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Things to do in Lima, Aracari Travel

And if you are looking for things to do in Lima, the list is constantly growing.  The city is brimming with activity and is full of unexpected surprises such as a culinary journey by motorcycle, paragliding over Miraflores, a visit to long-time friend Mari Solari as she sets up her new show on animal-inspired folk art in Perú, a visit to Sanctuary of Nazarenas to pay tribute to Señor de los Milagros and discovering a French designer’s take on alpaca.  And of course, dinner at Kjolle, Lima’s new world-class top-rated restaurant. The variety is staggering, and there is something for every age and interest.  Lima is always a great idea!


Lima is always a good idea

Festivities and Folk Art in Lima

October is called “the purple month” in Lima, as this is the color of the Senior de los Milagros, Lima’s Patron Christ. October is his month and a visit to his Temple, Las Nazarenas, located in the Centre of the City is a unique experience. Crowds of people flock to worship his image in the temple and street vendors sell candles, rosaries and a variety of objects with his image. Dozens of stalls sell Turron de Doña Pepa, a very sweet local delicacy. A very early visit is recommended as it can get very crowded later in the day.

If you happen to have a cool friend and culinary expert like Maria Julia Raffo, one of Aracari’s experts, she can take you on her motorcycle to her favorite places.

Keep in mind her list is long and you MUST try all of her very well curated recommendations.  Her neighborhood market is a good starting point to see all the varieties of corn, potatoes and fruit. October is artichoke and pumpkin month. Next stop is Pan de la Chola, for a quick appetizer before the big breakfast that will happen a little later. Opened in 2011, El Pan de la Chola is a local favorite and the creation of chef Jonathan Day who is a believer in natural fermentation, natural yeast and artisanal baking topped with salt from Maras.

Next is a short visit to Barranco’s farmer’s market where the offer is infinite:  all versions of gluten free gourmet delicacies, planted herbs, humitas, Arab food, artisanal chocolates and beautiful vegetables. Now is time for brunch and the place is Isolina, a Peruvian Taverna and a favorite of chefs like Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon.  The sign of a good restaurant is when you see locals eating and this place is packed. This is not a restaurant for small bites or experiments, this is real delicious hearty homemade food.

Mari Solari has one of the most beautiful houses in Barranco, inside is the most rigorous collection of folk art from all over Perú. A stop at Las Pallas is always a great idea and this time she is exhibiting her collection of animal-inspired artifacts from all over Perú. You can check out our post of “25 years of Las Pallas, Arts and Crafts in Barranco.

Across the street from her is Cajamarca 219, created by French designer Thibault van der Straete who has been in Perú since 2008 producing quietly for Japanese clients while creating a cult brand for those in the know. Designed as a concept store, the entrance is framed by a selection of his favorite books followed by a café that serves small bites, their own Pisco, chocolates and delicious organic coffee surrounded by the designer’s creations. His materials include alpaca fur turned into the most fashionable shoes, handspun and handwoven alpaca in his very unique color combinations, pima cotton and his experiments in felting and patchwork. His take on Perú is unique and evolves constantly from his connection to the materials and his infinite creativity.

Lima, the Southamerica gastronomic mecca

Lima, is a new gastronomic mecca in the world. Dinner is for new discoveries and Lima is home to Pia Leon, the best female chef according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Kjolle is her new restaurant and a good reason to travel to Perú now!  A lush wild orchard marks the entrance to Kjolle which is the Quechua word for a high-altitude yellow flower used for cooking and dying textiles in the Andes. Naming the restaurant after a plant makes sense because Pia’s idea is to showcase Peru’s nature with a special emphasis on herbs, vegetables and tubers.  Mauka for example is a root that’s no longer used in Peru but has adapted really well to both Andean and Amazonian soils. This has all been part of the research done by Mater Iniciativa, where all the new flavors come from.

Kjolle’s space is minimal yet warm with lots of light, plants and the gorgeous textures of adobe walls.  No tablecloths are used and the tables are art pieces mixing Amazonian cedar and capirona wood and natural stones including onyx from Ayacucho.

The plates are exquisite mixing wood and ceramics in powerful colors that mimic rural pewter in pink and light yellows, Pia’s favorite color. Drinks served at Mayo Bar on the first floor of Kjolle, are a special part of the menu and craft beer, a favorite of Leon. Cocktails are art pieces as they are served with the ingredients used to prepare them on plates accompanying the drink.

Kjolle has a tasting menu but also a la carte options. Pia’s menu is free, colorful and mixes all of Perú. She offers 6 appetizers, 6 main courses and 5 desserts. The bread is to die for. It comes in a beautiful wood set with creamy Andean butters and pestos. Her point of view is fresh, a general look at Perú, a symphony of colors and textures, a creative experience worth a trip to Perú.

If you’re passionate about the Peru cuisine, you can’t miss our Free Peruvian gastronomic ebook, the best food and drink and where to find it.

Paragliding in Lima, a great experience

And if all of the above is not enough, what about paragliding over Miraflores? Paragliders are a common sight over the cliffs along the Costa Verde framing Lima’s skyline, and there is no reason if you are between 6 and 69 that you shouldn’t try it.

Lima is one of the top ocean side locations in South America to do paragliding and a visit to the city is never complete without a little flight! A tried and tested activity carried out for years now.  it is ideal to do it when the sun is shining and when the breeze kicks in the afternoonin the evening. So before your evening Piscos and if you have the courage, we would encourage you to take flight!

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