The Moche Route and Chicama Surf Resort

Highlights of Northern Peru: The Moche Route & Chicama Resort This guest blog article was written by Liam Browne and Piotr Piecha, who travelled with Aracari along the Moche Route on Peru’s north coast in April 2013. The Moche Route: More than Machu Picchu The Moche Route: To drive north…

Surf’s Up! Surfing Lesson Lima

Summer is upon us here in Lima and the Aracari team has been sampling a few excursions that are ideal in Peru’s capital during the hot weather. In this spirit, Carlos recently headed down to the Costa Verde seafront to try his hand at some surfing lessons.

Catch the wave: Surfing in Chicama

surf chicama

Some say she’s more popular than the President, and she’s certainly made a splash on the world stage, but world surfing champion Sofia Mulanovich is happiest spending her days on the beach in her home country of Peru. Back in 2004, when this then 21 year old became the first…