Sustainability In The Amazon

Macaw Clay Lick in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is the beating heart of our planet. The Amazon’s health correlates to the health of the rest of the earth. More than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon, and Amazon rainforest animals make up more than half of the plant, animal, and insect…

The Best Luxury Amazon Lodges Peru

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Divided by powerful rivers, home to some of the earth’s last isolated indigenous tribes, and filled with 10% of the world’s species, the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest is a natural wonder unlike any other. Aracari has personally explored the planet’s oldest jungle to handpick the best luxury Amazon lodges Peru, taking into account their guiding…

Tambopata Research Center: A Luxury Amazon Lodge

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The Amazon rainforest is magical. Within it, Peru boasts a range of luxury Amazon lodge options to discover its incredible flora and fauna, which Aracari has tried and tested. I recommend Tambopata Research Center (TRC) for the most authentic jungle experience, where the luxury of staying at this remote lodge in pristine rainofrest is the unrivalled opportunity for widlife…

Choosing between Tambopata Lodges

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Harboring some of the most biodiverse rainforest in all of the Amazon, the Tambopata National Reserve has become a hotspot for travellers looking to connect with nature and to have a fulfilling jungle experience.  But where should you stay to fully experience this amazing location? With a variety of excellent…

Amantica Lodge Lake Titicaca: Calm and Serenity

amantica lodge lake titicaca

Our Head of Marketing gives her first-hand review of Amantica Lodge Lake Titicaca, having personally stayed at the luxurious private villa, located on Amantaní Island in Peru. Amantica Lodge Lake Titicaca As I cruised towards to the island under the midday sun, cutting through the stillness of the lake, Amantica Lodge slowly came…

The Apu’s Trail: Ausangate Lodge Trek

Ausangate Lodge trek

A few days ago I returned, renewed and exhilarated, from trekking the Ausangate Lodge Trek route along the southern face of Apu Ausangate in the Southern Andes of Peru–two hours from Cusco, as the Condor flies, and four hours driving distance. This is a fantastic trek in Peru for adventurous travellers….