Marisol’s visit to Suasi Island (Lake Titicaca)

Marisol’s visit to Suasi Island (Lake Titicaca), Aracari Travel

Aracari’s Founder and CEO, Marisol Mosquera, shares her thoughts on her recent visit to Suasi Island Lodge, an eco-island getaway and one of the best places to stay on Lake Titicaca.

Suasi Island: A retreat in Lake Titicaca

During my recent visit to Suasi Island (February 2008), I experienced what had captivated me about this place ever since my first visit in 1997, when it was still under construction. Of course my personal and Aracari’s close connection to Martha Giraldo the island owner has a lot to do with it. I still remember when it was all a dream and Martha came to my apartment in Lima to show me the blueprints of the lodge in late 1996. It was a daunting task, and I am impressed she single handedly managed to pull it off!

Fast forward 11 years and the place is a dream come true. It is now operated by Casa Andina, and it is the jewel of their private collection. I have to admit they are doing a fabulous job. It isn’t easy to operate a lodge at nearly 4000 metres, and on an island, 4 hours away from the nearest city! Casa Andina’s efficient management coupled with Martha’s constant and ongoing presence and input make the place work extremely well. She ensures that the gardens are how they should be; they are now mature and populated by endemic and exotic species. And she has removed 70% of the damaging eucalyptus from the island and planted native species such as Quenuas, Mashwa, K’antu trees… there are vicuñas, vischachas, and loads of hummingbirds. A stay in Suasi is truly rewarding and allows the visitor to assimilate what they have learned during a Peru visit. It is a haven of peace, where kayaking, hiking, photographing, and reading are the activities. The Suasi Island lodge runs well, is comfortable and the food and services are very good.

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