Tailormade Trip Peru

Treasure may have fuelled the creation of what was once the largest empire in the world, but the real richness of Peru can be found in its wildly differing landscapes and ancient and modern cultures. From the citadel of Machu Picchu to the colourful wildlife of the Amazon rainforest, Peru offers dramatic scenery, rich culture and world-class food for any tailormade trip Peru. Whether you are looking to explore the main sights or venture to lesser-known regions, we are locally based specialists in luxury travel Peru and our team of travel planners are destination experts. We draw on first-hand knowledge having tested everything out personally to handpick the best insider experiences in Peru, to craft your tailormade trip Peru with creativty that perfectly suits your travel style, schedule, interests and budget.

Luxury Travel Peru Itineraries

All of our sample luxury tailormade trip Peru itineraries are fully customized for you.

Classic Luxury Peru 

tailormade trip peru - classic luxury peru8 Days / 7 Nights

With Classic Luxury Peru, take in Peru’s must-see destinations, Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu in a week, staying at hand-picked accommodations with a distinct sense of style and place. Explore Lima with a specialist guide for an in-depth insight into life in the capital – past and present.…Click to learn more.

Marisol’s Favorite

tailormade trip peru - Marisol's favourite10 Days / 9 Nights

I’m passionate about travel but I really can’t stand crowds and tourist traps. I also love to travel with my young son so incorporating educational opportunities and adventure is important. Marisol’s Favorite itinerary will take you to visit Lima as an insider. Click to learn more.

Highlights of Southern Peru

tailormade trip peru - highlights of southern peru14 Days / 13 Nights

From the cobbled streets of Cusco to the sweeping landscapes of the Colca Canyon, Highlights of Southern Peru is a dynamic two-week private journey that promises diversity. The carefully crafted itinerary is designed to include core cities and sites of interest: Peru’s capital city Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley…Click to learn more.

Peru’s Best Kept Secret

peru47 Days / 6 Nights

Lush vegetation, mountainous terrain, diverse wildlife and archaeology of tremendous cultural significance hidden amid the undergrowth – Chachapoyas is truly ¨Indiana Jones¨ territory. A junction of the Amazon Rainforest, the Andean mountain range and the coast, Chachapoyas sits off-the-beaten path. Click to learn more.

Exploring the Delights of Peru

peru514 Days / 13 Nights

Delve into the history and rich cultures of Peru with a two-week journey that takes in Peru’s dramatic diversity of landscapes. Explore the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, scour the Amazon jungle for rare and fascinating wildlife and meet villagers living on Lake Titicaca. Click to learn more.

Peru Destination Guide: Where to go in Peru

Peru is a land of three biological extremes: the Andes, desert and Amazon. A tailormade trip Peru can encompass all of these.

The breathtaking peaks of the Andes Mountains are the highest tropical mountain range in the world and stretch across the entire length of the country. Cusco and the Sacred Valley are must-visit destinations. Peru luxury treks can be enjoyed with lodge-to-lodge stays or camping trips, such as the famous Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu. For those with a little more time, a bespoke travel Peru itinerary can include stays in mountain lodges in the Cordillera Blanca or visits to the impressive white-city of Arequipa and condor-filled Colca Canyon.

Peru’s sprawling, arid, desert coastline was once home to one of the oldest civilisations on earth. Here lies the capital Lima, mysterious Nazca Lines, coastal town of Paracas, northern beaches of Mancora and impressive pre-Inca sites along the Moche Route.

Vast swathes of rainforest then cover almost two-thirds of the country. Explore the heart of the Amazon either with a luxury Amazon cruise or retreat to a jungle lodge in Tambopata.

Elsewhere in the country, Lake Titicaca invites visitors to discover local lifestyles, while travellers looking to explore lesser-known regions as part of their tailormade trip Peru can channel their inner Indiana Jones in the Chachapoyas region.

When to travel to Peru

Peru is a year-round destination. Thanks to its geographical diversity, the proximity of the Equator and the cold waters of the Humboldt current, Peru has a series of micro-climates ranging from the extreme dryness of the coast to the intense humidity of the jungle. As such, there is always a range of weather across the country in any given time period. We take this all into account for our personal recommendations on what to see and do in Peru as part of your bespoke travel Peru itinerary.

The dry season in the Andes and interior of the country runs from May to October, ideal for Machu Picchu luxury trips. Travel from November to March, the rainy season, typically bring afternoon showers in the Cusco and Machu Picchu region, though the landscape is then at its lushest. At the same time, during the rainy season, the weather is a its best on the coast in the peak of the summer months – ideal for visiting the Nazca lines and beaches of Mancora.

Unique Experiences in Peru

Guests who travel with us on any tailormade trip Peru can enjoy our unparalleled network of connections. These enable us to offer unique insider experiences in Peru and exclusive access visits in Peru, working closey with top specialists in their field, from leading archaelogists and historians to top chefs. We believe in offering authentic experiences that you simply won’t find elsewhere, and our cherry-picked selection of expert guides and specialists across a wide range of fields

At Aracari we take great pride in creating the trip of a lifetime, taking our guests beyond the tourist trail for an in-depth discovery of the places they visit.

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