• Visit the pre-Inca archaeological site of Caral, dating back to before 2000 B.C and the seat of the oldest civilization in the Americas
  • Trek to the Llanganuco lakes
  • Marvel at Peru's impressive pre-Incan ruins like Chan Chan and Huaca del Sol y la Luna
  • Enjoy a special access visit to meet the mummies of Leymebamba Museum
  • Ride a cable car to pre-inca Kuelap fortress nestled in the cloud forest and Hike through cloud forest to towering Gocta waterfall

This time, we will be embarking on a journey to some of the most interesting and lesser-known destinations in northern Peru, an area of numerous and varied attractions, both natural and man-made. The pre-Inca archaeological site of Caral, dating back to before 3000 B.C and the seat of the oldest civilization in the Americas; the Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical mountain range in the world with numerous snowcapped peaks over 5000metres (16,404ft) —including Huascaran, Peru’s highest mountain—, and Gocta, one of the tallest waterfalls, nestled in the cloud forest of Chachapoyas, are part of the list.
Friends of the Aracari family, archaeologists, naturalists and lodge owners, will host us and tell us their untapped secrets. And of course along the way we will be tasting the highlights of one of Peru’s hubs of culinary delights.

Hope you can join us!

Daily Summary 15 Days / 14 Nights

Day 1 Lima - Caral The Oldest City in the Americas Explore the remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site of Caral, one of the world’s earliest cities (3000BC)
Day 2 Caral - Callejon de Huaylas Transfer from Caral to Anta with Chavin de Huantar visit en route Visit the capital and ceremonial center for one of Peru’s most sophisticated early cultures, Chavín.
Day 3 Callejon de Conchucos Full day visit to Chacas town and Punta Olimpica
Day 4 Callejon de Huaylas Llanganuco Lakes & Llanganuco Mountain Lodge
Day 5 Callejon de Huaylas - Trujillo Transfer from Cuesta Serena via Cañon del Pato to Trujillo
Day 6 Trujillo Treasures of Trujillo. A full day exploring archaeological sites such as the Temple of the Sun and the ancient mud-brick city of Chan Chan.
Day 7 Trujillo The Moche Route. Visit the archaeological site of El Brujo and the Lady of Cao museum, housing the mummy of the first pre-Columbian female ruler
Day 8 Chachapoyas Trujillo to Chachapoyas charter flight. Transfer to Leymebamba with optional visit to Tombs of Revash en route
Day 9 Chachapoyas Kuelap - The Walled City Ride a cable car to the dramatic pre-Incan fortress of Kuelap, with panoramic valley views from its privileged hilltop position
Day 10 Chachapoyas Hike to Gocta Waterfalls Walk through the cloud forest to the tumbling waterfalls of Gocta, one of the highest falls in the world.
Day 11 Chachapoyas - Tarapoto - Lima Transfer from Cocachimba to Tarapoto. Domestic flight from Tarapoto to Lima Assistance in Lima Airport for your international flight. OR Domestic flight Tarapoto to Iquitos Transfer from Iquitos airport to hotel
Day 12 Iquitos - Amazon Delfin III Amazon Cruise 4 Days / 3 nights program
Day 13 Amazon Amazon Cruise
Day 14 Amazon Amazon Cruise
Day 15 Amazon - Iquitos - Lima Disembarkation and transfer to Iquitos airport. Domestic flight to Lima
  • Day 1
    Lima - CaralView on map
    Caral, The Oldest City

    Tuesday 13 August 2019

    Our guide and driver will meet us at our hotel at 9 am this morning to drive approximately 4 hours north to Caral, 350 kms from Lima. We start our journey north on the Pan American Highway, a main route that stretches along the stunning Peruvian coastline, past small villages and farmland where we can stop en route for refreshments, photo ops and souvenir breaks if required.

    Dating as far back as 2670 B.C., the ancient site of Caral is considered to be the oldest city in the Americas and one of the first civilizations that developed independently in the world. Located in Supe valley approximately 200 kilometers north of Lima, the archaeological complex consists of six excavated and partially excavated pyramids over 65 acres on a terrace above the floodplain.

    Upon arrival to Caral we will transfer to Empedrada Lodge Hotel for check-in and enjoy lunch overlooking the Caral valley before the afternoon’s excursion. We will have the pleasure of sharing lunch in the special company of Ruth Shady, founder and director of the archaeological project at Caral, who will also give us a short lecture on the history and significance of the site.

    Afterwards, explore the large pyramids, a grand sunken circular plaza, and several other smaller buildings as our guide explains the importance of this early culture. Witness ongoing excavation being performed by young archaeologists from San Marcos University as you wander around the city.

    Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel as you discuss your thoughts and feelings about your experience at Caral.

    Overnight at Empedrada Lodge | Located close to the archaeological site of Caral, the boutique Empedrada Lodge provides a space of comfort and service in the rich natural surrounds of the region. We consider this the best accommodation option for visiting the archaeological site of Caral.

    Check-In time: 14:00 hrs / Check-Out time: 12:00hrs

    Accommodation options
  • Day 2
    Caral - Callejon de HuaylasView on map
    Drive to Callejon de Huaylas with Chavin de Huantar visit en route

    Wednesday 14 August 2019

    Today we will leave Caral and head towards Anta in the department of Ancash, where some of the highest mountains in Peru can be found. We’ll be collected by our private driver and guide and travel together from Caral, down Route 106 which follows the Rio Supe, before climbing up the mountain roads towards to the town of Chavin, (approx. 5 hours/279 kilometers). En route we will visit the impressive archaeological complex Chavin de Huantar.

    The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chavin de Huantar contains artifacts and ruins from the Chavin people – a pre-Inca civilization, and the structures here are dated to approximately 1200 B.C. The complex includes temples, plazas and a network of underground corridors, some of which visitors can explore.

    A box lunch will be provided and we will have plenty of opportunity to stop and take photographs on route through the mountains.

    After visiting Chavin we will continue on to our hotel in Anta where we will check-in and enjoy dinner together at the hotel.

    Overnight at Cuesta Serena (8,859ft/2,700m) | Located on the slopes of Anta, a 20-minute drive from Huaraz, this boutique hotel has just seven suites which all boast views over the majestic Cordillera Blanca mountains. The lodge is beautifully decorated with Peruvian fabrics, comfortable seating and hammocks that allow you an ideal vista of the mountains.

    Check-In time: 15:00 hrs / Check-Out time: 11:00hrs

    Accommodation options
  • Day 3
    Callejon de ConchucosView on map
    Chacas town and Punta Olimpica.

    Thursday 15 August 2019

    Chacas is one of the most beautiful locations in the Cordillera Blanca. To reach it, we will travel along the only paved road that crosses Huascaran National Park, which involves going through Punta Olimpica tunnel, at 4732m/15524 ft above sea level. This tunnel is the longest vehicular tunnel in Peru and the highest in the world going from Cordillera Blanca to Callejon de Conchucos. On crossing the tunnel we will see stunning landscapes and majestic snowcapped peaks (Ulta 5875m/19274ft and Huascaran 6768m/22205ft – Peru’s highest) and glacial lagoons (Cancara and Yanaraju), Italian missionaries have developed provided education and healthcare and established carpentry and crafts workshops where very fine works are carried out. We will be visiting some of these workshops as well as the archaeological museum. Duration of the full day excursion 6.5 hours.

    Overnight at Cuesta Serena.

    Accommodation options
  • Day 4
    Callejon de HuaylasView on map
    Llanganuco Lakes & Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

    Friday 16 August 2019

    Today is a full day excursion to Llanganuco Lake. En route, we will visit a number of attractions. 15 minutes from Cuesta Serena, we will stop in the small town of Yungay, where in 1974 a major earthquake led to a landslide that covered the entire town and thousands perished. We will stand on the cemetery on a hill,  and look at where the old town was located and learn about the geology of the area. From there we will travel overland to the trail head of the Maria Josefa path, where we will walk on flat to downhill terrain 1.5 hours all the way to Llanganuco Lake. From here we will head overland to the nearby Llanganuco Lodge, where Charlie Good, the owner of the lodge, will give us a warm welcome and show us his lodge. Tea time and biscuits and time to relax with the majestic views of Huascaran. Return to Cuesta Serena for sunset drinks.

    Overnight at Cuesta Serena.

    Accommodation options
  • Day 5
    Callejon de Huaylas - TrujilloView on map
    Drive to Trujillo via Cañon del Pato

    Saturday 17 August 2019

    Today we have the chance to experience one of the most magnificent journeys of our trip: the Cañon del Pato (Duck Canyon). The scenery around this area is simply spectacular where the landscape consists of the meeting of the Cordillera Negra (Black Mountains) and Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains) along the Callejon de Huaylas (Corridor of Huaylas), the valley that runs in between the two. Along the valley is the dramatic section of gorge known as the Cañon del Pato. The canyon comprises of a largely unpaved, single lane road with over 30 narrow tunnels and towering cliff faces coming face to face – sometimes at a distance as small as 15 meters!

    The time spent on the road today will be long (from Cuesta Serena to Cañon del Pato 6.5 hours and on to Trujillo 9 hours) but the immense vistas of the sheer rock faces contrasted with the flow of the Rio Santa will make it all worthwhile.

    We will enjoy dinner together at the hotel before a well-deserved rest at Costa del Sol Trujillo Centro.

    Costa del Sol Trujillo Centro |  The best hotel in Trujillo, Costa del Sol has prime position on the main Plaza de Armas with views of the city center’s cathedral and historic buildings from the Spanish colonial era. A restored colonial mansion, the property has been converted into a 73-room hotel with a small outdoor pool in the courtyard, as well as gym and sauna facilities. All rooms offer air-conditioning. Key sites like Chan Chan archaeological site are only a short drive away.

    Check-In time: 15:00hrs / Check Out time: 12:00hrs

  • Day 6
    TrujilloView on map
    Treasures of Trujillo

    Sunday 18 August 2019

    This morning we will head to Huaca de La Luna (Moche c. 100-700 A.D.), a superb archaeological site where excavations are currently underway. The site is known for its magnificent friezes and reliefs which are surprisingly well-preserved. The surrounding communities have played a vital part in the success of the archaeological complex, where they display and sell authentic handicrafts in a traditionally constructed gift shop. Depending on availability, we may also have the chance to meet archaeologist and project director Dr. Ricardo Morales.

    Afterwards, visit the laid-back seaside town of Huanchaco where we will enjoy a typical coastal lunch. Here we can admire the use of small traditional reed boats used by fishermen today, exactly as they were by their forefathers hundreds of years ago.

    Finally, we will drive to the ancient mud-brick city of Chan Chan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the capital city of the Chimu Kingdom which fell to the Incas in the 15th Century. This was the largest city in Pre-Columbina America and it was carefully structured by being split into nine citadels or autonomous units.

    Tonight, we will have the pleasure of dining with friends in their private home so we can enjoy an evening of traditional Peruvian cuisine.

    Overnight at Costa del Sol Trujillo

    Accommodation options
  • Day 7
    TrujilloView on map
    The Moche Route

    Monday 19 August 2019

    This morning we will drive from Truijillo to the village of Cao, where the archaeological site of El Brujo is located. El Brujo opened to the public in 2006. Much like Huaca de la Luna, this site features tiers of polychromatic friezes and also served as a religious and sacrificial complex. Museo Cao is just a short walking distance from the actual site and contains a variety of captivating artifacts including collections of pottery, textiles, and golden regalia, along with the bones of Moche royalty and human sacrifices. Perhaps the site’s greatest discovery was the Moche mummy of the only known female ruler, justifiably referred to as Señora de Cao, whose remains are also on display in the museum.

    After our visit, we will enjoy a special lunch at Moche Sanctuary Lodge with a Paso Horse show and Marinera show.

    Overnight at Costa del Sol Trujillo Centro.

    Accommodation options
  • Day 8
    ChachapoyasView on map
    Trujillo - Chachapoyas

    Tuesday 20 August 2019

    This morning we will transfer to the airport for our 50 minute private charter flight to Chachapoyas to begin our adventure. We have chartered the 19 passenger Beechcraft 1900 propeller plane owned and run by Peru’s most prestigious charter company, ATSA.

     On arrival in Chachapoyas airport, we will be met by our new guide who will be with us for our entire journey through that region. From the airport, our journey to Leymebamba takes approximately five hours but offers a scenic route through valleys and mountains.

    We will stop off to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and then continue on as the route follows the Marañon River briefly and then the Utcubamba River for most of the journey. Depending on time available there are several opportunities to stop along the way to stretch your legs, take photos of the scenery which includes rivers, waterfalls and hidden pre-Inca tombs in the cliffside. If we do decide to stop off at the Tombs of Revash, our expert guide will lead us on an interesting excursion into Peru’s past, witnessing collective tombs for the wealthy and powerful of society.

    In the afternoon we will arrive at Kentitambo Lodge we will have chance to check-in and freshen up before visiting the Leymebamba museum which houses mummies, relics and artifacts from the burial tombs of the pre-Inca Chachapoya civilization, that were salvaged by the NGO Centro Mallqui.

    As Aracari guests we will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access to areas of the museum not usually open to the public, including the special climate-controlled depository where the famous mummies are kept and laboratories where bio-archaeologists are still carrying out important conservation and cataloging of the Laguna de los Condores artefacts.

    Overnight at Kentitambo Lodge (Altitude: 5,906ft/1800m) | Kentitambo Lodge (translated from Quechua as Hummingbird Inn) is a relaxing guest house with a sustainable ethos and a welcoming environment. Originally a hummingbird observation lodge, Kentitambo has preserved its natural style to ensure the birds are welcomed in the area.

    Check-In time: 15:00 hrs / Check-Out time: 13:00hrs

    Accommodation options
  • Day 9
    ChachapoyasView on map
    Kuelap Visit and drive to Gocta

    Wednesday 21 August 2019  

    For our day at Kuelap, we’ll be collected in the morning from our hotel in Leymebamba by our private vehicle and driver, for the hour-long drive to the Kuelap cable car ticket office. After a 10-minute shared bus ride to the station, we’ll take a cable car ride to the site entrance, enjoying a scenic journey with incredible views on the way up. Once at the top and entrance to the site, there is an approximately 30-minute walk to the archaeological site, via a paved uphill path, with horses available to ease the journey.

    Now we have the chance to enjoy a full tour of the impressive pre-Columbian site of Kuelap led by our expert private guide. Built by the pre-Inca Chachapoya civilization, known as the ‘warriors of the clouds’, Kuelap is one of the biggest ancient stone complexes in the western hemisphere. With its surrounding walls up to 20 meters high, Kuelap is commonly described as a fortress, but the complex includes not only military structures, but religious, civil and domestic features too. As our guide will explain, it is estimated that up to 3,000 people lived here at its height. There are multiple levels within the complex and over 400 constructions, most of which are cylindrical, with some friezes and decorative patterns remaining.

    During the visit, we will pause to eat a box lunch that was prepared by the hotel.

    At the end of our visit to Kuelap, we’ll continue onwards to our next destination – Cocachimba village near Gocta Waterfall.

    Two nights at Gocta Natura Cabins (Altitude: 5,906ft/1800m) | Gocta Natura Cabins have been created to make the most of the natural environment and give back to both the flora and fauna of the area and the local community. Waking up at this stunning location is a real treat and each of the rooms (bar one) have been designed to enjoy the view of the Gocta falls.

    Check-In time: 15:00hrs / Check-Out time: 10:00hrs

    Accommodation options
  • Day 10
    ChachapoyasView on map
    Hike to Gocta Waterfalls

    Thursday 22 August 2019 

    The path to the waterfall begins straight from our hotel and is well generally well maintained and scenic throughout. Some sections have steep inclines, and horses can be hired for part of the journey to the falls or can be pre-arranged for the way back. The walk starts through farmland, before changing to lush cloud forest with jungle-like vegetation. Engulfed by the sounds, sights and smells of the cloud forest, we’ll enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna along the way, including the famous endemic Spatuletail hummingbird, butterflies, flowers, and occasional toucans and occasionally monkeys. The path crosses small streams and gorges spanned by short bridges.

    Thanks to the power of the falls, we will hear Gocta before we see it! As we advance the volume increases as does the anticipation. With about a third of the way to go, the vegetation opens up, and finally we get a glimpse of the falls. For the rest of the walk the incredible thunderous flow of water is in sight, until we arrive at the base of the falls, stretching our necks into the sun to see the top. At a special vantage point with a view of the waterfalls we’ll stop take a break and enjoy snacks and a refreshing drink laid out by our guide. After taking in the views, and maybe cooling off in the pool at the base of the falls, we’ll return via the same path to our hotel to enjoy lunch.

    Time permitting, we will also visit the mysterious Sarcophagi of Karajia (huge stone coffins of ancient wise men that are displayed above ground). Set high into the side of a cliff, each sarcophagus is around 2.5 meters high. Archaeologists believe that one of the Sarcophagi of Karajia is the mummy of the highest Chief of Kuelap.

    Dinner in the gardens finishes off an epic day in Amazonas.

    Overnight at Gocta Natura Cabins

    Accommodation options
  • Day 11
    Chachapoyas - Lima or IquitosView on map
    Transfer from Cocachimba to Tarapoto airport

    Today we say goodbye to the falls, to our lovely lodge and we set off on our overland journey to Tarapoto. Today involves a very early start (7 am) and a full day drive on a paved road, and we will be arriving in Tarapoto airport in the early afternoon for our flight to Iquitos (for those joining the cruise) or to Lima (for those ending the trip here). The route from Cocachimba to Tarapoto is very scenic: throughout the journey we traverse cloud forests, mountains, grasslands and Amazonian jungle, stopping en route for a boxed lunch and plenty of photography spots.

    Once we arrive at Tarapoto airport, we will check-in, and board our respective flights, some to Iquitos, others to Lima. On arrival to Lima you will be transferred to your hotel.

    For those not coming to the cruise: END OF THE JOURNEY

     For those coming on the cruise: MORE ADVENTURES AWAIT

    Flight Tarapoto to Iquitos | You will take your flight 3115 with Star Peru to Iquitos departing at 16:25 arriving in Tarapoto at 17:45 Upon arrival at the Iquitos airport, you will be welcomed by an English-speaking Aracari representative and will be driven to your hotel.

    Overnight at Double Tree by Hilton Iquitos | Located on the main square, Plaza de Armas, the Double Tree by Hilton is one of the best hotels in the Amazonian port city of Iquitos. Its central location puts it in walking distance to the most interesting sites such as the Cathedral. The outdoor pool and bar is ideal for soaking up the sun. All of the 71 rooms at the hotel are modest yet comfortable, as to be expected from the international hotel brand, and other amenities include a gym, wellness center with massages, restaurant, and Wi-Fi.

    Check-In Time: 14:00 hrs / Check-Out Time: 12:00 hrs

  • Day 12
    AMAZONView on map
    Delfin III Cruise

    4 day /3 night program | Time allowing in the morning, we will be able to enjoy a visit of Iquitos, a unique and interesting jungle city.  The Delfin crew will meet us at the our hotel in Iquitos and we’ll transfer by private vehicle approximately 1½ hours to Nauta, a small riverside town on the banks of the Marañon River. Upon arrival at Nauta, you will enjoy a VIP greeting at a private port where the Delfin III will be waiting.

    As we embark the Delfin III the experienced staff will help us settle in and orient ourselves on board. We’ll explore our comfortable cabins; enjoy fantastic panoramic views from the elegantly-outfitted observation area and sip exotic cocktails made with regional fruits and pisco (the beloved national brandy liquor of Peru) by the barman. Next, our naturalist guide will give us an overview of the journey's schedule, explaining the activities, route, highlights, wildlife and vegetation, geographical and historical background, and other useful details.

    The ship’s expert culinary team will then present us with dazzling creations prepared from local ingredients, each dish infused with flavors and inspiration from the rainforest around us.

    Overnight aboard Delfin III | The Delfin III is a ship that has been designed to offer comfort, convenience and service along with impeccable views throughout the journey. The suites are stylish and well-equipped while the communal areas are all comfortable and welcoming. The third deck features an entertainment center, library, sundeck with plunge pool, a spa and gym, and of course the bar. The vessel has an open bridge policy, so you are welcome to learn about the navigation systems and spend time with the captain at any time. Moreover, should you have any doubts or questions, the guides are always fully at your service.

  • Day 13
    AMAZONView on map
    Delfin III Cruise

    Sunday 25 August 2019

    Samiria River and Yanayacu Pucate | This morning, we'll explore Samiria River and its tributaries, where an abundance of wildlife hides in the deep rainforest, such as blue and yellow macaws, scarlet macaws, toucans, umbrella birds, monkeys, and river otters, capybaras and more. Our naturalist (with their expert eye) will happily pinpoint all the biodiversity of this region. This is also a popular dolphin feeding spot so we will not be the only one enjoying the plethora of fish below.

    After emerging from the depths of the forest, we will be treated to a world-class gourmet meal. The innovative chef will surprise your sophisticated palate, while introducing you to the pleasures of Peru’s haute cuisine. The menu features delectable fresh fish and other local delicacies, all prepared with an Amazonian flair and a personal touch.

    After lunch, we will start cruising through the Yanayacu and Pucate Rivers, peeking into different creeks and lagoons. This is one of the best preserved and protected zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. If you fancy it, get out on one of the ship’s paddle boards to enjoy an even more intimate experience of the Amazon. We may even have the opportunity to swim in the jungle river along with the famous pink dolphins!

    To wind down from the day’s activities, dine together on some more sumptuous cuisine before heading to the third deck to stargazing under the dark Amazonian night sky.

    Overnight aboard Delfin III

  • Day 14
    AMAZONView on map
    Delfin III Cruise

    Monday 26 August 2019

    Fundo Casual, San Francisco Community, Nauta Caño | This morning the walk at Fundo Casual jungle trail will take us deep into the rainforest on terra firme (non-flooded forest) where our guide will point out the dynamic creatures and vegetation of the Amazon. Be sure to keep an attentive eye open for spotting surprises!

    After a tasty lunch we will visit the community of San Francisco which involves a short skiff ride and relaxing jungle walk to meet local villagers who have called Amazonia their home for generations. Here we will visit a market featuring amazing arts and crafts that have been created by local women. Following this visit will be a jungle walk with our guides to search for nocturnal creatures.

    Later in the evening we have the chance to visit, and perhaps kayak in, the Nauta Caño Creek. Alternatively, we can try fishing for the famous piranha, a delightful and challenging experience! As night approaches, our guide will take us on a night safari in search of caiman alligators and night birds.

    Leaving the wildlife behind, we will continue enjoying the service a discerning traveler deserves with a special farewell dinner and another night of stargazing on the deck.

    Overnight aboard the Delfin III

  • Day 15
    AMAZONView on map
    Delfin III Cruise

    Tuesday 27 August 2019

    Disembark at Nauta | With heavy hearts we say our goodbyes to the exceptional staff on board the Delfin III and disembark at the port of Nauta. From here, the ground crew will be waiting to take us by private vehicle back to the city of Iquitos.

    If we wish, we can stop off at the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) on the way from Nauta back to the Iquitos airport. Here we have the chance to meet baby manatees and learn about these wonderful and docile creatures and why they are on the endangered species list.

    Upon arrival at the Iquitos airport, the Delfin III staff will help you with check in procedures, and we’ll say our final goodbyes.

Aracari specializes in tailormade travel. Here are just some of our further trip suggestions. Contact us for more bespoke ideas to inspire your travels.

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