The Salar de Uyuni: a blank canvas for the creative traveller

These fantastic photographs of the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in southern Bolivia were taken by Bolivian contemporary artist Gaston Ugalde, and we’re enamoured with them as the Salar is one of our favourite destinations that we offer in Bolivia.

Perhaps the most spectacular and bewildering natural attraction on the entire South American continent, the salt flats are an unforgettable spectacle. Formed around 40,000 years ago, these eerie deserts of white stretch as far as the eye can see. They are an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon, not least because of the colours that permeate the surrounding lagoons and volcanic landscape, all contributing to the bizarre, other-worldly feel of the place.

This selection of photographs not only highlights the vast extent of salt flats but the number of creative photo options that this “blank canvas” offers. Amongst a variety of themes, Ugalde’s work highlights the immense reserves of lithium underneath the salt lake. Find out more here:

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