The heart of Peru’s pisco and wine indsutry, Ica is one of the highlights of Peru’s south-western coastal region along with nearby Paracas and Nazca.

Ica lays claim to being Peru’s best wine and pisco producing region, offering tasting tours at its attractive historic haciendas and wineries

A town of about 160,000 people, Ica is located inland and draws visitors thanks to its dry, sunny climate and opportunities to visit its pisco-producing vineyards. A few kilometers away from Ica sits Huacachina, a desert-oasis that draws backpackers to its sandunes. Ica is situated near to Paracas. As such, wine and pisco tasting tours can be arranged as half day or full day trips from Paracas. Ica can alternatively be used as a base to stay and explore Paracas. It is also possible fly over the Nazca lines from Ica.

Recommended For

  • Wine enthusiasts
  • Honeymooners
  • Families

Things to do

  • Visit Hacienda Tacama, the oldest winery in South America
  • Enjoy an expertly-led pisco and wine tasting workshop
  • Watch a traditional paso horse show at a historic Hacienda

Guide to Ica

Ica is home to a plethroa of vineyards and pisco-producing haciendas. Pisco is a white grape brandy and the country’s much-loved national spirit. Hacienda Tacama and Hacienda Caravedo are two top facilities that welcome visitors, where historic wine and pisco-producing traditions blend with contemporary production methods.

Things to do in Ica

As a famous grape-growing region, the most popular thing to do in Ica is spend time sampling the local tipple with guided tours of the best vineyards. Aracari arranges visits to both Hacienda Tacama and Hacienda Caravedo where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the entire process – from grape-growing through to distillation and, of course, sampling.

Hacienda Tacama

Hacienda Tacama is a sprawling bright-pink Hacienda, which lays claim to being the oldest winery in South America. A tour of the Hacienda allows you to learn about and sample some of Peru’s best wines and pisco. Rich in local history, at the centre of Hacienda Tacama is a chapel and bell tower, the latter built in 1815. This can be climbed for fabulous views and Aracari can arrange a glass of bubbly at the top! Hacienda Tacama is also a working production facility, using the latest modern technology. A guided tour explains the process from grape-growing to distillation. Sampling can then be done in the modern lab or in the cellar, reserved for VIP guests. Hacienda Tacama has a restaurant and can offer pop-up picnics in the vineyards. Visitors can also enjoy a tradtional paso horse show in the grounds – a special Peruvian breed of horse known for its gait. The first owner of the vineyard was an equestrian fan and brought over Arabian horses from Spain. Over the years they were bred with local Peruvian Paso horses to create the unique Tacama breed.

Hacienda Caravedo

At Hacienda Caravedo, every bottle of Pisco is made with eight pounds of only the finest, estate-grown, single expression grapes. A tour of the distillery includes experiencing a gravity-fed distillation to gently extract the flavor of the grapes, a wooden usillo to press the grapes, and a state-of-the-art facility using small batch copper pot stills dedicated to environmental stewardship. Hacienda Caravedo also has five exclusive bungalows beside an inviting pool, each with a private terrace and a kitchenette.


Coastal Paracas is only around an hour’s drive from Ica and the launchpad for boat trips to the Ballesta islands and guided tours of the Paracas National Reserve.

About Ica

Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera founded the city in 1563, and it now serves as the capital of the department of Ica. At just 420 meters (1,377 feet) above sea level, Ica is about 305 kilometers (about 190 miles) south of Lima on the Pan-American Highway and 80 kilometers (about 50 miles) inland from the coastal city of Pisco. There are attractive colonial churches, excellent museums and several annual festivals. In Ica you should try the many flavors of tejas, a delicious local candy made of manjar blanco, or dulce de leche. The Ica River irrigates 3,000 square kilometers (1,158 square miles) of land; the waters of the Coclococha and Orococha lakes are channeled from the eastern side of the Andes. The desert surrounding Ica is known for its iconic sand dunes and an oasis famous for its grapes, which bolster its thriving pisco and wine industry. Many of the distilleries and wineries offer tours to visitors.

Highly recommended accommodations in Ica

The best hotel in Ica is Viñas Queirolo Hotel. Boasting a total of three swimming pools, tennis court and on-site restaurant, this is a family-friendly property in a very attractive vineyard setting. There is also accommodation at Hacienda Caravedo, a working winery, with five bungalows. On special request, Aracari can arrange for guests to stay overnight at Hacienda Tacama, a private family home. Alternatively, you can stay in the best hotels in neabry Paracas, such as Luxury Collection Paracas or La Hacienda Bahia Paracas Hotel, and visit Ica and Hacienda Tacama as a day trip. Paracas is a great base to explore the Ballesta Islands, Paracas National Reserve, take a sand dune tour or scenic flgiht over the Nazca lines.