“I wish I could have stopped time”: Aracari guests enjoy luxury tours to Peru in July

Being a peak month for luxury tours to Peru, July saw a high volume of appraise for Aracari. In their feedback – as highly valued as ever –  guests were pinpointing in particular those special details and expert insights that we pride ourselves in affording those who travel with us.

To begin with, travellers Piotr Piecha and Liam Browne wrote team member Yasmin a glowing report giving special mention to a number of our friends and exclusive contacts within Peru who had helped them to enjoy their trip.

“There is Penelope teaching us how to make ceviche, there is the expert guidance of Luis around the sublime Larco museum that on its own makes a trip to Peru worthwhile, there is delightful Susy in her exquisite home in the Sacred Valley [Ticllabamba], there is the proud and passionate Adriel Villcas taking care of us in the Andes, and eccentric Mari in her treasure house in Barranco [Las Pallas] – not mentioning of course the Aracari team that made it all possible everywhere!”

Of similar accord, Aracari’s expert Peru travel guides once again swept in the plaudits.

“I loved my experience in the jungle at Tambopata,” wrote Kathryn Kenith to travel consultant Vera. “Fino, my guide was wonderful and helped to make that experience so great.”

Kathryn was also was very pleased with her guides on the Inca Trail, saying that the “I could not have made it without Gilmar and my team.  They really took care of me, nurtured me, and cheered for me when things got challenging.   Gilmar was there to guide me, teach me, and was  always mindful of what I needed and when I needed it.  He was the most  incredibly professional, but also vastly knowledgeable,  guide I have ever experienced—-for Inca knowledge as well as Peruvian culture.”

And she continued: “Also the Hacienda and horseback riding was amazing. Such a beautiful home and grounds. And I have to also mention my rafting adventure.   Even more adventurous than I had expected, but so great, as were my guides Aaron and Allen. Amazing!!!”

Peter Stein said of a tour arranged for his spouse “I want to thank the whole Aracari team for the spectacular way in which their tours were conducted for Sarah, she is truly happy. Maria Eugenia was a spectacular guide, always telling historical anecdotes that related to all of the places they visited. Thank you very much.”

Meanwhile, after talking to well travelled guest Mr. Small, an Aracari representative said “that of all his travels, that his guides (Fernando, Lissy, Maria, etc.) throughout Peru were the best he’s ever had.  This is a true testament to [the Aracari] team as his expectations for Peru were quite high!”

Another satisfied guest, Diane Rhea, simply stated that guide “Adriel Villcas was outstanding.”

Mary Mackintosh and Allison Samson commented that “Jose Ayerbe was amazing – knowledgeable, caring and flexible with diverse groups” and the Martinsons also stated that “The guide from Cusco was really terrific.”

Aracaris choice of accommodation for guests was also met with gratitude. Mrs. Kenith said that her “experience at Hotel Ninos was very good.  The owner has an amazing story about the children that she has taken and continues to take care of. I asked to go, and was taken on a tour of her facilities and schools that take care of extremely poor children.  And their staff is also so wonderful, friendly and helpful.  The place is very cosy and inviting  with the fireplace lit morning and night in the common area, and the beautiful courtyard was a great place to spend time.”

As we here at Aracari well know, it is the personal touches that make a Peru vacation extra special. Piotr Piecha was delighted with our approach, saying that “on the day of my birthday I woke up at 4.30 am at the altitude of 3500m to the sound of busy kitchen.  I wondered why someone was making scrambled eggs so early in the morning? Little I knew that our delightful porters were making my birthday cake!”

Of their tour of Machu Picchu, Piotr Piecha and Liam Browne said “Of course nothing prepared us for the breathtaking beauty of Machu Picchu itself – the most magical and mystical site ever…” and rounded off their report by saying “For sure we are thinking about coming back – perhaps Amazon next time…”

Mrs Kenith was also very pleased with our attainment of an extremely high quality of service: “I wanted to thank you again for helping me to put together such an incredible trip in Peru.  Everything was absolutely perfect!!! I had plenty of time on my own, but also never had to worry about anything because you had made sure there were people there to gently handle everything and guide me through my journey.”

On behalf of another Aracari client, one commentator remarked “All of the arrangements were flawless.  Thank you once again for another job well done!  There is no doubt in my mind of Aracari’s ability to satisfy the demands of the most discerning clients.”

Sandra Won Sohn, who organized a trip for her parents through Aracari, told our travel consultant Carmen, “Thank you so much for all of your wonderful help with the planning of the trip.  My parents had a fabulous time… they were impressed with Aracari’s services.” She added that she “rested much easier while my parents were in Peru knowing that you and the rest of Aracari’s staff were taking care of them.”

Diane Rhea said “The trip was absolutely amazing … Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful vacation!” and went on to ask “Do you work exclusively in South America?”

And another Aracari rep reported that the Vesrtaeten Party “had the trip of their life! It was fantastic. They thought Namibia was the best they ever experienced but after this trip they are in doubt. It’s among their top 3 trips!! Aracari is the best!”

The Martinsons also enjoyed their trip, saying that “the Andes are really spectacular. Thanks so much for your help. You made everything much easier and kept us busy and we really didn’t have to think or plan which made it so much more enjoyable.

Finally, Kathryn Kenith stated that her “Inca Trail experience was my highlight. I wish I could have stopped time!!” For anyone who has been on a Peru luxury tour with Aracari, we’re sure they know that feeling.

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