Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari Travel

At the heart of any family adventure is the importance of fun, interactive and educational experiences, and a balance between keeping the kids and adults happy and entertained. Peru offers a rich array of experiences for a family trip to Peru. Our 14-day Amazing Andean Adventure itinerary is an introduction to some of the most fascinating places in the country and features activities specifically geared towards the comfort, safety, and interests of families.

With a range of organized experiences including incredible wildlife excursions in the Amazon rainforest, learning to cook in the kitchen of a local family in the Sacred Valley and a hands-on chocolate-making workshop, you and your children are guaranteed to actively discover the ancient past and vibrant present of a country rich in culture, history and adventure! See the full itinerary here.

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari TravelHere are some of the itinerary highlights:

Family trip to Peru: Learn to Surf in Lima

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari TravelFor years Peru has been well-known as one of the premium surfing destinations in the world, with almost 2,500km of pacific coastline providing wave after crashing wave to surf upon.

Accompanied by your professional surf instructors and guides from the amazing Latin American Surf School, you will spend the day at Lima’s Costa Verde shore, learning safe surfing techniques and riding the waves, with a variety of board options that cater to your specific experience level. Read more about surfing in Lima.

Family trip to Peru: Explore the Wonders of the Amazon

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari TravelSpend three nights at an Amazon lodge, deep in the Tamboptata National Reserve, with exciting jungle excursions planned each day. At night you’ll go in search of caiman with headlamps, and by day you’ll enjoy walks and boat rides through the jungle. Climb a 25m canopy tower for an incredible view over the primary forest, on the look out for macaws, toucans, parrots and more.

By day, enjoy a leisurely paddle on the river, skimming the shores to observe the rain forest. With luck you’ll catch glimpses of birds, caimans and turtles.

Family trip to Peru: Paddle Boarding and Mountain Biking

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari TravelA day of outdoor adventure for the whole family, starting at a high-altitude lake just outside of Cusco. Enjoy a morning of paddling, taking in the awe-inspiring views and fresh Andean air as your instructor demonstrates the techniques for this popular outdoor activity. In the afternoon, explore some of the iconic sites of the Sacred Valley on two wheels, with an exciting mountain biking excursion. After working up an appetite, enjoy a picnic lunch at a scenic spot.

Family trip to Peru: Discover the wonder of Machu Picchu

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari Travel“Magnificence” is the only word to describe the scene, as you gaze upon the ruins of Machu Picchu. The main destination on many travellers’ lists, the ‘lost city of the Incas’ is a man-made marvel that has become a symbol for the ingenuity and prosperity of one of the most expansive empires in Latin American history.

Enjoy a 2-3 hour guided visit of Machu Picchu before spending the remainder of the afternoon exploring the ruins after the majority of visitors have left the site. This is the highlight of any family trip to Peru.

Family trip to Peru: Get messy at Cusco’s Chocolate Museum

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari TravelThe museum’s expert chocolatiers will take you on a ride through time, providing you with insight into the ancient history of cocoa in Peru along with the production process of their organic fair-trade cocoa products sourced from Cusco’s nearby jungle region, Quillabamba.

Enjoy the hands-on Bean-to-Bar workshop, and learn how to make your own chocolately delights starting with just a handful of cocoa beans.  In this two-hour workshop, you will expertly roast the cocoa beans, use all of your might to grind the nibs, let your sweet tooth help you select your accompaniments, and mold your very own chocolates.

Family trip to Peru: Stay at Fantastic family-friendly properties

Family Trip to Peru: Amazing Andean Adventure, Aracari TravelWe’ve carefully hand-picked the best family friendly properties around Peru. In the Amazon, enjoy Refugio Amazonas, the only property in the region offering an excursion specifically for kids – the ‘Children’s Rainforest Trail’. In the Sacred Valley, we’ve picked Sol y Luna, one of our favorite properties. The extensive gardens, lawns and outdoor swimming pool offer lots of space for young ones to explore and play. And we haven’t forgotten about the parents – their onsite spa offers the chance for some relaxation and pampering. In Paracas, Luxury Collection Paracas combines 5-star luxury, impeccable service, with a host of family-friendly amenities.

Our popular Amazing Andean Adventure itinerary is an example of what we can create for a family trip to Peru. All of our trips are private and tailormade, so we will work with you to create the perfect trip for you and your family based on your children’s ages, interests and your travel style. 

To start planning your tailormade family trip to Peru, contact us or email 


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