Visiting Hacienda La Caravedo Ica

Caravedo Ica

On a recent trip to Peru I took a long weekend and headed 4 hours south of Lima to visit Ica, an area of vast fertile land that produces succulent grapes for Pisco (Peru’s national drink). I am thrilled to share my experience which was centered around my stay at Hacienda…

Hacienda Tacama – Wine and Pisco in Ica

Hacienda Tacama

The oasis of Ica, some 300km south of Lima, is home to Peru’s wine and pisco-producing vineyards. There, tucked amidst rows of grapes, sits the sprawling bright-pink Hacienda Tacama, a standout winery in the region, which lays claim to being both the oldest winery in South America and Peru’s largest….

Nazca Lines tour from Lima

Etched into the desert plains over 2000 years ago, The Nazca Lines geoglyphs are one of Peru’s most capitvating sites to visit. Flying over the Nazca Lines offers the best perspective to appreciate the large scale of these mysterious shapes, an impressive feat achieved by the ancient Nazca culture. These ancient geoglyphs –…