The Nazca Lines are the most outstanding group of geoglyphs in the world. From a bird’s-eye view, the desert etchings form anthropomorphic and geometric figures ranging up to 300 meters (180 feet) in size.

The monkey, the spider, and the hummingbird are just a few of the famous Nazca Lines etched into the southern Peruvian desert – one of Peru’s most popular destinations.

Over 2,000 years ago, these ancient geoglyphs were created by brushing away the dark top layer of barren desert to reveal the light, sandy soil underneath. Most of the lines have been well preserved because of the dry, windless climate of the region and the remote location.

Aracari offers Nazca lines tours as part of a tailormade, private tour to Peru including accommodation, guiding and transfers. We do not arrange visits to the Nazca Lines on a standalone basis. 

Recommended For

  • History Enthusiasts

Things to do

  • Fly over the Nazca Lines
  • Meet a Nazca Lines specialist in Lima who worked with Maria Rieche, who helped Nazca reach UNESCO World Heritage Status
  • Combine the Nazca lines flight with a visit to Pisco-producing vineyards of Ica or the Ballestas Islands

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How to visit the Nazca Lines

The best way to take in the enigmatic lines is from the air with a short scenic flight. Flights depart from one of the three nearby airports: Nazca, Ica and Pisco. The flight is taken without a guide, though the pilot points out the key formations below with basic commentary, allowing for clear sightings regardless which side of the plane you sit.

The flight lasts approximately 30 minutes in duration to view the lines, plus the additional flight time to reach the lines from one of the respective three airports. Which airport you take the scenic flight from depends on whether you plan to see the Nazca lines as part of a half day trip from Lima or as part of a longer visit to Peru’s Southern Coast.

It is possible to visit the Nazca lines from Lima, either by driving or by taking a private flight. The nearby coastal town of Paracas is the most popular base for visits to the Nazca lines, given it is home to a range of other attractions that can be easily combined with a flight over the Nazca lines. This includes the Ballesta Islands, Paracas National Reserve and vineyards of Ica.

How to Get to Nazca


The Nazca lines are best seen from the air. This is possible with just a half day or day trip from Lima – but only if you first fly by private charter from Lima to reach Nazca. Nazca is the closest airport to the Nazca lines. Arriving in Nazca you must then change planes for the short, scenic flight, before returning via private charter flight from Nazca to Lima. Private charters also can be arranged to Pisco and Nazca airports from/to other destinations in Peru. Please contact us for more information on private charter Peru options. Read more on our post Nazca Lines tour from Lima.

LATAM also offers limited commercial flights from Cusco to Pisco. Pisco is also close to the Nazca lines and is one of the three alternative airports you can take a scenic flight over the Nazca lines.

By Road

The Nazca lines can also be reached as an extension from Lima by road, as part of one or two night stay on the Southern Coast to take in the nearby sites of Paracas and Ica. Paracas is home to the Paracas National Reserve, Ballesta Islands, sandbuggying and coastal five star hotels. Ica is known for its wine and pisco-producing vineyards. When visiting this area as part of your tailormade itinerary, flights are typically taken from Pisco as this is the closest airport to Paracas, where the best hotels of the region are found. Pisco airport is just a 20 minute drive from Paracas. The total return flight time from Pisco to Pisco, including the scenic flight over the lines, is approximately one hour and forty minutes.

Why Visit the Nazca Lines

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, the lines are rich in history and believed to be constructed by people of the Nazca culture. They consist of several hundred individual figures including geometric shapes, zoomorphic designs such as birds, monkeys, and fish, as well as anthropomorphic and plant-like figures.  Over the years, archaeologists, ethnologists, and anthropologists have studied and suggested many theories about the function of the lines, but the most common one identifies them as having some sort of astronomical function.

When to Go

Peru’s south coast is a year round destination. It is hotter with more sunshine from December to April though generally there is sunshine all year round.

Highly recommended accommodations in Nazca

Although there are simple hotels in Nazca, the best accommodation for visiting the Nazca lines is in the nearby coastal desert town of Paracas. Pisco airport is one of three airports from which you can take the short flight over the Nazca lines, located just 20 minutes outside of Paracas. The luxury hotels in Paracas make for a great base to explore the other nearby attractions. Along with the Nazca lines, it is also possible to visit the wineries of Ica to sample Peru’s national spirit, Pisco, sandy buggy in the desert dunes, or take a boat ride to the Ballesta Islands to spot sealions and penguins. These are our favorite properties in Paracas for visiting the Nazca lines.