The beautiful Kentitambo B&B, owned by archaeologist and co-director of the Leymebamba Museum, Adriana von Hagan, is located on the edge of the town of Leymebamba, in the Chachapoyas region, in Peru’s northern cloud forest. This remote region is one of the most exciting and adventurous destinations in Peru, known for its remarkable pre-Columbian ruins at Kuelap and outstanding natural beauty.

In a building originally used for observing hummingbirds, Kentitambo translates to Hummingbird Inn in the Quechua language. The many hummingbird feeders and beautiful flowers around the property attract the busy little birds in their droves.

With the appearance resembling a Tudor house, the walls of the guesthouse-lodges are made of ecologically-sourced timber assembled using the centuries-old wattle and daub technique. There is a bathroom entirely crafted from trees that have fallen in the grounds of the property. The interiors feature simple but stylish decor offering an amicable level of comfort to guests. There are three guest rooms, each with ensuite bathrooms, comfortable beds and linen and a private terrace overlooking the museum and pond. To accommodate additional guests, owner Adriana has two rooms in her home available on request.

Adjoining the property is the Kenti Café where local ingredients meet traditional comfort food to form delicious meals. Sip on a freshly brewed coffee sourced from the region or enjoy a refreshing ice cream or sorbet using fresh local fruit.

Conservation of the Cloud Forest

The guest house is situated in expansive grounds, purchased with the intention of conserving the forest. Over the years the efforts to replant trees and flowers have encouraged the rare hummingbirds to return to the area.

Additionally, the owner Adriana and Aracari’s owner and CEO Marisol jointly purchased 40 hectares of land over 15 years ago as a conservation project. They are both committed to halting deforestation in Chachapoyas. Adriana has started keeping pigs on some of the land – they plough the land as they forrage for food, and create fertilizer, helping to encourage growth of new vegetation.

The community reserve is located 20 minutes’ drive, or a beautiful hour-long horseback ride away from Kentitambo. Aracari guests are encouraged to explore the beautiful forest on the nature trails. There are lookout points and small shelters to rest and take in the tranquil surroundings.

Chachapoyas Archaeology

Learn about the region’s pre-Columbian history at Leymebamba Museum, located right next door. The displays include more than 200 mummies and their burial offerings recovered in 1997 from the Laguna de los Cóndores by a salvage project directed by Centro Mallqui, which Adriana was part of.

Kentitambo is also a great base for venturing further into the Amazonas region, for instance a day tour to the Kuelap ruins, the Sarcophagi of  Revash or as a starting point for the 3-day trek to Laguna de los Cóndores.

If you’re interested in visiting Chachapoyas and the surrounding attractions, and staying at the Kentitambo B&B during your tour, contact us or email and ask about our 7-day Peru’s Best Kept Secret itinerary.