Community tourism Peru with Tierra de los Yachaqs

La Tierra de los Yachaqs – translated as “The land of the wise” – is the name given to the community tourism Peru initiative in the Sacred Valley. I had a chance to try out several of their responsible tourism village experiences that allow an authentic insight into Andean life….

The Inca site of Pisac

Pisac Ruins Pisac ruins is one of the highlights of the Sacred Valley. The Inca site of Pisac is well-known for agricultural terracing, which sweeps around the south and east flanks of the mountain in vast, graceful curves, almost unbroken by steps. A fortress city The Pisac ruins, the largest fortress city…

Peru hotels review – New Suites of the Sol y Luna

sol y luna peru hotel

On a recent trip to the Urubamba Valley, the Aracari team was most pleased to have the opportunity to stay at one of the finest new additions to accommodation in Peru: the New Suites that have been recently been inaugurated by Sol y Luna in June 2010.