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A recent presentation from restaurant group “Cusco Restaurants” had me intrigued by the variety of styles and menus that its establishments had to offer, and on a recent trip to Cusco, I was rewarded with several opportunities to dabble in a various assortment of dishes at several of their venues….

Peru hotels review – New Suites of the Sol y Luna

sol y luna peru hotel

On a recent trip to the Urubamba Valley, the Aracari team was most pleased to have the opportunity to stay at one of the finest new additions to accommodation in Peru: the New Suites that have been recently been inaugurated by Sol y Luna in June 2010.

Caral and Cajamarca: Highlights of the North Northern Peru is an Aracari must and Nigel Richardson shares his insights on why now’s the time to visit the wondrous Pre-Inca archeological site of Caral as well as the Northern Peru’s colonial gem called Cajamarca. Take a look at what he had to…

Inka Trek to Choquequirao


Located on a mountain spur, overlooking the Apurimac river on south and the vertical slopes of the Vilcabamba range to the north and east, Inca Choquequirao (3000m) is an awesome site. A private trek to Choquequirao is a unique way to get away from the tourists crowds on a tailormade…