Tucked in the midst of the jungle in Madidi National Park, the Chalalan Ecolodge blends into its natural surroundings and ensures that guests are fully immersed in the rainforest setting. To reach the lodge you need to walk along a trail from the river 15 minutes to the oxbow lake beside which the lodge stands, a privileged location in the heart of some of the world’s most pristine virgin rainforest.

Natural Surrounds at Chalalan Ecolodge

Madidi is considered a “biodiversity hotspot” for its immense variety of flora and fauna, and the Chalalan Ecolodge maximizes on that, inviting guests to listen to the hum of jungle life, to explore their network of paths around the lodge and embark on a river adventure in their boats to spot wildlife along the banks of the Beni and Tuichi rivers.

The Accommodation at Chalalan Ecolodge

There are 30 bedrooms divided amongst the cabins that can sleep anywhere from one to four people. Each cabin has polished wooden floors, a porch with a hammock for lounging and mosquito nets on the windows and beds. As part of its efforts for sustainability and minimal environmental impact, the lodge relies on solar energy for rooms and has its own water filtration system. There is no hot water at the Chalalan Ecolodge, but after a day in the humidity of the lush rainforest, a cool rinse is refreshing!

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