A Café Guide: Where to Find the Best Coffee in Miraflores

A Café Guide: Where to Find the Best Coffee in Miraflores, Aracari Travel

Find the Best Coffee in Miraflores

Happy Peruvian Coffee Day!

The Ministry of Agriculture in Peru declared the 4th Friday of the month of August “El Día del Café Peruano” and some restaurants and cafés are offering discounts or free cups of coffee today. Whether it’s free or not, Peru is known for producing high quality coffee, and here in Miraflores there are many great coffee shops to choose from. Here is a guide to just a few of the many options in the area where you can enjoy a delicious cappuccino, latte, americano, espresso or even a chai latte or tea if coffee isn’t your thing!

  1. 1. Arabica

(C/ Recavarren 269, Miraflores and C.C. Larcomar, Miraflores)

A small red door marks the entrance to Arabica, located on a street off the main throughway of bars along Calle Berlin. Right inside the entrance is a tight squeeze, but if you continue on to the back there is a cozy area with a few tables and couches that is always filled with couples and groups of friends in the evenings. Interesting art covers the walls and in addition to coffee and pastries, they serve sandwiches, salads and other small plates. The owners, Hannah Scranton and David Torres Bisetti, opened Arabica in 2008 and also run two other coffee shops, Arabica in the Larcomar mall and Tostaduría Bisetti in Barranco. Word on the street has it, more locations are to open soon.

Coffee available to go. Hours: M-Th 8an-10pm, Fri 8am-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm, Su 2pm-9pm

2. Coffee Time 

(C/ Colón 122, Miraflores)

A tiny café with a big heart, located across from the Crowne Plaza Hotel, this hole-in-the-wall café serves delicious coffee that goes perfectly with the fresh empanadas, including fillings such as ají de gallina (creamy sauce with shredded chicken) and rocoto relleno (spicy meat-stuffed pepper). If you have a sweet tooth, try one of their cookies, brownies or other treats. Sit at one of their cosy indoor tables and admire their collection of espresso glasses from around the world or enjoy the fresh air at their outdoor table. The café has a dedicated following, and whether you’re a regular or not, the friendly owners Juanpablo and Claudie will always say hi and strike up a conversation. If you’re lucky, you might even get a talented work of cappuccino foam art in your cup.

Coffee available to go. Hours: M-F 9am-9pm, Sa 9am-1pm, Su closed

3. True Artisan 

(C/ Bolivar 153, Miraflores)

Originally focusing on importing the well-known Italian La Marzocco espresso machines to Lima, the owner Gianni Zanesco, opened this café in January of 2015 to serve high quality coffee as well. Located conveniently right off of Avenida Larco, it opens earlier than most other options in the area, at 7am. Anyone who needs a great cup of coffee to jumpstart their day can understand the value in that. In addition to the many options served up at the espresso bar you can enjoy your coffee with croissants, artisanal french bread, quiches or other sweet or salty snacks.

Coffee available to go. Hours: M-Sa 7am-10pm, Su 9am-7pm

4. Cafe La Paz 

(C/ Lima 351, Miraflores and Boulevard de Tarata 227, Miraflores)

Situated directly in front of Park Kennedy (although the view is currently hindered by construction, that doesn’t mean you should just pass it by), the first location opened over 20 years ago. You can stop in for a coffee, take one to go, or sit, relax and enjoy a full meal such as pizza, soup, pasta, traditional Peruvian dishes and more. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the good ol´days, as is the service–greeted at the door and welcomed inside. The success of this café lead to another location opening up a few blocks away, with indoor and outdoor seating, and if you happen to be in need of a coffee in Cusco, they have a café there as well.

Coffee available to go. Hours: 8am-11pm (C/ Lima location until 12am Fri and Sa)

5. Café La Favorita 

(Av. Larco 566, Miraflores)

A Miraflores staple, La Favorita is indeed for many a favorite in the neighborhood. Run by two brothers from 1973 to the present, this is the place to go for a strong rich cup of coffee. In fact, they even ask before they prepare if you want it strong, and if you say yes, be prepared! Although one can only imagine how much Miraflores has changed over the last 30+ years, La Favorita’s continued popularity is a sign that it’s worth a visit. Popular with locals and tourists alike, La Favorita is a great stop for breakfast or lunch–if you can find a seat!

Coffee available to go. Hours: 6am-10:30pm

6. Dédalo 

(Av. Diagonal 378, Miraflores and Paseo Saenz Peña 295, Barranco)

The main location, opened in 1992, is housed in a formal colonial mansion in Barranco and has room after room of art to peruse and purchase with a patio café filled with plants out back–a lovely spot to sit and read a book or chat with friends over a cup of coffee and a healthy or sweet snack. In addition, they host various events and concerts throughout the year. The Miraflores location looks out over Park Kennedy and includes changing art exhibits on the second floor and books–it is connected to a bookstore. In Dédalo Arte y Artesanía in Barranco, the focus is on unique and original art and the fact that they serve tasty coffee is an added bonus. The more recently opened Miraflores Dédalo brings together art and coffee in an appetizing and aesthetically pleasing combination.

Hours: M-Sa 8am-9:30pm, Su closed

7. Kumas Café 

(C/ Berlin 413)

A fairly recent addition to the neighborhood, Kumas is located a comfortable distance from the hustle and bustle of Park Kennedy, down past the restaurants and bars on Calle Berlin. The café serves coffee, pastries, smoothies, sandwiches and salads, including vegetarian options. They have indoor seating and comfortable couches outside as well. If you don’t want to leave your home, hotel or the office but you’re really craving that caffeine kick, you’re in luck! Kumas delivers during the week until 4pm.

Coffee available to go. Hours: 9am-9pm. Delivery hours: M-F 9am-4pm


For more tips on where to find the best cafés and restaurants in Peru, and insight into indigenous ingredients, cooking traditions and culinary experiences, check out Culinary Travel in Peru: The Best Food & Drink and Where to Find It, a free downloadable ebook recently launched in 2015.

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