Your Shopping Guide For Lima, Peru

Your Shopping Guide For Lima, Peru, Aracari Travel

When you’re shopping in Lima, you’ll come across unique treasures that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Whether you love Peruvian textiles, art, local gourmet treats, or anything else in between, there’s something for everyone on the Lima shopping scene. Here’s where to find the best Lima shopping.

Shopping In Barranco


The designs created at this atelier are in inspired by the past. Each clothing piece is woven and embroidered with traditional textile skills at Escudo’s workshop in the Peruvian mountains before the finishing touches are added in Lima. The designers are two bold, stylish sisters who aren’t afraid to try new looks. Be especially sure to check out Escudo’s fringed cotton ponchos!

Cajamarca 219

Cajamarca 219 was first opened in 2014 by designer and creator Thibault Van Der Straete, who has been in Peru since 2008. Since then, it’s become a treasured space that offers fantastic clothing, alpaca furniture, and a whole host of Peruvian treasures. It’s an experience in itself, and even includes a cafe where you can enjoy snacks, coffee, chocolates, and Pisco. When shopping in Lima, you won’t want to pass it by.

Bodega MATE

If you love fashion, design, and seeing how the two come together, you’ll adore this boutique at the Mario Testino Museum. In addition to displaying Testino’s photography books, the store includes beautiful Peruvian clothes and accessories, like purses, jewelry, baskets, and clothes. It’s an art experience in itself, and it’s on the leading edge of Latin American style.


This delightful artistic hub has provided a space to buy art and celebrate craftsmanship for two decades. The shop sprawls across a historic mansion, with enticing showrooms around every corner. As you wander through Dédalo’s maze of gorgeous color and design, you’ll find handmade creations and awe-inspiring works that will fit every shopping preference. The ceramic area is especially worth a visit, featuring work by creators like Carlos Runcie Tanaka, Grimanesa Newhouse, and Marisa Matsuda.

Las Pallas

No shopping guide for Lima would be complete without Las Pallas, an establishment that’s been around for more than 25 years. Here, you can experience traditional Peruvian folk art in a whole new way, curated by shop owner Mari Solari. You can browse a wide variety of jewelry, textiles, sculptures, and other treasures from Peru’s mountains, jungles, and coastline. The shop is based in Solari’s home, so scoping out her personal collection while shopping feels as if you’re at a folk art museum.


Shopping In Miraflores

Jallpa Nina

This beautiful showroom is a must-see for ceramic lovers. Since its founding in 1988, Jallpa has created one beautiful design after another. Each ceramic piece is made by hand in a Lurin Valley workshop, and many Jallpa designs have been created for high-end Peruvian hoteliers.

Alessandra Petersen

Alessandra Petersen brings a whole new level of style to the boho chic aesthetic. Petersen’s clothing creations are a top seller at Bergdorf Goodman, and her Miraflores showroom highlights her flair for delicate knits and her dedication to using local and organic materials. Each piece blends the artisan traditions of Peru with Scandinavian minimalism, and you’ll find fabrics like Pima cotton, silk, and baby alpaca. Be sure to check out her fringed alpaca capes!

Giuliana Testino

This shop is ideal for fashion lovers. Designer Giuliana Testino played professional basketball and studied architecture before making her way into the world of style. Today, Testino is known for her gorgeous creations inspired by pre-Inca textiles. You’ll find clothes that feature stunning needlework and designs reminiscent of the bright colors of Peru. The skilled handiwork of hundreds of craftswomen go into the beautiful clothing at Testino. You can even have a piece custom created for you in the shop. Testino’s designs are feminine with a bit of a vintage vibe, and are made of fine materials.


The beautiful clothes of Ayni are the creations of Peruvian and Danish team Adriana and Laerke. Ayni’s looks feature high-quality Peruvian materials and celebrate Danish design flair. You’ll find pieces created with traditional craftsmanship and made of coveted fabrics like pima cotton and baby alpaca. Their knitwear is not to be missed!


This chic concept store provides an excellent introduction to Peru’s most coveted designers. Browse the stylish creations of Peruvian visionaries as you choose the perfect additions to your own wardrobe. You can browse looks by Latin American brands like Pajarolimon, Superve, and Berckemeyer.

Art’cilla Pottery

This gorgeous pottery shop offers the ceramic creations of your dreams. You can browse all kinds of handmade pieces that range from kitchenware to vases to decor. No matter what you love, Art’cilla likely has it in beautiful ceramic form.


If you love eclectic style or are souvenir shopping for a fashion-forward loved one, you’ll want to check out Pulga. This store features edgy style designed by Peru’s young up-and-coming fashionistas. Designers featured at Pulga are eager to try new things, so it’s a good place to explore a more avant-garde look.

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