“Aracari took care of all the details and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip”: Praise for our Peru itineraries

Heading towards winter and we have received lots of positive feedback over the last month. Our Travel Planners Caitlin and Cristina won particular praise for their work in organising, planning and executing great Peru itineraries. Terri Lindsay said “Cristina did a great job keeping me informed and answering all my questions.”  While the Mack family, adding to their comments last month, said “Aracari took care of all the details and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Our trip was planned at the very last minute.  Caitlin did an amazing job of pulling everything together and creating an itinerary that was wide ranging and interesting.” Good work!

Aracari’s choice of accommodation has been a talking point in this regard; Of our favourite accommodation in Peru The Mack Family said “Ticllabamba was fantastic!  Quiet and lovely.  My daughters adored Duque, the dog.”

Tricia Tully said she “Loved the El Mapi hotel.  Also loved the Second Home in Barranco.  What a pleasant surprise… Lillian made sure I was kept busy.  She gave me plenty of ideas for places to visit and walk to and gave me advice about areas to stay away from.  We were also able to visit her father’s studio which was a treat.  I think that was my favorite place to stay on the entire trip.”

Terri Lindsay, who has wanted to travel to Peru “Ever since I saw Machu Picchu on National Geographic as a child,” said that “The accommodations were outstanding!  Loved them! We were given the best rooms with the best views in all places. The food was very tasty.”

Our guides, too, received the usual round of plaudits; Steve Norwitz said he had a “Very well organized and interesting tour. Great scenery. Informative guides and careful and courteous driver. “

Tricia Tully in fact had something good to say about most all of her guides, saying that John  in Lima was “Very knowledgeable” and Oscar in the Amazon “ He was also terrific.  Smart, fun, and a great subtle sense of humor. “ Fernando in Cusco, meanwhile, was “also very good.  I enjoyed his tour and appreciated the long days he spent with the three of us. “and Manuel in Lake Titicaca “He was again very knowledgeable. All were very polite, professional, helpful, and knowledgeable.”

Of client relations maestro Raul Varela she said “What a nice person to have greet you at the airport after a long – 2 hour late flight.  He was friendly even after waiting until 2:30 in the morning to pick me up at the airport.  I immediately felt comfortable with him and appreciated his tips on traveling and tipping in Peru.  He was terrific.”

In similar style, The Mack family showed lots of appreciation for their guides. “Maria showed us around Lima.  We only had one day, it would have been nice to have one more.  We especially enjoyed the Larco Museum.  Maria was very knowledgeable.

“We spent about 5 days in the Sacred Valley/MP/Cuzco area.   Choose a positive adjective and it suits Ruben!  He was charming, interesting, cheerful, entertaining and good with my daughters.  He as very knowledgeable and funny and it is clear that he enjoys his work.

“Romulo [in lake Titicaca] was very interesting.  Our visit to the floating islands was informative.  My kids were amazed by how the islands were constructed and enjoyed learning about how the people there live. “

“the guides … clearly enjoyed what they do.  They were personable and showed a real love of Peru, the Incas and history.  They are a credit to Aracari.”

Terri Lindsay said that “Lewis was our guide for Nazca and Paracas. He was great.  Adriel … was very informative, everyone knew him.  Glhemm was our Amazon guide.  FUN guy, had a great time with him. Very approachable, you could tell he loved his job!”

Terri Lindsay, meanhwhile, said “We had a wonderful time.  It was a treat to not to have to worry about anything! Everything went as planned.  I must say it was very different for me to just ‘show up’ and have everything taken care of.  Thanks for making this a trip we will both remember for the rest of our lives.”

The Mack Family said “We had a lovely time while in Peru.  I would absolutely recommend Aracari for future travel. We enjoyed all aspects of our trip.  Each destination was different from the next.” And of the San Geronimo festival:  “We enjoyed the parade and festival, a fantastic opportunity to see how people celebrate.”

Bridget Muelbert said “We loved seeing and learning about all the ruins – especially the less touristy ones like Pisac and Tipon. Everyone was great, everyone was extremely friendly helpful and kind.”

Thanks to everyone for such wonderful comments, always a pleasure to receive.

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