taste takes to another of Santiago’s most acclaimed restaurants or a more casual spot loved by locals.


  • Day 3-6
    Torres del PaineView on map
    Immerse in the raw beauty of Southern Chilean Patagonia staying in luxury eco-lodgings on the shores of the turquoise Lake Pehoé and exploring the mesmeric territory with expert local guides.

    Your luxury travel through Chile will take you to a breathtaking national park. From Santiago, you’ll fly to the city of Puerto Natales – a flight that takes around 3 hours. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by an our representative who will guide you to the awaiting transfer to Explora Torres del Paine. It’s worth noting the schedule changes from season to season, so our expert travel planners will advise on whether an alternative route – such as a flight to Punta Arenas – is required.

    Providing you have landed at Puerto Natales – the journey by car takes two and a half hours to reach home for the next four nights: Explora Torres del Paine. The Explora group is one of our most trusted partners across South America. Their carefully curated programs endeavor to showcase the country and culture of their surroundings in a way that is entirely true and unhindered by commercial tourism.

    For that reason, over the next five days, we’ll entrust Explora with your tailormade itinerary which will be designed by you, completely personalized to your interests. As the only luxury hotel located in the heart of the park, Explora sits on the shores of the turquoise Lake Pehoé, alongside its own waterfall, Salto Chico – with dramatic views of the Torres del Paine Massif. The rooms here are designed to take full advantage of the silence, privacy, and spaciousness of the surrounding landscape – while a spa complete with open-air Jacuzzis offers views of the Paine River.

    But it’s the daytime exploration that makes Explora Torres del Paine such an exciting place to stay during luxury travel to Chile. The extraordinary team here has mapped this austral territory into different exploration zones, each with its own set of unique geographic, cultural, and biosphere characteristics. The idea is to begin exploring the Convergence zone– where the lodge is located– continuing with explorations in the Forest, Steppe, Estancia, Glacier, and, finally, the Mountain zones. For each of these, there are full-day hikes and horseback rides designed to truly immerse yourself in the territory around you.

    Each evening, you’ll return to your remote lodgings for a hearty meal prepared with local ingredients before slipping into the spa for a celestial dip beneath unpolluted skies.


  • Day 7
    Torres del Paine - Santiago - Calama- San Pedro de AtacamaView on map
    Head for the ochre Martian landscape of San Pedro de Atacama as you fly from one end of this long coastal country to the other.

    Leave Torres del Paine behind you today, as this luxury Chile travel itinerary sends you onto the ochre landscape of San Pedro de Atacama. Given its geography as the long land that stretches from the southern point of the continent to a border with Peru – exploring Chile properly requires domestic flights.

    To reach San Pedro de Atacama – some 4,300 km north of Explora Torres del Paine – you’ll return to the closest airport of Puerto Natales and the city of Calama via Santiago for a full day of onwards travel. Our team on the ground will arrange assistance at every step of the journey ensuring your comfort as you cross over into the north of Chile. Once you arrive at Calama, you’ll be met by our representative and taken via private transfer to your home for the next three nights, Awasi Atacama – a journey that takes around 2 hours.

  • Day 8-10
    San Pedro de AtacamaView on map
    Spend three nights at this luxurious 12-suite lodge exploring the ancient and otherworldly expanse of San Pedro de Atacama.

    Found in the tiny village of San Pedro there are just 12 suites at Awasi Atacama, and there belies its charm. Inspired by pre-Inca ruins, Awasi is all pale wood and tan adobe walls, with shade-giving trees on all sides. But our favorite feature? Each room is afforded its own private guide – invariably an expert on Andean geology or geyser physics –along with a private four-wheel-drive. Making multiple-each-day excursions across the Atacama easy and entirely tailored to you.

    At over 2,500 meters above sea level, the landscape here is a convergence of lunar and Martian scenes, interspersed with hidden springs, a salt flat the size of a small sea, and jagged razor-sharp peaks. Although it may look inhospitable, this multi-hued land is home to llamas and alpacas that roam the high terrain. The soil too produces multi-colored corn, quinoa, and purple potatoes all of which are used by Awasi’s chef.

    Over the next three days, our trusted partners at Awasi will curate an all-inclusive program designed around your interests in the area. There’s the option to hike to the hot springs or the shimmering Salt Lake with its resident flamingos, hike on one of the area's volcanoes, or opt for a more leisurely walk to a cactus-filled gorge or boulders with Pre-Inca petroglyphs.

    However, you choose to spend your time here though, dinner each served beside a roaring campfire under an inky star-studded sky will beckon you back to Awasi.

  • Day 11-14
    Millahue ValleyView on map
    Continue your wine tour of Chile as you head for one of the country’s most acclaimed wine estates in the Millahue Valley.

    Bid farewell to the raw wild as this luxury Chile travel itinerary returns to the wine country. Heading back to Calama airport via private transfer from Awasi – you’ll catch a flight to Santiago (journey time 2 hours). In the capital, you’ll be greeted by our representative before a private vehicle will take you 2 hours to the Cachapoal Valley. It's here that you'll stop at the stunning Altair Vineyard for lunch and wine tasting, before continuing another 1.5 hours to reach the Millahue Valley and your home for the next few nights.

    Upon arrival, you will check into VIK Chile where you’ll spend the final four days of this luxury Chile tour. Surrounded by the fertile land of the Valley, VIK Chile is a unique retreat from the same people behind some of the country’s best wines. There are just 22 suites and 7 private glass-walled bungalows, along with shared spaces such as an art-filled living room, a signature glass-walled restaurant with a majestic wine cellar, and a phenomenal view of the valley and beautiful infinity pool.

    During your stay, our on-the-ground team in Chile will curate a wonderfully vine-focused program to soak up the true taste of Chilean winemaking. Crisscrossing the valley, you’ll sup wine from some of the country’s best winemakers, learning of the climate conditions and production methods unique to this part of Chile. The food here is great too – and we’ll take care of dinner reservations at some of the region’s best eateries serving local produce and refined Chilean cuisine.

  • Day 15
    Millahue Valley - SantiagoView on map

    Our representative will collect you from your hotel today, taking you via private transfer back to Santiago International Airport where we will assist you with check-in procedures ready for your onward journey home.

Aracari specializes in tailormade travel. Here are just some of our further trip suggestions. Contact us for more bespoke ideas to inspire your travels.

Journey pricing as of 2024

Basic Pricing - US$12,500 per person
  • Cost is per person for this 14-day itinerary
  • Prices can change over time

What's Included?

  • Accommodation at hotels as mentioned above.
  • Meals where indicated.
  • Local English speaking guides throughout.
  • All transfers to and from the airport.

What's not Included?

  • Domestic flights (quoted separately).
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Tips.
  • International Flights and airport taxes.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Neither personal expenses nor any other service not specified in the itinerary.
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